10 Most Violent Video Game Series

Games that makes you do only one thing: kill, kill some more, KILL!

The Top Ten

1 Mortal Kombat Series

How can you not love mortal kombat though!

All you do in this game is kill people and very brutally too. more dan any Call of Duty - davidis4god

True, but that is one of the reasons people loved it. - Skullkid755

Ripping off heads... all that gory stuff

2 Call of Duty Series

Call of Duty is just so gory. but I do think halo should at least be top ten. I have played it a few times and whenever I look at the screen, there's a dead body.

Shoot someone in the head and they are dead! - 990055njsmith

Shoot someone in the head by a powerful sniper rifle and you will know what I mean. - aeromaxx777

Lots of body counting to go through with a great sense of gore detail. - aeromaxx777

3 Manhunt Series

Manhunt 1 and Manhunt 2 had the most realistic animations and sounds when it game to violence. In both games you could see the victims struggle intensely when being killed. It must have been hard for Cash, Danny and Leo when they were killing their victims, although Danny seemed to have the most difficulty when it came to restraining his victims, while admittedly I think Leo actually did the best job out of the 3 protagonists when it came to subduing the victim. Cash definitely was better at killing than Danny was, but not quite as good as Leo. I doubt the majority of people would are capable of pulling off any of the stuff that any of the protagonists have pulled off without it turning into a massive fight though, it is actually really hard to kill someone who is actually resisting, even if armed with a weapon, so I bet even Danny is far more capable than about 99% of people when it comes to killing someone.

Sneak up behind somebody with a paper bag. Strangle them, brutally punch them in the face and then snapping their neck to top it off. With a crowbar you can jab it in their spine and as they fall, it's shoved in their head. Exactly how is Call of Duty gory? The only gory one was World at War. - ViitalShadow

Modern Warfare only has a tiny red pixel every shot, this is the real bloodthirsty loco action, baby!

This game is so violent it make mortal kombat and god of war look like a barbie game in comparison.

4 Grand Theft Auto Series

Alot of violence you can kill anybody at any time and cause so much havoc its not funny - roblist

It should be much lower down Call of Duty is more violent.

I Killed Over a Decade In This Series Lol

Uhm, well, a game where you have an unlimited amount of weapons, an open world, pedestrians. There is really only one way this could go

5 God of War

Call of Duty is gore? Haha :D
Fun joke

In this awesome game all the Greek gods and goddesses die brutally and painfully as possible
So what makes this game so violent

6 Resident Evil Series

excellent storylines and re4 is a beast of a game - blaqksails92

7 Gears of War Series
8 Doom Series

Its is scary, gruesome, mysterious, and unbelievable at the same time. - aeromaxx777

first extremely violent game series ever - Razor79

DOOM is my second fave series next to halo. Because the first two are slightly cartoony the violence seems more silly than actually disturbing

Caused columbine

9 Left 4 Dead Series

Best zombie game of all time!

The ultimate zombie killing shooter.

10 Fallout Series

You can mutilate your enemies limb by limb, what else do you want?

The Contenders

11 Crysis Series

Science fiction killings never felt so good. - aeromaxx777

12 House of the Dead Series

The zombies don't die. Even if you shoot their heads off, their limbs off, half their chests off, they keep crawling after you.

13 Dead Space
14 Quake Series
15 Silent Hill Series
16 Halo Series

I play halo 5 with assassinations off and it is not that violent I did not mean to put a dislike on one of the comments

This is one o the tamest fps games and I does not belong on this list and who the heck put portal on here

17 Devil May Cry Series
18 Dead Rising Series

This game has more zombies than you can shake a game console at. - aeromaxx777

19 Medal of Honor Series
20 Postal
21 Borderlands Series
22 Far Cry Series
23 Protoype
24 MadWorld

This game may be violent, but it's one of the most fun games on the wii! And in general!

25 Pokémon
26 Brothers in Arms Series
27 Final Fantasy Series
28 World in Conflict Series

Just use the close-up view and the magic starts. - aeromaxx777

29 Red Alert Series
30 Mario Series

SO violent! - myusernameisthis

Disgusting! Frequent gory murders on screen. Would never let my children play.

(laugh) - Sparkjolt

31 Portal
32 Half Life Series
33 Sniper Elite Series
34 Batman: Arkham Series
35 Earthbound Series
36 Sonic
37 Super Smash Bros.

Oh. My. God. this is fake right?

38 Hatred
39 Hotline Miami
40 Five Nights at Freddy's Series

There isn't blood so it's not gory. A five year old probably just put this on because he thinks it's the best game ever.

41 Ninja Gaiden II

You could tear people's limbs for crying out loud it would never be rare to find a corpse split in half with blood spurting and limbs hanging

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