Top Ten Viral Video Categories On Ridiculousness

I chose these categories based on what on what made people acually laugh... a lot.

The Top Ten

1 Popcorned

Watch those stacked tires covered with a blanket... - trulegacy

Crappy birthday bulit like50s shows steallers white people dancing popcorned redneak good times double whammyes nutfix fully rackless suchi pogo stuck wins raft rafthigh bieberhair popcorning highspeed chaos brave ballers skinspration best 180s intro brainfrezze stay out of water angry animals bulls abunch of bulls girlcode redcode nottheface kill the kamera unfolled slaps fightslaps nakedpeople when what haveto go you gotta go sinkless whymenshouldedtwerkingout shutup magcialspells cats were weird

Popcornd. Wet and. A fried Funny dads. Wins. Chatter gas. Red Neak. Good times

Fully. Red Neak. Suchi. Cats. Fall. Off. Building

Cats. Are. Weaird. Mean. Dogs. Mean. Cats. Pupseeion. Party. Goblins.

Not good. Eye. Weapons. Bottle rocket. Nut shots. To much. Nip. Fenced.

Skate board. Park. Badget. Meagant. Feet. Mega. Dumps bear wavering. Bah bah. Spider man. Explosde. Explode ion. Purple. Purple. Deer. Spike. My. Butt. Talended. Butts. Bubble angel. Tree sluggers. Treeanvage. Bushes. Glind. Or. Dyin. Bus. Blind

Entertamnet. Farted. Don,t. Let. It. Go. Peeseeion. Cat. Poop. Animal. Hugs.

Knock self. Out. Poo poo. City. Brows ion. Mani a Wrestle mana. All. Natural. Beef.

Pro. Problem. Air port. Plane. My. Car. S a d. Car. Smacther. Tree. Anvenge. Speed. Car. Racer. Ghost. Right. Smack. Go kart. Afright. Of. Hieghts. Hot. Heads. Brain. Freeze

How. Hard. Can. Be. Effects. A car. Hit. By. A man. Fall. Of. Building. Blocks. Pick up ...more

2 Wins

Not the failures in Ridiculousness; the successful attempts are the ones that rarely show up on Ridiculousness. - trulegacy

3 Riff Raff High

Riff Raff: "I didn't go to high school. I bought one." - trulegacy

Riff raff. High

4 Redneck Good Times

The first Ridiculousness category... ever. Rob Dyrdek made several versions of these. - trulegacy

The Name is funny enough! - Curti2594

Redneck. Good. Times

5 Russian Good Times

Russian. Good. Times

Russians are either drunk, fooling around, or doing both, all according to the vidoes Rob Dyrdek put together. - trulegacy

6 Black and Yellow

Clearly this was the Wiz Khalifa episode. - trulegacy

Black And. Yellow

7 Cocky Kids

Mac Miller, surprisingly, did not act like that as a kid; at least that's what he said on the show. - trulegacy

8 Cats are Weird
9 Poorly Placed Kids
10 Mayweathered

Nothing like getting knocked out cold - Mayweather Style. - trulegacy

The Contenders

11 Failure to Launch

These people need more pep into their step. - trulegacy

12 Twerkaholics

Geez! What's up with people? - trulegacy

13 Animal Stalkers
14 Chatter Gas
15 Party Goblins
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