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21 Billy Contreras

Billy Contreras is a musical prodigy and certainly one of the top ten violinists/fiddlers in the country. He has been on tour with George Jones for nearly two years. In his spare time he is an adjutant professor at Belmont University's School of Music.

Billy's talent knows no bounds; he is comfortable sitting first chair in a world-class orchestra or on stage at a Bluegrass festival.

And, by the way, Billy is America's premiere jazz violinist.

22 Kasra Khadivar
23 Meysam Marvasti V 1 Comment
24 Samvel Yervinyan

He plays extremely well, and has special unrivaled style, very agile hands as well!

The greatest violinist I have seen. Awesome is not enough to describe him...

Samvel belongs in the number 1 spot hands down. He can out play people with his eyes closed. He plays fast, slow and in between and the man is a total genius and perfectionist to say the least.

How is Lindsey Stirling better than him?

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25 Salvatore Accardo V 1 Comment
26 Alexander Rybak

A naturally talented man who can fluently speak in 3 different languages and can sing and play the violin, occassionally dancing as well. Soothing and emotional music is what this artist creates.

27 Shahrdad Rohani V 1 Comment
28 Gil Shaham

I am surprised Gil Shaham was not mentioned earlier in this list. My wife and my daughters think he is the absolute best. Myself, I have to say I like him a lot also, but I am not sure I would place him above Anne-Sophie Mutter, Hilary Hahn or David Oistrakh.

29 Kyung-wha Chung

The most musical violinist I've ever heard. Matchless in her sensitivity, passion and imagination, she does every piece she plays justice and more.

She is second to no one, in terms of her passion to violin.

She's my childhood hero. She is so great.

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30 Farid Farjad
31 Isaac Stern

Isaac Stern is the best his solo for Fiddler on the roof is incredible and unbeatable. Never heard anyone play as good as him. He should be at the top.

As far as I'm concerned I think that Issac Stern is the greatest violinist ever. For his incredible speed experience
Style and passion. Only need to listen to the fiddler on the roof solo and you will be taken by this wonderful violinist.

Isaac Stern's tone, technique and interpretation brings him to the very top of ratings

Should be at the top of this list. Extraordinary virtuoso. Passed a few years ago now.

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32 Sayaka Katsuki
33 Lindsey Stirling Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey is currently THE best violinist because she has inspired an entire new generation into loving the violin. She may not be technically even near the top, but her passion and love of her instrument are undeniable. I would go so ar as to say, in the future their will be more violinists who got their start by listening to Lindsey than from all the other sources, combined.

I would agree, she is amazing and loves what she does, also she is young so that is good for her, and I also like the fact that she listens to her fans. Also at the end of her videos if someone was in it she gives them credit, which is rare nowadays because almost all the bands now just want credit for what they did, musicians started becoming selfless, but Lindsey Sterling does not do that, so this should put her up top

She is a true inspiration. She listens to her fans. Has awesome violin skills and her music videos show a lot of creativity in them. She has great moral values.

Terrible intonation, weak technique, her dance skills are way better than her violin skills, although her movements keep getting repetitive. Just not for me.

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34 Maxim Vengerov

You don't have an idea about violin if you don't know Maxim Vengerov. He is the most known violinist alive as a master of violin on earth.

One word. Love. He loves violin and he loves putting the emotion and he loves performing for the people.

The emotion he plays music is just amazing. Nobody can compare the emotion and quality of sound Maxim Vengerov uses. He's just so amazing.

This Guy should be in the top 5 of all time, with heifetz,
and joshua bell should be below vengarov, joshua is a blagger, with popular tunes only.. Bell must be getting votes from hormonal young girls.

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35 Nathan Milstein
36 Hossein Sayahi

He is also a very good piano player and guitar player

37 Ali Tajvidi
38 Mischa Elman

All kind of emotions you feel he gives as with his violin performance. His two Cadenzas for Beethoven Op. 61 are very famous.

Orlando Serrano

39 Bahman Mehabadi
40 Boyd Tinsley

Powerful delivery of the music ideas and unique performance style set Boyd apart from other rock violinists. His solos truly boost the energy of the band and astonish the audience of hundreds of thousands.

What he brings to the band is amazing. He has so much energy. He can really make the music come alive!

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