Top Ten Most Violent Song Lyrics of the 21st Century

I love it when musicians portray insane characters in their songs. Villains are fascinating after all. But some take it very, very far with the graphicness of their lyrics.

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1 "Just get the motherf***** all hollowed out / Like you could fill it up with lemonade and pour it out the mouth if you wanted to" - Pumpkin Carver, Insane Clown Posse

Wow, that imagery. Ed Gein would be proud of such a sustainable use of severed human body parts. - Martin_Canine

2 "Does this look like a big joke? /There's a four-year-old little boy laying dead with a slit throat / In your living room! Haha! What, you think I'm kiddin' you?! / You loved him, didn't you?" - Kim, Eminem

The words "four" and "boy" are muted on all regularly available editions of the album. What makes this so insane is that he talks about an actual boy, Kim's four year old stepson. As much as I love this song fir its gripping and extrene atmosphere and authenticity, it must be very hurtful for a kid to be part of a widely released song in which he is killed. He must be a bit older than me by now, so I am sure he knows the song. - Martin_Canine

3 "Hau dich mit dem Staubsauger, Schl**** mach den Raum sauber / Tauch' dein' Kopf ins Klo und schlag' dich mit dem Duschkopf / Und du frisst deine Tampons bis du Blut kotzt" - Frauen schlagen, JuliensBlog

"(I) hit you with the vacuum cleaner, b'tch, clean up the room / (I) bash your head into the toilet, and hit you with the shower head / and you'll eat your tampons until you vomit blood" - Martin_Canine

To his defense... he's a YouTuber who is known for his offensive humor. This is comedy music, made for his fans - Martin_Canine

4 "Beat that p**** up like Emmett Till" - Karate Chop, Lil Wayne

I am not as offended as many other people - after all, I am a fan of KuchenTV and JuliensBlog, whose humor basically consists of such dark politically incorrect jokes - but I still added it, because if you think about it... this is some pretty messed up image. - Martin_Canine

5 "I've done it before, and them ain't, them ain't pumpkin seeds / Those are fragments of skull, oh, crunchy" - Pumpkin Carver, Insane Clown Posse

If you couldn't tell by now... in the "Pumpkin Carver" song they talk about treating human heads like Jack O'Laterns. It's one of the most deranged song concepts I know, but also one of my favorite ICP songs. It's very dark yet also morbidly humorous in a Hannibal Lecter kind of way. I don't get why they didn't include it on a regular album but only on a collection of unreleased material. It would have fit perfectly on "Hell's Pit". - Martin_Canine

6 "Du willst im Mittelpunkt stehen wie in Zirkusmanegen / Doch kriegst 'nen Schnitt durch die Kehle, dass du 'nem Springbrunnen ähnelst" - Schusswaffengeräusche, Kollegah

"You wanna be in the center (of attention), like in circus rings / but (you'll) get a slit across your throat so you resemble a fountain" - Martin_Canine

Ummm... Kollegah... what are you doing? You are not a horrorcore rapper... you're supposed to be a pimp/druglord/mafia boss. That image.
Nevertheless, nice rhymes ("Mittelpunkt stehen / Zirkusmanegen / Schnitt durch die Kehle / Springbrunnen ähnelst" all share the same vowel sound) - Martin_Canine

7 "Hold the pumpkin between your legs and lift up / Boing, brains, snippity snip all the veins" - Pumpkin Carver, Insane Clown Posse

That song really is a gold mine of messed up, deranged lyrics. I mean, they have a lot of graphic songs but this one... takes the pumpkin pie. - Martin_Canine

8 "Go and run your mouth, take a knife to your c***" - Unchained, Blood on the Dance Floor

I somehow get the feeling Dahvie watched the movie "Antichrist" shortly before writing his verse. Apart from this line, this is one of their best tracks. The beat, the chorus and both of their verses fit together perfectly. - Martin_Canine

9 "Fire at the private eye hired to pry in my business / Die b***hes, bastards, brats, pets / This puppy's lucky I didn't blast his ass yet" - Criminal, Eminem

Okay, I laughed at almost all of the lyrics I added to this list, sometimes having a very twisted sense of humor and not being all too politically correct... but pets are the limit. They are cute and bring joy to everybody. - Martin_Canine

10 "Bisse, Tritte, harte Schläge / Nagelzangen, stumpfe Säge / Wünsch' dir was, ich sag' nicht Nein / Und führ' dir Nagetiere ein" - Ich Tu Dir Weh, Rammstein

"Bites, kicks, hard hits / Nail pullers, (a) dull saw / Make a wish, I won't say no / And insert rodents into you" - Martin_Canine

This song... really stands out of the rest of Rammstein's discography. No metaphorical meaning, no Shakespearian language, no sociocritical message or psychological isdje hidden in between the lines - just plain extreme hardcore bondage.
I put it in last place of my original remix, because technically it's just a consensual fetish, but then again... the rodent probably didn't agree to all this. - Martin_Canine

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11 “Perched upon my throne foetal limbs falling from my teeth” Blasphemian, Infant Annihilator
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