Top 10 Best Videos by Venomous Soup 14

Best videos by my favorite YouTuber, Venomous Soup 14!

The Top Ten

1 Caillou Defeats his Dad

This is definitely his number 1! It is deep and emotional.

2 Rosie Gets an Exorcism

The ending was powerful

3 Dark Soup's True Form
4 Boris Leaves Rosie in a Hot Car/Arrested
5 Dear Subscribers

This video tells us how he became a YouTuber. He also said he loved all his subs.

6 Boris's Second Self
7 Rosie Gets a Boyfriend/Grounded
8 Rosie Misbehaves at Church/Grounded
9 Evil Boris Goes to Hell
10 How to go to Heaven

The Contenders

11 Rosie Misbehaves at Chuck E Cheeses/Grounded
12 Rosie Kills Caillou/Assaulted
13 Justin Bieber gets Assaulted


14 Boris Listens to Satan and gets Grounded
15 Boris goes to Hell
16 Rosie Kills Caillou's Teddy Bear
17 Caillou gets Revenge on his Dad
18 Caillou Runs Away/Ungrounded
19 Caillou's Near Death Experience
20 Caillou Saves the School/Ungrounded
21 VenumusSoop14 Travels Through Time
22 Burgers Beware (Part 6)
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