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I'm surprised that nobody made this list yet. Well, guess I'm the first. Vote for you favourite pairing people! And add to the list! You guys can add unofficial vocaloids, utauloids and mirrored vocaloids (like mikuo and luki) as well!

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1 Meiko x Kaito

They look cute together.. like a root beer :3

Yup. Kaito was made to compliment Meiko.

MEIKO's voice goes really well with KAITO's

This ship is cannon but people don't really know that and think that Miku or Luka would be cuter with Kaito than Meiko would. They do sound good together and they do have cute fanfictions and fanart together. - ThePossessedShipper

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2 Miku Hatsune x Len Kagamine

I agree with the ship but the only problem is that the fans won't accept it. My opinion on Rin X Len is that their voices don't mix well together I mean there's Len the low-voiced twin and then there's Rin the average-voiced twin but I don't know why people would want them to be shipped together. That is just too crazy for my tastes. I prefer for me to see them as siblings/twins.

This ship makes a lot of sense. First, in the Project Diva trailers, Rin and Len were sibling-like but there was bits of pieces of Miku X Len in the trailer. Also, their voices go together well, compare Miku X Len Magnet to Kaito X Miku magnet, see how Miku voice was more clear and went together with Len voice? Unlike her with Kaito is very pedopholic.

There was more bits of Rin x Miku though... They actually kissed AND held hands! - SueDonom

This ship is cute in its own way. I do like this ship and I do think that they look good together but there is actually not as many songs of them together as there would be with Kaito and Miku. Some of the people in the fandom don't really like this ship because of Rin X Len or Kaito X Miku and it is a shame because they don't give it a try. The fan art is cute and there is a lot of fanart of them together. by the way this is just MY opinion and if I have offended you in anyway, I do apologise. - ThePossessedShipper


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3 Gakupo Kamui x Luka Megurine

This ship is so cute! Their voices.. The way they look together... There is not a big age difference from what I know of too.

I liked the song go google it so I guess this ship is cute

Not bad

4 Rei Kagene x Rin Kagamine V 2 Comments
5 Miku Hatsune x Luka Megurine

They are really cute in my opinion. They have many songs together like 'Magnet', 'World's End Dancehall', 'Ai Dee' and many more. They only have a four year gap and in my opinion, age doesn't matter. They do look and sound good together as well and I love the fanfictions and fanart of them together. They also have a lot of chemistry in all of the mangas with them in it and the Project Diva openings whether they are lovers or friends. But this is just my opinion and I am fine if you think something else. - ThePossessedShipper

6 Kaito x Miku Hatsune

Kaito and Miku are the most popular ship out there. I don't care if you ship Kaito and Meiko. Meiko is just a side character and her voice is so plain. I never knew she existed until I saw her name out of nowhere. If they really did get together I feel like Kaito will steal the spotlight and Meiko will be nothing but a shadow. But Miku? She's the most popular vocaloid out there! Forget about anyone not getting noticed, both Miku and Kaito are popular unlike Meiko who's probably just going to get in Kaito's way. This happens in real life. If you're not popular enough or not good enough, you won't make as much money. It seems Like Meiko will be asking Kaito for money.

I don't really like this ship because I see them having more of a sibling relationship. Kaito and Meiko were meant to be cannon and this ship has ruined it. I am fine with this ship but I do think it is overrated. They do look good together, they don't really compliment each other as Miku's and Luka's or Kaito's and Meiko's would together. Their voices over lap each other and it doesn't sound the best. But this is just my opinion so don't get triggered if you ship Kaito X Miku. - ThePossessedShipper


I will prefer KaiMei but I hate brown haired woman (and drunk) and pink haired woman. So I choose KaiMiku.

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7 Kagamine Rin x Kagamine Len

Rin and Len have a lot of chemistry whether they are lovers, siblings, or mirror images. Most people mistake them for twins so the ship is generally not always accepted, but when you listen to their duets you can hear that they care for each other. And No, it's not insest. Why? Because it's up to the fans on what they are. I really love this pairing. It's wonderful and even if their personalities are different they just match up with each other so perfectly.

I really love this ship, sure they may look like twins but nothing is cannon, so they are anything people want them to be, siblings, lovers or mirror images are common. I personally ship them as lovers though.

What? Does voices going together have anything to do with how much they love eachother? If it did, then even so, Len and Rin have a nice match up. But it doesn't, so stop saying it does!

Rin and Len are commonly mistaken as twins- they are simply the other gender varient of the other Vocaloid. They can be twins if you want them to be, but they can also be lovers, friends- heck, they can also not even know the other! I think this is a great ship because it's got charm. They're both so cute, and paired together, they are even more cute!

I know that Vocaloid isn't an anime per say, But this is probably my favorite anime ship of all time.
OTP forever, and no one can ever make me change my mind.
To me, they're absolutely beautiful and perfect.

8 Kaito x Luka Megurine

Meh.. I can see why people ship this but for some reason I still can't get hooked onto this ship

9 Kagamine Len x Akita Neru
10 Dell Honne x Haku Yowane

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11 Gumi x Gumiya

They look cute together! An oblivious Gumi and a witty Gumiya, HECK YES!

12 Hatsune Mikuo x Gumi Megpoid
13 Kaito x Hatsune Miku
14 Piko Utatane x Rin Kagamine
15 Kaito x Gakupo Kamui

The way it should be.

My favourite vocaloid ship by far

16 Gakupo Kamui x Gumi
17 Kagamine Rin x Oliver
18 Leon x Lola
19 Kagamine Len x Megurine Luka

No. No. NOPE. Luka a is 20 while Len is 14. That's like an 18 year old dating a 12 year old. - SueDonom

I love this pairing very much! They're cute and fantastic together. Both of them are.. Adult something I think. Their voice match together! I love their Pygmalion song duet! GODD! It's fantastic!

No thanks


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20 Mikuo Hatsune x Luki Megurine
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