Most Violent and Goriest T Rated Video Games

All video games must be T and include some degree of intense violence and/or gore. Also, keep in mind I have played none of these (I have only played 3 officially T rated games, all of which were extremely mild).

The Top Ten

1 Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Asylum is very violent and graphic for a T-Rated game. - Extractinator04

2 D (Saturn Game)

Graphic. Apparently the Japanese version is even more so. - Extractinator04

3 Sanitarium

Very gruesome, despite lack of any blood or gore. - Extractinator04

4 Police Quest: Open Season

You investigate the killing of a young boy whose corpse is found in a dumpster. Also, uh, a decapitated head in the refrigerator. - Extractinator04

5 Naughty Bear

For a modern game, this has considerably gruesome executions for certain weaponry. The dagger, baseball bat, ax, barbecue and firearms in particular. - Extractinator04

6 Call Of Duty 2

Rated T and very violent. - Extractinator04

7 Snatcher

After the ratings board was formed, it faced its first test in this edgy Sega CD crime mission. The game got a T rating despite scenes of an eviscerated dog, larva eating a decaying body, and a headless guy with visible gullet and windpipe in the neck. - Extractinator04

8 UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves

The Uncharted games really edge toward an M rating. I was pretty surprised that Uncharted 2 was rated T considering all the blood and the swearing. - Extractinator04

9 The Bourne Conspiracy

This game sports no gore, but still serves up more than enough visceral violence to warrant an M rating. The game's fighting does not peel organs from bone, but it does tend to focus on breaking those bones and bloodying that flesh. The third person shooting echoes the tactical realism of Rainbow Six, while the prettily choreographed martial arts go a step beyond melee and into awful, rib cracking torture. The Teen rating is based purely on the lack of foul language and giblets, it is certainly a just T. But compare this to the M-rated tactical shooters that are out there, and you will find no different in the way of bloodiness between them. If we are going to be consistent with game ratings, then this deserves a higher treatment than Modern Warfare. - Extractinator04

10 Slender

The corpse at the end alone seals the deal. - Extractinator04

The Contenders

11 God of War III

You are literally slicing and dicing the whole game. And God battles are even worse

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