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Best men and women on Vine; the common 6 second video sharing app.

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1 KingBach

Kingbach sucks. His vines are so dull and lacking character. It's just asses, asses, and girls

Kingbach is the best vine maker ever no one can make vines better than him..

King Bach for the win


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2 Thomas Sanders

What I like about this guy is he makes his vines funny without cursing or offending anyone - Ajkloth

Oh. My. Goodness. He is all I watch all darn day. He's number 1 in my book. I don't care much about KingBach. He's an awesome singer, incredible voice impersonator, really funny, and somehow I want to kiss his face rather than look at it. - JHLover321

I LOVE HIM! He never curses and he still makes AWESOME vines!

You can't not love Thomas. He is the best viner, in my opinion.

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3 Meghan McCarthy

I love her voice. She is adorable. How can someone not watch an adult with a great sense of humor and a cut voice?

High pitched viner with a childish mind. What could possibly go wrong? NOTHING!

4 Dope Island

This dude funny as hell

Literally funnier than kingbach

Funny, yet innapropriate

5 Lele Pons

She is the most funniest person ever

She is a funny stuntwomen

She do it for the vine!

She's my idol

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6 MarlonWebb

Not his watermelon jokes, but some of his others are good. Like when you break your chip in the dip for example. That was a great vine.

Marlon is pretty clean in his jokes - AlphaQ

I like his watermelone vines lol - KianaLexi

He struggles to lift the weights BUT I GOT A WATERMELONE TO KEEP ME IN SHAPE

7 Brittany Furlan

She's Funny funny funny funny funny funny funny - JaysTop10List

Why isn't Zach King on here he is awesome

They're so mean... -Brittany Furlan

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8 The Gabbie Show

She needs to be up WAY HIGHER! I'm a huge fan of her!

Girl : Mommy where's doggy?
Gabbie : We took him to a farm so he can run and play
Girl : Why?
Gabbie : He was happy
Gabbie : he's dead, you feel better? - JaysTop10List

Shes awesome in both vines and YouTube

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9 Logan Paul Logan Paul

Logang 4! Life

10 Brandon Calvillo V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Jerry Purpdrank

He is awesome. love his watermelon vines,

Funniest Viner So Far! KingBach and Nash Grier are really funny too!

Jerry Purpdrank needs no explination. He does great vines with Logan Paul, Alx James, Vincent Marcus, Dan Nampaikid, and many more. BOSS

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12 Christian DelGrosso

He is awesome. I love his vines. So great. "What I hate most is when a baby is born people always ask: What does it look like. The thing just came out! It looks like a damn potato! " - AnonymousChick

Hilarious guy...should definitely be #1

Move him up to one! He's hilarious - JaysTop10List

Should be #1 on this list

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13 Amyamarie Gaerenter

She's good at dancing - JaysTop10List

14 David Lopez

This guy is so funny, especially Juan

Love his Mexican stereotype vines!

Oh my gosh best viner ever (no offense to the others)!
More vines please they are so hilarious! : )

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15 Eh Bee

Family-friendly content. VINE RULES

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16 Nash Grier Nash Grier Nash Grier is an American Internet personality. He became known for his online Vine videos in early 2013.

6th? This is the teenager that basically INVENTED Vine! If it wasn't for him no one would no what the hell vine would be! His is perfection!

Nash is bae he is to funny and super cute when he does he's vines with he's Little sister

His old vines were the best, but now he's getting older and they're getting boring. Still voting for him though.

He should be number 1

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17 Curtis Lepore

He has a cute dog but I like some of his vines

I love his vines and I know, he is NOT RAPIST! stop saying that.ENOUGH!

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18 Mightyduck

Kid friendly and funny. And his pranks aren't that mean. - AnonymousChick

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19 Josh Peck

Smart, very funny and he have a huge talent to whatever what he touch. Therefore he make best vines ever ;d

Now he is way more more cuter than drake bell

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20 Austin Miles Geter



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