Best Videos Made by YouTuber StormXF3

StormXF3 is a YouTube user and is a brony (a fan of MLP). He makes mostly MLP in real life vids and also made his own pony OC. Here are some of the best videos he has ever made.

He has made over 40 videos as of January 2017.

The Top Ten

1 Rainbow Dash's Precious Book

I've seen parts 9, 10, and 11. The video series itself talks about Rainbow Dash keeping a man from STEALING her Daring Do books! - Neonco31

By the way I've watched almost the entire series from 1 to 12. So it was indeed with no question AWESOME in it's purest form! - Neonco31

2 My Little Dashie

MADE ME CRY YOU GLORIOUS BASTARD *hat tip with my fancy fedora* - TracerHart123

This is one of the best fanfictions AND mini movies ever made. It talks about a man adopting Rainbow Dash as his daughter and 15 years later, she was taken back to Equestria. This movie saddened me a lot. ;( - Neonco31

3 Rarity's Precious Stones

The most recently made video. A man steals Rarity's stones and she throws him in the water. More likely to become a follow up to RD's book. - Neonco31

4 Maud Pie
5 Fluttershy
6 Berry Punch
7 Vinyl Scratch

Don't... you... dare! - Neonco31

8 Luna

Lesson to you folks. Never... ever be ungrateful to Princess Luna when she steps into your door. - Neonco31

9 Magic Duel
10 A Visit From Rainbow Dash

The Contenders

11 Derpy
12 Bon Bon
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