Top Ten Vocaloid Questions to Ask to Users of TheTopTens

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1 Who is your favourite Vocaloid?

I like Miku, IA, Rin, Len, Kaito, MAYU and Yukari - MLPFan

2 What is your favourite vocaloid song?

Mousou Kanshou Daishou Renmei, Ojama Mushi, Reversible Campaign, Gigantic O.T.N, BRING IT ON, Heart Rate #0822, Pizzicato Drops and Milk Crown on Sonnetica

Cinderella and Romeo, Rimitekeru Sensation, Freely Tomorrow, Insanity or Jekyll and Hyde

Cantarella, Rolling Girl, Two faced lovers, WORLD'S END DANCE HALL, Unhappy Refrain, Electric Angel, Servant of Evil, World Is Mine, Migikata no chou, Just be friends, Ai Kotoba, Melt, Six Trillion Years and overnight, Shooting star, You're seriously mad? I'm not mistaken here, Saw and Pendulum, Ellie, Elsa Maria, The Fox's wedding, Your Heart and I becoming one, The spider and the Kitsune like lion, My seventh Celebration, The Clear Demonic Mirror, Beheading Dance, Kagome Kagome, Wil O' The Wisp, Ageha Glow, God of Marie, Outburn Kamikaze, Gigantic OTN(The beats. The BEATS), Ergonomic Hero.

So far:
Rolling Girl
Electric Angel
The Story of Evil series
Luka Luka Night Fever
Just Be Friends
Aishete Aishete Aishete
Childish War

3 How are each vocaloids' personalities and relationships in your mind/personal fanon?

Miku: A kind girl whose loved by everyone. She's also appears a bit shy to others add seems innocent& pure, but deep down has knowledge of things like sadism and sexualism and in private when she was asked about either sadism or sexual things she would go to over the top and detailed statements about sadism and murders/ sex. Despite of this, she doesn't want to hurt her friends and would protect them even inforcing violence to the harm if she have to. She can also appear suicidal and depressed If things didn't went lile she wanted. She can also be bossy to those who disobey her and can act tsundere to those she love sometimes. She Is good friends with Luka, even that they might argue for who gets to "flirt" with Kaito.

Rin: An outgoing, cheeky, yet chatterbox girl. She would also be a troublemaker to others and would ride road rollers around, much to other people's surprise. But as you get to know her, you might see her caring soft side where she won't be as loud or ...more

4 How do you see Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len's relationship as?

Lovers who were reborn as twins.

Borderline twincest.-.
A lot of songs portray them as twins but many songs also portray them as lovers. I'm so confused. So I decided to see them as twins who have a borderline "closeted incestous" relationship.

5 What ship do you ship the most?

Kaito and Meiko!

I honestly don't know, I don't ship In the vocaloud fandom.

MeiTo and MiKa

6 Which vocaloid do you hate the most?

I don't really hate anyone now. - MLPFan

7 What is your favourite vocaloid song series?

The onibi series and the seven deadly sins series - MLPFan

8 Who Is your favourite vocaloid producer?

Masa-P, Akuno-P, Wowaka(he also composed an ending song for Madoka Magica! ), and Supercell - MLPFan

9 What Vocaloid song can you see a certain group of people would dance to?

I can see the perverted boys in my class dancing to gigantic otn or soap lagoon. - MLPFan

10 What's your favorite vocaloid outfit?

Yuzuki Yukari's jacket. I wish I can find a jacket like hers - MLPFan

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11 What's your favorite vocaloid not made by crypton?

Gumi, Mayu, Yukari, IA - MLPFan

12 Do you like the popular ship, KAITO X Miku or hate it?

I don't like it, to be honest. That would be pedophilia, honestly. - MLPFan

13 Who's your favorite derivative?
14 Which upcoming vocaloid are you exited for
15 Which vocaloid are you neutral to most?
16 What do you think of MMD?
17 What is Your favorite Project Diva Game?
18 What is your favorite underrated VOCALOID?
19 What is your favorite Non-Japanese VOCALOID?
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