Vocaloid Songs With the Best Lyrics

Perhaps a Vocaloid song with lyrics that really speak to you.

The Top Ten

1 Antichlorobenzene/paradichlorobenzene

Good rhythm and meaningful words definitely makes this the best!

2 Lynne

It has a great hidden meaning behind it; for those who see it the first time round, it may come off as creepy but those who have interpreted it 'correctly' can see how deep it is and how much they can relate to it by finding that point in life where they were the same.

3 The Lost One's Weeping
4 Clock Lock Works
5 Meltdown
6 Imagination Forest

This is the second vocaloid I have EVER heard. I find it very easy to relate to, and it's very happy sounding. When I rediscovered it over a year after hearing it the first time, I just watched it over and over again in pure ecstasy. 10/10!

7 Clean Freak

When my friend showed me this song, I was thinking: That's believable. Now I'm hooked.
Seriously, humans are totally the way Gumi says. But not just to eachother, mainly to the Earth in general...
Anywho, I should be going. Bye!

8 Lost and Found
9 Rolling Girl
10 Irony

The Contenders

11 Magnet
12 Ayano's Happiness Theory
13 My True Self

This should be first! I mean, come one, really! (well I would have for Clean Freak, Lost One's weeping, Rolling Girl, Meltdown and Paradichlorobenzene too but this one made me cry so hard)

14 Deep Sea Underground City
15 Glow
16 Reboot
17 Mozaik Role

A sad song about a girl that is struggling with her darker self, and the darker self is about to win. Then the darker side realizes she must give in, and the light on wins.

18 Hirari Hirari
19 Deep Sea Girl

My favorite vocaloid is not Miku, but this song' s lyrics are just so deep. (Get it? ) The song means so much and I'm sure there are thousands of people who can relate to it.

20 A Clingy Boy Sticking for 15 Years

Best song,best lyrics end of story

21 Kokoro
22 Ai Kotoba - Hatsune Miku

Being the one that put this song on the list, I just have to say, this song is beautiful...

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