Most Viral Numbers On the Internet

Y'know those numbers people won't shut up about? Here's a list of them!

The Top Ten

1 21

We all know why this is so popular... - Puga

2 69

If you don't know why this number is viral, you're too young for the internet. - Puga

You're too young for the internet. You're still a kid...

I'm an intelligent kid. I am a teen next year. I'm sure you haven't read most of my posts. - Puga

Err it took me ages to get this one, and I probably still don't get it! Yes, I acknowledge I'm still too young for the internet, and no doubt every TopTenner will say something they regret. - keycha1n

3 42

The meaning of life, the universe and everything. - Puga

4 360

As in "360 no-scope" - Puga

5 420

As in "420 blaze it" - Puga

6 22

As bad as Taylor Swift is, she made a popular song. - Puga

7 3

Three sides on a triangle.
Triangle is Illuminati. - Puga

8 24

A quote from SpongeBob. - Puga

9 25

Another quote from SpongeBob. - Puga

10 3.141

It's Pi, and we all know what Pi is. - Puga

The Contenders

11 2.718

It's also the fifth letter of the alphabet. - PositronWildhawk

12 9001
13 1337
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