Top 10 Vocal Abilities in the Breakdown: Ozzy Osbourne vs Michael Kiske

Such detailed breakdowns are used to determine who is the better singer, taking into account all possible vocal performances and comparing their best. For example, their longest and best sustains.
Usually about 15-20 aspects of the vocal ability are used is such breakdowns.

Type of vocal ability - Name of the singer who wins (because he does this thing better).

Everybody knows who Ozzy is and I don't need to present him.
Michael Kiske was the lead singer for the German metal band Helloween, who is currently in Unisonic.

The Top Ten Vocal Abilities in the Breakdown: Ozzy Osbourne vs Michael Kiske

1 Power - Kiske

I do love this list. Great job MT. Ozzy Osbourne is another person who steals other singers credit.Like I always said he stole Gillan's credit.The man is crazy. Even his band mates fired him for excessive drug abuse. - zxm

2 Switching - Kiske
3 Runs - Kiske
4 Blending - Kiske
5 Sustain - Kiske

Kiske's got one of the longest sustains in metal - about 20 seconds. - Metal_Treasure

6 Range - Kiske
7 Vibrato - Kiske
8 Volume Control - Kiske
9 Breath Support - Kiske
10 Tonal versatility - Kiske

Score: Kiske - 10, Ozzy - 0.
But don't worry, Ozzy takes the popularity and money - not bad for the singing abilities he's got.
There's no point to add more aspects of the vocal abilities because they wouldn't change anything.
I made this list for 2 reasons:
1) to illustrate how these detailed comparative breakdowns work
2) to show how overrated Ozzy is, especially seeing him in the Top 10 Best Metal Singers and Kiske, Hansi, Tate and Sammet way lower. - Metal_Treasure

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