Vocaloids Most Likely to Overtake Hatsune Miku

Okay, even the most passionate Kagamine supporter will have to admit that Miku has been the most popular. So popular that many fans of other vocaloids have declared revolution, that Miku's too popular and that the other vocaloids never get any attention. So for the rest of us, here's a list without the annoying reminder that Miku's the "best". Who's the next best diva?

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1 Megurine Luka Megurine Luka Megurine Luka is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headquartered in Sapporo, Japan.

I believe that Luka Megurine could easily become more popular than Miku Hatsune. Luka has been my favorite Vocaloid since eternity and I loved her since I saw my second Vocaloid video, which was the first video that included her: Magnet. Favoritism aside, lemme tell why I think she could put Miku in the back.

First, let me start with appearance. When I see Rin, Len, and Miku, the first word I use to describe them is "cute". Luka is not cute. She's absolutely adorable and attractive! Her pink hair is the perfect color for her and it isn't so unrealistically long that it practically touches the ground. The color of her hair brings out the beautiful light blue/cerulean color of her eyes. Her body is perfectly shaped, not too big of a chest, looks good in everything that she wears. Some people claim that the one outfit with the white dress, flower crown, and black boots doesn't match. Who cares? She looks good in it.

Next is her voice and songs. You cannot tell me ...more

It is obvious that Luka could overtake the Diva spot, especially thanks to Megurine Luka v4x. However, Miku v4x will be released soon, so it might take a while until Luka will overtake. IF Luka would ever overtake Miku, it would most likely be once Vocaloid 5 is released. Here are some good reasons why Luka could overtake:

- SONGS: Luka's Songs are better than Miku's, because almost every Luka song has a deep meaning. Look at Just Be Friends or Lie. Sure Miku also has some like Rolling Girl or Senbonzakura. But then...there are "special" Songs like Ievan Polkka, PoPiPo and World is Mine. Yes I love those Miku Songs, and World is Mine shares it spot with Just Be Friends on my Top 10 Vocaloid songs, but still, Luka's songs are just much more meaningful. Also, thanks to Luka Luka Night Fever, we probably have the most famous and best Vocaloid dance of all time. Okay the second most famous. The most famous is Miku's Leek/Negi Twirling.

- PERSONALITY: Okay I know a ...more

Luka is definitely a TON better than Miku. (Yea, I'm gonna rant a little bit, sorry people... ) I'm sorry to all the Miku fans out there, she's really neat too and I like her, but she has the most unrealistic voice and figure of all the Vocaloids. Luka is AWESOME, she's a ton more real, and, again, Miku is cook and all, but Miku is way overrated. If Crypton would give Luka and the others a chance, Miku would quickly become a thing of the past.

People like her because she's cute, she really isn't as talented (or rather, her program isn't as talented) as the everyone makes her seem. Her voice sounds like someone tickling a chipmunk, Luka's voice has enough base in it to sound REAL. Luka is definitely just as cute if not more, and Luka is actually BEAUTIFUL, she's beyond just cute.

Luka has the voice, the looks, and the skills to leave Miku in the dust if she got the chance, I DO like Miku, again, she's cool and all, but Luka is just better (It's my opinion. Deal with ...more

YES. JUST YES. Luka obviously has a more rich, mature, husky and beautiful voice than Miku (Sorry).
She is my fave VOCALOID for that reason. She would overtake Miku easily if people just notice that she was always right there. Her songs also have really beautiful meanings behind them. Plus, she's really pretty too~!

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2 Kagamine Len Kagamine Len Kagamine Len is a Japanese male Vocaloid2 developed by Crypton Future Media and voiced by Shimoda Asami. He was originally released along with Kagamine Rin on December 27, 2007 as Kagamine Rin/Len (CV02), but had the updates of Kagamine Rin/Len (CV02) Act 2 (on July 18, 2008), Kagamine Rin/Len Append ...read more.

LEN's DEFINITELY THE NEXT VOCALOID IDOL! Miku's term of the throne is done! It's our very own LEN-kun's TURN! *fangasmm* LEN is just so awesome! He could do the impossible... He's just so SMEXY! (spice)
I also love his VOICE even though lots of people are saying that he sounds girly! Yeah it's true! BUT... HAVEN'T YOU HEARD A YOUNG BOY'S VOICE?... It sounds just like a lower voice of a girl right?! That's the reason of why Len sounds like that! Because CRYPTON want him to sound like young boys of his age! Got it! LEN YOU"RE AWESOME AND YOU'RE OUR VOCALOIS IDOL! No one can beat you! GO LEN!

Now, before I continue, I will admit that Len is not my favorite Vocaloid, and I am just voting for him because he has so many fan (girls) who love him.

Len has so many fans, and an adorable mirror image named Rin. Len can sound sexy and/or cute, which makes him great for many songs. Love you Len (and Rin of course)

KAGAMINE LEN IS THE NUMBER ONE! He's damn good of singing and he's just that cool to be true... I think the reason is that he's popular among fangirls because some video portray him as a handsome, sexy boy especially SPICE! and his voice can be sexy too :)

Len is definitely the best vocaloid. His voice sounds good in all songs. I love his cover of The Snow White Princess is, even though most people argue whether Miku or Meiko sang it better. He is able to pull off songs meant for Miku or girls in general to sing (like weekender girl) due to his somewhat girly sounding voice. His and Rin's voices go so well together. Also he is super cute! That gives him a lot of fangirls.

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3 Kagamine Rin Kagamine Rin Kagamine Rin & Len are humanoid personas voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headquartered in Sapporo, Japan.

Crypton Future Media designed Rin Kagamine SPECIFICALLY to surpass Miku Hatsune! That's why she is a TEENAGER! And sorry Len. Kagamine Len was a last-minute add-on!

They were gonna release Rin by herself, but the fans' outcries for a boy spurred them to create Len! They made two character's at once, with the same voice actress (Asama Shimodo)!

It was rushed. That's why Len originally sounded like a girl. That is also why the Vocal Quality WAS sub-par.

Without Len, Rin might have already surpassed Miku!

I am not bashing Len (apparently a shota). Without him, we would not have had the Story of Evil, Trick and Treat, etc. I just think it was time Rin got her due.

If the twins/lovers/reflections rose together, I would be all the more happy! It just wasn't an option at this time.

I stand under the yellow Kagamine Flag, strong and proud. It is a Revolution!

The motto of this Revolution is "Okay, no question: Green is the ...more

A lot of people like Len because of his appearance (me included), but Rin is actually used a lot more than he is. Think of all the songs with only Len. Now think of all the songs with only Rin.

There's your answer.

Rin would definitely be the next diva! Over here in America Len might be the more popular one but in Japan people prefer Rin a lot more than Len! I think Miku really shouldn't be too hard to surpass because her voice is just way too high! If the producers who are always using Miku switched to other Vocaloids anyone of them could easily surpass her!

Its not like I don't like Miku or luka Its Just Because of this song... Tokyo teddy Bear Reasons I don't like Others Teto: Her voice is too robotic Miku: Too overrated Len: Last second Add on Meiko: Not good Kaito: Very annoying voice Luka: Overused - BraixenBreak

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Gumi is my favorite vocaloid even though I love them all! And I love miku. When I first was introduced to vocaloid by my friends, the first songs I got were instrumental because it took a few songs to get used to mikus high pitched voice. But once I did I fell and love with vocaloid and began being able to distinguish the different attributes of the different characters voices. I sorta identify myself as Megpoid but most of my songs were probably miku. I think miku is a great vocaloid and she deserves her popularity, her songs are awesome. But gumi and ia have the best voices. They're voices are very clear and beautiful and full of personality. Lukas voice tends to vary in quality depending on the song. Lens voice sounds best when he sings with rin. Rin is very good and I agree with a previous comment that her popularity would b more if she wasn't a matched set. As for Meiko I've only heard a few good songs by her and she is only good for certain generes. KAITO stands little and ...more

Gumi is my favorite Vocaloid of all time for a reason I absolutely love her design especially because of her goggles in my opinion they make her look really cool she kinda looks like a carrot with the orange and green which actually Maches her character item and her voice beautiful and clear! When I first heard her voice I instantly fell in love with her and she became my favorite I also think she sounds really good in singing in English too I just think Gumi is amazing and is much more better than Miku!

Although I believe Gumi would be able to surpass Miku partly because she's my favorite vocaloid of all time, it's also because she's more flexible. So far, I've seen her (or rather heard her) sing in 4 different languages. Namely Japanese, English, Filipino and Spanish. Gumi is also the second most popular, I believe. I wouldn't be surprised if she got tied with Miku. Turning towards the vocals, it's a lot more human. By "human", I mean it sounds smoother and more natural. Her voicebank goes well with sorts of songs. Slow, fast, bouncy, smooth, techno, etc.

To sum it up, Gumi's versatility makes her stand out.

I love gumi's voice but I don't think she is the cuttest.

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5 IA IA IA is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by 1st Place Co., Ltd., headquartered in Meguro, Japan. They use Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid 3 singing synthesizer technology. Her voice is sampled by Lia.

Her voice is almost indiscernible from a human's, and it's actually better than most human's voices. She is also the only Vocaloid 3 so far to have a song with a million views, and she has THREE. Even some Vocaloid 2s don't have any songs with a million views. She has everything it takes to overtake Miku: The voice, the popularity, and the design.

Her voice in some songs (such as Tori no Uta) can be indistinguishable from a human's. She also got 3 songs with one million views or more in less than six months after her release. So far, no other Vocaloid 3 has ANY songs with a million views, and even some Vocaloid 2s don't have any. I'm not even sure if Miku got three songs this quickly.

I AWESOMELY like that she has a really realistic voice and actually sounds more HUMAN than all OTHER VOCALOIDS. I really hate that she is SO UNPOPULAR AND UNDERRATED. MIKU is SO OVERRATED even though she has a really annoying voice.
IA's songs are really awesome, but don't get that must attention even though she can REALLY REACH THOSE HIGH NOTES. I mean literally why is she in #5? She deserves it!
For some reason Luka is in #1 she has such a weird voice and I cringe at her high notes.
Rin is in #2. She is fine and all, but her voice is so high pitched.
Len is #3 which is fine because he is really good.
Gumi is in #4 which is fine with me because like len I love them like IA.
If the world was in my hands this poll would be like:
#1 IA
#2 Len
#3 Gumi
#4 Rin
#5 Luka

To me, her voice and design are the best! She's very cool, right?

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6 KAITO KAITO KAITO is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Yamaha Corporation using their new Vocaloid singing synthesizer technology under the codename of "Taro".

Ya know, it's kinda sad that this guy is only #7.

Kaito has been my favorite Vocaloid ever since I was introduced to him, and favoritism aside, he's actually a very good Vocaloid. He can sing high and low pitches, his performances are astounding, and in looks, he's pretty good too! I think overall Kaito probably not, but might possibly be able to surpass Miku.

Kaito is the best vocaloid and I love him so much! I hate the way that Miku steals all the attention he deserves more. Ever since I was 11 he has been my favourite. His high pitch (when tuned right) is so good and his low pitches are just amazing. He's cute and sexy!

I really wish that Kaito would overtake Miku! He has a very nice Voice, cute looks, and has different tones while Miku can only sing very high. Yeah, Miku has cute looks, but unlike Kaito, Miku's voice can get really irritating after some time. Plus, who wouldn't like Ice Cream? Go Kaito! :3

I feel that he's gotten a little more attention here recently, so yay! I hope that people start using him more. He has a great voicebank, and is very versatile. You've got to love his design as well! (His scarf's so cute.) I think that, if used correctly and more often, that he could surpass Miku.

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7 MEIKO MEIKO MEIKO is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application called Vocaloid developed by Yamaha Corporation.

Not that I don't like Miku and Luka or any of the other vocaloids, I love most of the vocaloids, but from the first time I heard Meiko sing (her cover of "The Snow White Princess") I thought her voice sounded AMAZING. I'm just surprised that she isn't higher up by being more popular out there. I understand though that her voice can sometimes be difficult to get it to sound 100% by some people, but when done right, I think it might even overtake Miku's, Luka's or anybody. Meiko also has a really fresh, sweet and outstanding appearance to her. I love her colour scheme. She could actually pass to be a real life person with her eye and hair colour (sure nice to take a break from the bubblegum pink and cyan blue out there ^^). Overall, she needs, no, DESERVES to be more acknowledged and recognised as one of the greatest vocaloids out there!

The first Japanese Vocaloid? She has her spin off (Meiko Sakine) and her own chibi! Not to mention her V3 voicebank is sounding AMAZING right now. MEIKO deserves love, but a lot of people don't like her because she couldn't sing higher notes. Well, people, now she can with the V3 update!

She's the first Japanese vocaloid and her voice is very beautiful, she is a great singer. And if people respect her and give her a song that completely match her voice she'll be popular and take over miku place and make miku get dumped

In Snow White Princess, she was so much better than Miku.
But Miku's still my favourite.

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8 Kamui Gakupo Kamui Gakupo

He sounds like the most realistic Vocaloid in my opinion, and I absolutely love his voice. Also purple is my favourite colour, and how can we forget his awesome voice provider?

I voted this because I know that one day, Gakupo will rise to the top because eventually the Gakupo fan base will overtake Miku's. It's only a matter of time. But then again, that's with any Vocaloid

Seriously? The vocaloid extracted from the supper hot GACKT can outstand miku anytime

What this is a not a girl?

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9 Kasane Teto Kasane Teto

Teto is the BEST! She could easily overtake Miku! Miku doesn't have WINGS, does she?! Teto also has a lot of really good songs: Sky Swimmer, an Ideal Day for a Disappearance, Kasane Territory... And, SHE'S FREE! You have to pay for Miku, but Teto is FREE!

Teto. I know you want to be a Vocaloid... But... First, Hit Miku with your French bread and let people SeeU as a Queen. You deserve it. Heck, you might have a Vocaloid status.. But of course Miku still is popular.

Kasane Teto is adorable! And I would buy her voice bank if she was a Vocaloid right when it came out. Her design is so cute! Not to mention she has a very great voice, convincing us Vocaloid fans that she was a Vocaloid when she came out, truly amazing!


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10 Lily

Lily should top Miku! She's really hot and attractive, enough to attract Americans.

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11 Yuzuki Yukari Yuzuki Yukari

Yuzuki Yukari is a very modest vocaloid. If she were to be more voiced out, she could be very popular. Plus, her voice is very soothing and gentle. I daresay she is too idiosyncratic and pulchritudinous even for vocaloid itself... Such a shame she is obscured by all those obstacles... She really does have potential... Really...

Yukari has an amazing voice bank both high and low her version of circus monster surpasses miku's by a lot it sounds better... Sure some v3 and v2 Vocaloids are more POPULAR however yukari has an unbeatable voice that if tuned right sounds like a human and if pitched correctly will make you think it's not even a vocaloid!

Yukari has the most realistic voice and I love her

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12 Yowane Haku Yowane Haku

Haku has a beautiful voice and lots of potential. But she is always put down by Lily, Luka, especially Miku fans. "Shes not a real vocaloid! ". Crypton even recognizes her as an official vocaloid now, so everyone can quit saying that shes not. don't think I'm ranting that Miku or Luka are bad. I love Luka, shes my second favorite and she deserves to surpass Miku by far, and I know Haku will never pass Miku. But Miku needs to be stopped by someone, maybe IA or Luka. She needs more love. Too many people hate her and passing Miku will simply never happen, but I wish it would... - TheGrayDepression

She deserves to be more popular! Even though she's supposed to be Miku's failure, I think Haku is the most beautiful Vocaloid in the world! I believe in you Haku-chan!

I think Haku is way better than Miku and needs more credit same with neru

Um, people, Haku is a fanloid, not a Vocaloid. If she is, she would have a official voice bank...

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13 Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku, sometimes referred to as Miku Hatsune, is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media.

Mike should be more up the list somewhere around Luka, her songs are great; but her voice is a little but to high, but they made many improvements. Mike made them very successful therefore she is one of the best vocaloids, she ties with Luka in my opinion.

Miku isn't going anywhere. She certainly won't be surpassed by Gumi or Teto, mostly due to the commercialization of her image. Not only is she the face of Vocaloid, but Miku is used by the most producers. Even the most popular Vocaloid songs, such as World Is Mine, were written for her.

Miku is the best forever. She will never lose her popularity.

I'm sure I'm the ONLY one who likes miku and I'm sure can't be surpassed by luka rin or len seeu ia kaito meiko oliver or any others and all the people who hate miku wich is all the other vocoloid loving people are sick because they made me cry and I wish to have all vocaloids deleted exept miku because miku needs more time to shine and all the other vocaloids lose their thrones and miku is best at english her voice is not higj piched but is low piched way more than high piched cause all the othet vocaloids are ugly and miku is the only one to be pretty and have a tie on her and miku is waaay skinnier than any vocaloid in the world and she is wayyy prettier than any other vocaloids and one day she actually will be at the top as right niw she is at the very bottom and she is more happy and thinks more about others while the other vocaloids are very dramatic are more about love and don't think at all about others but think about themselves so vote for miku or else you will die and it ...more

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14 Akita Neru Akita Neru

Neru is cool, but she's a derivative, which means to use her in a song you have to use Miku's voice bank. It would be kind of ironic, if Akita Neru became more popular than Miku, but only fueled her voicebank sales.

Neru in my opinion is better looking than Miku and is not annoying.

Does she even have a voice bank?

The funny thing is that, I fell in love with Vocaloid, because of Neru. I got MMD even though I did not know what Vocaloid was, and used only HER model. She was my favourite, even though she wasnt a real Vocaloid.

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15 Sakine Meiko

Why can't she be #6 instead of MEIKO? I think that Sakine Meiko's appearance and voice is better than MEIKO's, especially the voice! MEIKO's singing voice annoys me a lot, such as "The Snow White Princess Is", "Senbonzakura", "Odds and ends", etc.! But why the top 6 instead of the top FIVE (Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, and KAITO)?!?!

She actually sounds great.

16 Oliver Oliver

If the desire for English VOCALOID goes up, then Oliver is definitely set. He's probably one of, if not THE most popular, English VOCALOIDS.

Oliver has a very soothing voice and sounds really nice with Yuzuki Yukari...

Come on Oliver is the best vocaloid ever...

Other needs 20% cooler

Come on. He's just amazing. Really, who doesn't love him?!

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17 SeeU

SeeU is the first and only Korean Vocaloid! Her design is very good and she has a great voice.

Some may think that her voice is weird but her popularity is rising wildly. You can count on it that one day SeeU will take over, soon people will be wondering who the heck was Miku?

Why so much people hates SeeU? SeeU is my fourth favourite vocaloid. The people who hates her are totally sick.

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18 Kaito Shion

There's no vocaloid called Kaito Shion. It's just KAITO. Fandom these days lol.

Kaito is so cute and has a better voice than crappy miku

Kaito is on here twice...

19 V Flower

Yeah! she has sooo many fns! she lacks fan art, but that's probably because everyone doubts how good they r with drawing, or she doesn't have lots of artist fans.

20 Aoki Lapis

When I saw Lapis here I was like "really!? " I was shocked! Well if only people knew about Aoki Lapis and if only her popularity rises...

Lapis's voice is just amazing the first time I heard a song she sang I loved it. If only more people knew about her she'll shoot up.

Aoki Needs a body pillow, a figure, a English voice bank and needs to be more popular than Miku. No... Kagamine Twins, No all Crypton Vocaloids. I swear, Aoki should be queen by now... If it wasn't for lack of hentai artwork of her or panty shots.


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