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1 Epic Rap Battle of manliness

This one is awesome, T shirt war should be like number 3000000000 that sucks

2 T-shirt war
3 Rub some bacon on it

Ha ha ha ha so funny - Grumpybob

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4 2 guys 600 pillows
5 My OCD

I got to make things right - Grumpybob

6 Dope Zebra
7 It's my Belly Button

It's my... belly button - micahisthebest

This is the first Rhett and Link video I have ever watched,it should be higher.This song is why I'm a mythical beast

8 Facebook song
9 Are You Gonna Eat That
10 Beat the heat

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11 Famous last words

It says rat poison, not human poison. - shawnmccaul22

12 I'm on Vacation

Gosh I love this one #1 for my fave Rhett and Link songs! Should've been #1 on list

Should be higher I love this one - Wolfpelt

Best song EVER

Everything's OK
(Hey! )
Because I'm on vacation!

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13 The Photoshop Song
14 Yo Daddy
15 The Cheese Song
16 At the Red House

The theme song for the commercial was catchy,but the lyrics were a bit racist. I love Rhett and Link,but seriously, why?!

17 The Breakup Song
18 BFFs

That video escalated way too quickly...

19 Will It Eggnog? V 1 Comment
20 Geek vs Nerd
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1. T-shirt war
2. Epic Rap Battle of manliness
3. 2 guys 600 pillows
1. Rub some bacon on it
2. It's my Belly Button
3. Are You Gonna Eat That



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