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The most human-sounding vocaloid, with also an awesome character. Unlike others, her personality isn't completely figured out, which makes her able to become an energy cheapskate, a cake, and a creepy sniper. She can sing way better than Miku, and when reacted with awesome songwriters, she would be way better than Miku.

Gumi got the most human-sounding voice and a good character, maybe with better marketing she would surpass miku one day. After all the purpose of vocaloid is to create a realistic voice via synthesizer and the voice surely getting better over the year with newer version. This might make it more widely accepted by wider audience.

Gumi is like the older version of Miku's voice, it's a little high pitched and low pitched. She should over throw Luka. Like hell yeah. She has an awesome appearance. And in her videos, she was always in those complicated, high school, girl.

Her appearance. She seems like the girl whose likely to sing Regret Message. But hey, she sings something that isn't. About being an otaku, made clones of herself, made herself and everybody disappear, and so much more!

Gumi has a clear voice, and she doesn't have many concert. So, why not? She's fluent in English.

As in short, she's awesome and was most likely to overthrow Luka by suprise. - Rainbowed

Voice-wise, Gumi is the most to surpass Miku. I mean, Luka's voice is soothing and beautiful, but people don't get bored of Gumi's voice. I know this is quite prejudiced, but... Gumi is younger than Luka! (Or that's what it seems like to me, design-wise)

If any vocaloid overtook Miku, it would be GUMI. GUMI has reached Rin and Len's popularity, and surpassed everyone else. It will obviously be a while before Miku is overtaken, but if and when it happens I feel that GUMI will be the one to surpass her. I it were Rin or Len we would sort of have to have a tie. So if it weren't GUMI, it would probably be IA to take Miku's place, though I really think it will be GUMI.

I really love Miku (I am a BIG Miku fangirl, she's the Number 1 princess in the world for me), but I do have to say that Gumi is one to look after for. I don't like people saying that the KAGAMINE TWINS would take Miku's spot, because I don't see that happening. Gumi once surpassed Miku even, so I think Gumi definitely is one to look after!

Gumi has an amazing voice and some of her songs are really deep and in some songs she have a dark side I cried in a song of her and miku called hocus pocus honestly I think Gumi is better than Miku

Gumi is such a popular vocaloid, her popularity will likely allow her to surpass Miku in a small amount of time. (Fun fact: Gumi's popularity was raised after her song COMA, a very good song at that, was released on a popular music game Cytus, allowing fans of the game to become fans of Gumi as well)

I love gumi forever! She has an alto voice that is actually realistic (to me). I myself don't like miku because her high and cute voice which I think is weird. See the YouTube comments of miku song that is coered by gumi, trust me. Gumi is far better. (I actually likes len too but he's just too girly...

Gumi has gotten really popular over the last year, with her V3 updates and a new English VB coming out next month, and 16 (I think) songs with over 1, 000, 000 views, I don't think any one Vocaloid could overtake Miku, but she and IA have pushed the crown a little farther away from her

Gumi is one of the most realistic voices and her appends are amazing, one of the few vocaloids where I love all the appends. Also, most songs with her are usually at an easy to sing along to pitch. Most well known ones, like the songs by Manbo-P are really nice and different. I like "Kappas are Boiling Slugs In my Kitchen". Plus, her default outfit is cute and quirky. Gumi needs more fame!

I love GUMI, her voice is so realistic and she could easily overtake Miku.

After all, she IS the second most popular Vocaloid as of today.

Gumi's voice can fits tons of genres, and rocks them all too. - lovo_is_always_right

Gumi has the best songs and is super popular.

She totally deserves more than miku

Imagine how GoAnimate characters such as Caillou, Dora and etc would dance to GUMI songs, especially "Burn Me Down"! - The Ultimate Daredevil

Gumi's songs are not very fast and her voice can be low or high pitch and is clear. If you don't believe me, try listening to Ama no Jaku, Aitai, Killer Lady, and Sunset Love Suicide. Her outfit is also different from the others and she looks cute with it. Also I read that she's 3rd in the vocaloids with the most videos (in YouTube maybe? I don't know) but more views than the first 2, which is Miku and Rin.

Gawd. She is amazing. I liked her voice way better in Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl.

Best english vocaloid for me. And in japanese she got a very good pronunce

GUMI! The only one with a voice I can stand :) sounds like a human and not clip-clip-clip e _ e