Top 10 Vietnamese McPe Pvper

This is opinon base so if you have any thing just comment down
Also its really hard to find pro vietnamese pvper

The Top Ten

1 TomIFN

Very pro pvper - CryoG3n

Rating:9.5/10 - CryoG3n

2 CryoG3n

He is definitely one of the best pvper of Vietnam
Rating:9/10 - CryoG3n

3 Lo52

He camp people like a lot
He also use many different accounts
Not much to say
Rating:7/10 - CryoG3n

4 BinProTM

He is HuyNoobVN's friend
He plays on manapvp and other low key mcpe pvp server
He is much better than Huy so that's why he's at the fourth spot
Rating:6.5/10 - CryoG3n

5 HuyNoobVn

He is a beginner mcpe pvper
His pvp skill is not too good but it is one of the best
Rating:6/10 - CryoG3n

6 NoSkillsJustNoob

CryoG3n's alt - CryoG3n

7 Thom4sG3n

TomIFN's alt - CryoG3n

9 NoKqllAura

Twitter says Vietnamese
Not too sure - CryoG3n

10 JakeIFN

Another TomIFN's alt - CryoG3n

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