Top 10 Vocaloid Oliver Songs

I love Oliver! He's cute, I like his song. Are you like Oliver too? This is my top 10 Vocaloid Oliver Song

The Top Ten

1 Pumpkin March

I love this song so much!

This song is awesome. I love this song, I like his voice in this song. He's voice is so cute in this song, I like the reff

2 Secrets of Wysteria

My absolute favorite Oliver song. It’s even my ringtone

The creepy theme of this makes it awesome in my opinion.

Its easily my favorite song.

Based on real events and people, the way Steampianist tells the story using Oliver in this song makes it my favorite.

3 Tsukema Tsukeru

Very addicting song! Couldn't help but sing along when I first heard it

This song is so cute, Oliver voice is cute. I like this song too!

4 Hello, How Are You?

This song is awesome too! I like Oliver version. Originally sing by Hatsune Miku

5 Happy Synthesizers

His voice is so soft in this song, and cute. I like this song!

6 Tarantula

Yes yes and more yes

Wow! Awesome song! Where I can download this song? He's voice is cute and realistic

7 September

Cool, this song is col... His voice is cute, nice, and great

It's pretty catchy, his voice is nice in this one too.

8 Error

This song is great and nice! I will always sing this song, his sound is good!

This song where I explore more Oliver song. Thank you whoever made this chorus.

9 Gay Sex

It wasn't in the list so why not

10 Candy Candy

This song is cute and sweet! I like Oliver version, he's voice is nice and cute

The Contenders

11 Lavender Town Syndrome

I like this song! I will called this song "Best Broken Music", haha!

12 Addiction to Pain

Awesome song! But, I don't know what this song mean. But, I like the song

13 Music Box
14 Tendrils of Tenebrae

This is one of Oliver's more creepy and serious songs. Personally I love it and its fun to listen to and find little secrets in the song.

15 Twaddles of a Flue Faker

Why didn’t anyone add this yet? It’s one of my favorite Vocaloid songs, from one of my favorite producers. I feel like the song perfectly portrays what it’s about in the lyrics, the music, and the pv. Props to Steampianist and Morb, they did a good job here. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I actually like this song better than Secrets of Wisteria. Anyway, more of Steampianist should be on the list, so get on that.

16 Dinky Dink

Haha, this song is cute! I love the PV. Haha, cute song

17 Runaway

I know that this isn't the best song, but I felt it still deserved to be on the list.

18 Sleepyhead
19 It's Dark!

I put this song on the list lol. I know it's kind of a meme, but I really like it to be honest. Also, Kagamine Len, Fukase, and Utatane Piko also sing this.

20 Vegetable
21 Invisible

I'm sorry. I just like this song a little! ^_^

22 Meltdown

Awesome, cool, and nice! I like this song ( English version ), his voice is so cute! Are you agree? ^_^

23 Raindrops
24 Second Star
25 Eternity
26 The Ocean Where I Belong

It has kagamine len and oliver in it, and its perfect. everything about it is perfect! I highly suggest you listen to this if you haven't, and check out the VERY talented composer, momocashew, who wrote the song!

27 The Undertaker's Daughter

Such a beautiful song, both in the vocals and the instrumental.

28 Where Have You Been?

I still really like this song. ( +_+)♡

29 The Tattlers Tall Tale

Love this, (honestly couldn't decide to be honest but had to add it) the part where they walk into the bar, YES that beat. Also, references to other Stalinist Oliver songs- I freaked the first time. (Oliver is best) don't kill me

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