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1 Anniyan

Vikram is one and only hero he is perfect men he won is askar award

Vikram is one and only hero in Tamil cinema others are just copying each other

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2 Pithamagan

Chiyaan won national award for his performance as an undertaker. Arguably he's best actor in kollywood

He is original actor excellent acting skill person... #athukkum mela - Krishnakumar

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3 Sethu

One of the mile stone movie of Tamil film industry

Sethu movie is turning point of vikram sir - Krishnakumar

4 Dhool
5 Gemini
6 Saamy
7 Kasi
8 I

I is a blockbuster film because of his dedication.

He is just awesome in I movie the way he handle handbuck character is just awesome he is not next kamal Hassan he is vikram he is much better than kamal Hassan

Wonderful full acting this movie chance aaa ill #athukkum mela I'm pray for vikram win national award... - Krishnakumar

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9 Dhill
10 Raavanan

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11 Kandhasamy
12 Kaasi
13 10 Enradhukulla

It's great vroom of Vikram's career. From the beginning till end of the movie cheyan had a stunning performance. I think this is best move on Tamil industry... Excellent( yaethu...)

14 Thaandavam
15 Deiva Thirumagal
16 9 Nelalu
17 Housefull
18 Meera
19 Arul
20 Pudhiya Mannargal
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1. Pithamagan
2. Sethu
3. Anniyan
1. Pithamagan
2. Anniyan
3. I
1. Anniyan
2. Dhill
3. Dhool

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