Top Ten Videos That Went Viral


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1 Oppa Gangnam Style

2.4 billion views

2 2 Girls 1 Cup
3 3 Guys 1 Hammer (Sergei Yatzenko's Murder)

He was killed by Dnepropetrovsk maniacs, the worst serial killers in Ukrainian history. - Fazrin

4 Dumb Ways 2 Die

I saw this on the list and nearly had a heart attack. Now that's a way to go!

AWESOME VIDEO! Can't get enough of it. It's so funny.

Yes! Just, yes. It has the most awesome/annoying song ever! And what a surprise at the end when it turns out to be a commercial to stay safe for kids! The animation is adorable and cute. I <3 it!

5 Indonesian Mother Physically Abused Her Daughter In Malaysia

I was so furious when I first watched this video - Fazrin

6 Rebbeca Black - Friday
7 Ok Go - Here It Goes Again
8 WTC Bombing
9 Opening Beer with Chainsaw
10 Evolution of Dance

The Contenders

11 Launching a Bowling Ball Off a Ramp From a Moving Car
12 BME Pain Olympics
13 Greatest Freak Out Ever

Sooo funny, y the remote up his butt?! - Rosh16

14 Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

I found this funny. - Userguy44

15 Nyan Cat
16 Le Internet Medley

A song which sums up older viral videos which is just awesome!

17 Charlie Bit My Finger Again!
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1. Oppa Gangnam Style
2. 2 Girls 1 Cup
3. Indonesian Mother Physically Abused Her Daughter In Malaysia
1. Oppa Gangnam Style
2. Dumb Ways 2 Die
3. 2 Girls 1 Cup


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