Top 10 Best Vocaloid Pairings and Ships

I'm surprised that nobody made this list yet. Well, guess I'm the first. Vote for you favourite pairing people! And add to the list! You guys can add unofficial vocaloids, utauloids and mirrored vocaloids (like mikuo and luki) as well!
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1 Meiko x Kaito

I kind of think of it this way: Meiko and Kaito are said to be middle aged (40-60 years old), so they are closest in age so are a good ship. It's like their oldest child is Luka because she is 20, and then Miku comes along four years later, and two years later the Kagamines come in.

This ship is cannon but people don't really know that and think that Miku or Luka would be cuter with Kaito than Meiko would. They do sound good together and they do have cute fanfictions and fanart together.

IT'S BOTH CANON AND ADORABLE! Their voices compliment each other extremely well along with their outfits (and personalities depending on what you hc). Honestly, I see them as the mom and dad of crypton gang.

YAS! Thank you! I used to love Miku/Kaito, but I grew more into a Meiko/Kaito shipper. I still respect Miku/Kaito though. So please no shipping wars!

2 Gakupo Kamui x Luka Megurine

This ship is so cute! Their voices.. The way they look together... There is not a big age difference from what I know of too.

I'm not sure why, but I just see them as a cute couple. Their voices are so well toghether.

I liked the song go google it so I guess this ship is cute

It's not my favorite, but stills cute

3 Miku Hatsune x Len Kagamine

I think it's a good ship because they are close in age and usually I ship older male and younger female couples but there's an appeal to this ship since they are both young, rin and len aren't twins and they aren't related, I just feel that rinxlen look more like siblings than a couple especially since when people look at them they immediately think they are siblings unless you search it up, I prefer to think of them as siblings because a family relationship with supportive siblings is also as cute.

They're so cute together. It's way better than Miku x Kaito. They're only two years apart, so it's not weird. And the Rin x Len ship is just...wrong. I mean they're clearly twins. So yes, I think Miku and Len are perfect. Their personalities go together, even though they're vocaloids and they technically don't have official personalities, I still think they match.

I usually ship siblings like len and rin but when it comes to the vocaloid ships I like lenku more...I think its because of their voice
I'm a bit disappointed that music videos of len and miku are limited they look cute together and I like miku so much ...she is so cute also when it comes to age , lenku is more like it and I also ship miku and rin but I guess shipping my waifu with a boy is more logical and len is like a male version of rin
So shipping len with miku is like shipping rin with miku.

I Love them! I love this couple! They look so cute with each other, their voice also match each other! And when I see picture Lenku is so wow. Just like candy, so sweet! This ship is my OTP! In fact I never ship anything or what. But I've fall in love with this ship!

I also ship RinxMiku, but I prefer LenxMiku. And Len is boy version of Rin. So I think shipping My waifu with My husbu (LenxMiku) is perfect! And shipping LenxMiku is like shipping RinxMiku.

But I still respect other ship, Like RinxLen or MikuxKaito. I do like Rin & Len songs and Kaito & Miku songs.

But honestly I do see Rin & Len is siblings. In fact, Rin&Len is just a mirror images. But still I can't sees them as a lover. I see them like twins or partners. that's all just my opinion.

I just hope we can respect each other opinion.
Don't hate MikuxLen, RinxLen, KaitoXMiku etc.
Just respect!

4 Dell Honne x Haku Yowane

I just think their cute together.

5 Hatsune Mikuo x Gumi Megpoid

I just like it

They look so cute together nxcoa8oxc

6 Kagamine Len x Akita Neru
7 Kagamine Rin x Kagamine Len

I love this ship! When I started out with Vocaloid I viewed Rin and Len as twins,(because Fear Garden was my first Vocaloid song ) but then I heard Maid Factor and then I realized how cute they were. And how about the incest deal and stuff? Well they're just voices made from a voice provider and a computer and they don't exist. So it doesn't really matter. Still I like to ship then non cest if possible. Also their voices blend together so perfectly! Some people say there voices are the same and bla bla but really you can't hate them, their voices have made you stubbed one way or another.

What? Does voices going together have anything to do with how much they love eachother? If it did, then even so, Len and Rin have a nice match up. But it doesn't, so stop saying it does!

Rin and Len are commonly mistaken as twins- they are simply the other gender varient of the other Vocaloid. They can be twins if you want them to be, but they can also be lovers, friends- heck, they can also not even know the other! I think this is a great ship because it's got charm. They're both so cute, and paired together, they are even more cute!

Rin and Len's voices blend well together (maybe because their voices were supplied by the same person, Asami Shoda). Some people say that their voices are the same, but they aren't! They're both different.

A lot of people mistake Rin and Len for twins, when they really aren't. Well, they could be, but they could also be lovers, strangers, mirror images, and everything in between!

They both look cute together, and they've done a lot of duets, so bonus points! It's more common to see Rin and Len duets than others, too. But the other ships are good, too, but these two army #1 OTP for life! :D

Rin and Len have a lot of chemistry whether they are lovers, siblings, or mirror images. Most people mistake them for twins so the ship is generally not always accepted, but when you listen to their duets you can hear that they care for each other. And No, it's not insest. Why? Because it's up to the fans on what they are. I really love this pairing. It's wonderful and even if their personalities are different they just match up with each other so perfectly.

8 Kaito x Miku Hatsune

Welp, Kaito doesn't really even have an official age so the fans decided that he is 20 years old but the cartoonist illustrator for the vocaloid 2 (KEI) said to be that he is middle age man BUT that's from another time line. His appearance is more like a 17-20 year old dude who acts like a child that loves ice cream and it's cute! definitely a perfect pair, Miku deserves the best man. I don't really know why people says it's just wrong. Look at it, it's nothing wrong to me. Meiko looks more like a Mature person than Kaito is, Miku and kaito when they're dueting song are cute! Don't blame that Kaito and Miku's duets are not blending together, it's just that other vocaloid cover makers are not really putting too much effort on their voices at all, and that's not fair.

Since when it's my first time to be a Vocaloid fan, I searched for some Vocaloid couples, and all of them I explored it. Then, when I heard some Kaito x Miku songs, OMG! They really sound perfect. The one thing that made them adorable is the combination of their voices, appearance, and the way they act. This is the best Vocaloid ship ever!

Bruh, People saying they can't pair Miku and Kaito because they have a huge age gap but really, you can make your fictional character into any age you want, he/she can be a teenager, an old man/woman, or a child for that matter. Meiko is too plain and Kaito has more potential, that doesn't mean I hate Meiko but I have a bad feeling a guy who looks like a 18 year old teenager and a woman that looks like a mom are together with each other. I do like Meiko being a canon mom for all the vocaloids because she is the first vocaloid that has ever been released.

In my opinion, this can be a really great canon ship for project diva. Because there are some fantastic Kaito x Miku duets that are so cute, perfect, and sometimes sad, and they look quite cute together too as well. The reason that I cannot agree with the Len x Miku is that it's too awkward. Len looking like a teenage child while Miku looking like a almost matured girl, the same and opposite goes for Kaito x Meiko, Kaito looks more like a teenage boy while Meiko looking like a single mother. The unfair thing about this is that people shipped Kaito's counterpart (that is Meiko) but Doesn't even ship Len x Rin that much like they're just counter parts too, not siblings, I kinda like Len x Rin shipped together(by the way, there is a rumor about Kaito and Meiko being siblings). And I feel bad for Kaito being called a pedophile, Miku is already a teenager, not a child guys, just search what pedophile means. Kaito doesn't even have an official age
but appeared to be a middle age man said ...more

9 Miku Hatsune x Luka Megurine

Well, to get me started with this ship.
I love it.
The producers practically ship it with their millions of songs including: magnet (obviously lol), world's end dancehall, akatsuki arrival, ai Dee, ladies first, let's be honest, too many of these to name lol. Also they lived together in one of the project diva ops.

Yeah and they are too cute together. It's better than mikurin by a heck load.

Miku and Luka sound amazing together. Though in most songs Miku's voice often overpowers Luka's, when tuned right, it sounds beautiful! Take Suki Kirai for example, in my opinion, it was a lot better sounding than the original with Len and Rin. Luka's lower voice mixes well with Miku's high pitching under the right circumstances. Even though Luka is quite a few years older than Miku, it's only by 5 years, and there are a ton of ships out there that could be worse. It's a wonderful ship, and I truly believe if any of the ships could've been canon, it would've been this. Magnet, for example, was a great duet between Miku and Luka. I cannot express just how much passion I have for this ship.

Literally, Producers love this ship as well, they make songs like magnet, Kissing fish and a Suki kirai cover. They also make a lovely pair, just look at them, you see, a match made in heaven.

They are really cute in my opinion. They have many songs together like 'Magnet', 'World's End Dancehall', 'Ai Dee' and many more. They only have a four year gap and in my opinion, age doesn't matter. They do look and sound good together as well and I love the fanfictions and fanart of them together. They also have a lot of chemistry in all of the mangas with them in it and the Project Diva openings whether they are lovers or friends. But this is just my opinion and I am fine if you think something else.

10 Kaito x Len Kagamine

They are super cute together. this is my vocaloid OTP. Kaito is apparently 20-24 yrs old so I really don't see the probably;em in age I love their voices together and the personalities are perfectly blended.

Just too cute. My otp. And NO it's not pedophilia, kaito doesn't actually have an age
So hah
They be adorable

After I saw Erase of Zero, I couldn't get them out of my head!

Aww, this is pretty cute once you realize Kaito can be any age you want. In that case, its not really pedo.

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11 Kaito x Luka Megurine

I love this ship a lot. Their voices go together, and...they just look like the best couple. I tried to understand why people ship Luka and Gakupo or Kaito and Meiko...but I just don't really see it. Their personalities don't really click if you know what I mean. I wish this ship was more prevalent. I still respect those who ship Kaito and Meiko or Luka and Gakupo, but I'm down with THIS amazing ship. Plus, I don't know if it's just me, but blue and pink are like...a good representation of a good male and female couple. I dunno that's probably just me. But either way, this is my favorite vocaloid ship.

When ever I think about Luka in a relationship, I think... NNNOOO! But when I saw Luka and Kaito I was like that's kinda cute. After I listened to Acute though, when I saw Kaito sacrifice himself for Luka, I was crying. So yeah I ship this so badly.

The are way better then the others. Kaito is older then Miku by 6 YEARS! Meiko was only meant as a singing partner

Meh.. I can see why people ship this but for some reason I still can't get hooked onto this ship

12 Kaito x Gakupo Kamui

They would seem like really close BFFs, who would eventually be gay for one another.

My favourite vocaloid ship by far

This is actually the best ship. They're so gay for eachother.

The way it should be.

13 Gumi x Rin

I love this one! now all yuri haters, it's not fair that some of you support yaoi but not yuri. green and yellow make the perfect match and NO ONE WILL CHANGE MY MIND.

This is so so cute. Their most popular headcanon personalities match so well and so do their designs and voices. Don't judge the ship because it's yuri. That's stupid.

There both cute and happy :)

"luvatorry" and "chemical emotion" are some of they're best songs, can't change my mind

14 Oliver x Fukase

I really like the thought of these 2 together. Their designs go well together and both are unique. Their voices go really well when tuned well. hAha one eyed lovers-

Too cute. Their voices are do beautiful together, and their designs go together quite well. One eyed lovers are awesome

I just like it

no left eye lovers

15 Hatsune Miku x Kagamine Rin

I think they are absalutely adorable together! Their voices go together so well, the project dive intro of miku and rin, OMG SO CUTE! There is so many songs of miku and rin being cute together!

I lovvve them together

I love this ship so much, it’s one of my comfort ships

it's really cute

16 Gakupo Kamui x Gumi

Best ship ever, its legit canon too. Put this on 6 place

17 Rei Kagene x Rin Kagamine

I randomly picked this but when I searched rei I thought he would be nice with rin

I quite like this ship and I dunno why...

I lovr this coup. Very cute

18 Len Kagamine x Gumi

Naww why is this down at the bottom. It should be at the top yup :P

OTP, just perfect and nobody can change my mind

My OTP wish have more atenttion

first ever song with them was "ah, it's a wonderful cat life" never stopped ever since

19 Big Al x Sweet Ann

Both adults, no other words(i just do.)

oliver, yohio, ruby are their children, can't change my mind

20 Utatane Piko x Vflower

I really like this ship! I like it mostly because well, piko can be seen as a feminine boy while V flower can be seen as a masculine female breaking gender norms. I really adore this ship for this reason. Not only that but they’re part of the meme squad :)

I love that piko just does stupid things and gets 'punished' by flower, but she loves piko at heart.

This ship is my will to live

Yesss they are so cute together :3 You should check out Chaotic Kitty and Stars' you tube channel.They make lots of Piko x Flower MMD videos :3

21 Ia x Yukari

I don’t ship it, but I can see it working out okay. I just like IA x Teto and Yukari x Flower more.

22 Piko Utatane x Rin Kagamine

they are cute wish that have more song of these two

23 Kagamine Rin x Oliver

I think their cute.

I see ollie having a huge crush on rinny~

There both supppper cute

24 Gumi x IA

I’ve always shipped this lol

25 Kagamine Len x IA

It's adorable and they're closer in age than most other vocaloid ships with Len

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