Top 10 Videos by Twaimz

Twaimz is an awesome YouTuber. Their videos are amazing. So, here are the TOP 10 VIDEOS BY TWAIMZ.

The Top Ten

1 The Llama Song

True classic, twaimz4lyfe

Happy llama, sad llama, mentally disturbed llama, super llama, drama llama, big fat mama llama.
Its gonna be stuck in your head permanently. And I love it ^3^ - PugLlama

2 The Llama Song: Part 2

Although the video improved, the song is not as good as the first one. - PugLlama

3 The Crush Song

The video. The song. The humor. Everything is awesome! - PugLlama

4 Carpool Karaoke With Shane Dawson

The ending with twaimz singing HUMP ME was the best part. - PugLlama

5 I'm Naked and I Hate Donald Trump - Ask Issa

Duhh. Just genius. - PugLlama

6 Why Am I So Ugly?! - The Photobooth Challenge

See it for yourself RIGHT now.. - PugLlama

7 Prank Calling Crazy Ass Fans?!
8 I Went to a Llama Farm. And Cried.

Obvz because llama's. - PugLlama

9 Finding Creepy People On Omegle?!
10 Storytime With Twaimz

Because the thumbnail. - PugLlama

The Contenders

11 The Roll Call Song
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