Top Ten Viral Video Categories On Ridiculousness

I chose these categories based on what on what made people acually laugh... a lot.

The Top Ten

1 Popcorned

Watch those stacked tires covered with a blanket... - trulegacy

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2 Wins

Not the failures in Ridiculousness; the successful attempts are the ones that rarely show up on Ridiculousness. - trulegacy

3 Riff Raff High

Riff Raff: "I didn't go to high school. I bought one." - trulegacy

Riff raff. High

4 Redneck Good Times

The first Ridiculousness category... ever. Rob Dyrdek made several versions of these. - trulegacy

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5 Russian Good Times

Russians are either drunk, fooling around, or doing both, all according to the vidoes Rob Dyrdek put together. - trulegacy

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6 Black and Yellow

Clearly this was the Wiz Khalifa episode. - trulegacy

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7 Cocky Kids

Mac Miller, surprisingly, did not act like that as a kid; at least that's what he said on the show. - trulegacy

8 Cats are Weird
9 Mayweathered

Nothing like getting knocked out cold - Mayweather Style. - trulegacy

10 Poorly Placed Kids

The Contenders

11 Failure to Launch

These people need more pep into their step. - trulegacy

12 Twerkaholics

Geez! What's up with people? - trulegacy

13 Animal Stalkers
14 Chatter Gas
15 Party Goblins
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