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81 Charlie Siem

Its hard nowadays to watch pieces created by the masters to be interpreted with skill and passion. Charlie Siem lets his violin sing, and his work is easy to appreciate because of his YouTube channel. His work is inspiring and accessible; listening to him play is like breathing fresh air. His interpretations are a careful combination of tradition and modern. In a nutshell, Charlie Siem is a breathtaking violinist, and even in a video, you can hear the raw passion and the life in the violin and the piece

The best of the all, and he is young. A name and career to follow.
Passionate, fills you with emotions when he plays.
Such a gifted artist! I love his work!

82 James Ennis

Just an absolutely amazing violinist! By far my favorite - and I've watched A LOT of them!

A fine Canadian contribution to the list

83 Emad Ghanbari
84 Kristine Claire Galano

11-year old, Filipno
She plays paganini pieces

85 Rachel Barton Pine

One of the top six today I am sure, what a beautiful sound she makes just to start with, and he musicianship is second to none, superhuman techniques. She is also an amazing musicologist, charity, show host and an amazing Mom...!

She is one of the top say 6 violinist in the World today in my book! She is one of the top 3 sounds in the World today!

86 Idris Sardi

From Indonesia no comparison

87 Alexander Markov

Great player and very passionate. See his Paganini #24 on YouTube and you can see he is one of the greats (too much tempo stretching in my opinion though...)

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88 Ole Bull

The best

89 Lorenza Ponce
90 Asadollah Malek

He is best violinist Iranian

I really admire him

91 Dinu Lipatti
92 Jaime Laredo V 1 Comment
93 Wolfgang Schneiderhan

A wonderful player with both sentiment and power! He must be remembered as one of the best.

94 Lettice Rowbotham
95 Christian Tetzlaff

Tetzlaff: Sublime understanding and interpretation of the composer's music.

Tetzlaff has a gift that rarely comes along.

96 Lee Cremo
97 Julia Fischer

Her technique is amazing. Also, she is very passionate about being the best. Julia Fischer is such an inspiration!

Her technique is excellent and she interprets the music very well!

I cannot understand why Julia is so far down the list, she is unbelievably talented.
a bit stuck up, and full of her own importance, but a helluva a player.

One of the best

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98 Ikuko Kawai
99 Christian Howes

Probably the greatest living jazz violinist. He combines, jazz, rock, and classical into a really interesting sound. Also a wonderful teacher, and runs many programs relating to jazz and improvisation.

100 Harry Lookofsky
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