Best Villain Archetypes

Every once in a while, a hero has to deal with a villain. But considering that every human is different by nature, there are several villains who has managed to distinguish themselves from others. So, what kind of villain do you think appeals to you the most?

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The Top Ten

1 Anti Villain

An opposite of the typical Anti Hero, Anti Villains are on the negative side, but states that they are trying to do good. Despite being a villain, they usually display characteristics normally shown within a protagonist or a supporting character and cam be sympathetic at times.

Examples: Axel, Venom, Amon, - CrimsonShark

2 Honorable Villain

Villains that display fairness and even display some respect towards the heroes. Like Anti Villains, they can also be sympathetic at moments.

Examples: Captain Cold, Darth Vader, Vegeta - CrimsonShark

3 Psychopath

It's always to get a "what! " out of somebody - EliHbk

4 Complete Monster

Typically the most evil character in any given fiction. They have no redeemable qualities and are always taken seriously by everyone, even other villains.

Examples: The Joker, Frieza, Sauron - CrimsonShark

5 Nihilist

The most dangerous as they finally realise that their is no point to existence so they are unlimited when it comes to moralities views on right and wrong

6 Remorseful Villain
7 One Man Army
8 Misanthrope
9 Social Darwinist
10 Delusional Villains
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