Top 10 Vocaloid Mistakes Fans Make

I do not mean to offend or make you sound "wrong" about VOCALOID, or anger you, I mean to point out these things but not in a bad way.
I made this list to be more informative, and ultimately let fans know more about VOCALOID.
This list might not be 100% accurate but it still is a bit _w_

If you want to learn more about VOCALOID, go to the VOCALOID wiki

The Top Ten

1 Thinking Rin and Len are twins or lovers

The twin part isn't true, but they could possibly be lovers since they are mirror images, if you shipped them ;3 - SeeU

2 Mistaking an UTAU for a VOCALOID (Teto Kasane, Tei Sukone, etc) V 1 Comment
3 Pronouncing the names incorrectly

I used to think some of the names were pronounced with a silent E, until I learned how Japanese worked. When I first found out about VOCALOID I thought Miku's name was pronounced "Hat-soon Mike-OO" then my cousin told me the last part was "Meek-OO". THEN I learned how the Japanese language works. So when pronouncing the names, the I's are pronounced "ee" O's "Oh" and E's "eh" as in Bed. When a VOCALOID ends with "Ne" at the end you say "Nay". - SeeU

4 Taking common set personalites in fan fiction as how VOCALOID's personality is actually set

There's nothing wrong with using those personality's (I actually like it when KAITO is seen as dumb, but I see him as an awesome dancer because of all his fancy kicks and spins in PD) but some people take it as literate facts. - SeeU

5 Thinking the VOCALOID wrote the song and not the producer V 1 Comment
6 Thinking VY1 and VY2 have actual avatars set

VY1 and VY2's avatars that you see were winning entry's in a contest made by YAMAHA asking fans how they see VY1 and VY2 as human avatars. - SeeU

7 Akidearist V 1 Comment
8 Mistaking Gackpo/Gackpoid's name as Gakupo

I still say Gakupo, but his actual software name is Gackpo or Gackpoid, which is derived(is that the word? ) from his voice provider Gackt. But there's nothing wrong about saying "Gakupo", I still do! - SeeU

9 Seeing Neru as a VOCALOID V 1 Comment
10 Not realizing that VOCALOIDs are artificial voices

VOCALOID is a software used on computers, to make it sing. BUT, to provide that voice there's a voice provider. Example-Lily's voice provider is the lead singer of M.O.V.E, Yuri Masuda. - SeeU

The Contenders

11 Say Mew, Luka and Lily Sound Alike

Why is this even an option?
But is this seriously a thing? They don't sound alike at all.

12 Think Hatsune Miku is The First Vocaloid When Leon is V 1 Comment
13 Think Hatsune Miku is The Only Vocaloid

I used to think like this when I first discovered Vocaloid - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

14 Mistaken Fandloids (Fanmade Vocaloids) are Official Vocaloids
15 Mistaken Zatsune Miku as Hatsune Miku's Evil Clone
16 Saying that Googoo888 made all the songs he/she posted

Every time I ask a Vocaloid fan who's their favorite Vocaloid producer they tell me Googoo888...Like whyy! that's stupid like everyone knows that those clips are from project diva *dreamy theater/arcade/arcade future tone/etc.* And plus it says in the beginning of the video who make it. - Umi

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