Top 10 Vocal Abilities in the Breakdown: Ozzy Osbourne vs Ian Gillan

Detailed breakdowns are used to determine who is the better singer, taking into account all possible vocal performances and comparing the singers' best. For example, their longest and best sustains.
Usually about 15-20 aspects of the vocal ability are used is such breakdowns.
This list illustrates how these detailed comparative breakdowns work.

Name of the vocal ability - Name of the singer who wins (because he does this thing better).

Everybody knows who Ozzy is.
Ian Gillan has been the lead singer for Deep Purple.

The Top Ten

1 Power - Ian Gillan

Ian Gillan voice is much more powerful - Metal_Treasure

2 Range - Ian Gillan

Ian Gillan's got 4 octaves - this range is a rare gift. Freddie Mercury had absolutely the same range - 4 octaves. - Metal_Treasure

3 Vibrato - Ian Gillan

He's known for having one of the widest vibratos in all rock/metal, if not the widest - Metal_Treasure

4 Sustain - Ian Gillan
5 Breath Support - Ian Gillan
6 Volume Control - Ian Gillan
7 Endurance - Ian Gillan

Ian Gillan's got the best endurance in rock/metal so far.
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8 Technical versatility - Ian Gillan

Ian Gillan has used more vocal techniques than Ozzy and used them better. - Metal_Treasure

9 Tonal versatility - Ian Gillan
10 Switching - Ian Gillan

Score: Ian Gillan - 10, Ozzy - 0.
Obviously Ozzy is very overrated and Ian Gillan - severely underrated. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Blending - Ian Gillan

Vocal-wise, Ozzy doesn't do anything better than Gillan and I will not add more aspects of the vocal abilities because they wouldn't change the conclusion.
But Ozzy is always in the Top 10 Best Metal Singers while Ian Gillan is not even on the list. Moreover, Ian Gillan invented the metal singing style and not Ozzy. - Metal_Treasure

12 Runs - Ian Gillan
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