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Megurine Luka is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headquartered in Sapporo, Japan.


Why people likes Miku so much? What's so special about Hatsune Miku? Yes, she's adorable, her twintails are adorable, her design is adorable but her voice? Umm.. No. Not good at all. People love her because of her appearance, not her voice. Some people hates Luka because of her appearance, but her fans love her because of her voice. I love both appearance and voice. Luka's design is UNIQUE, while her voice is beautiful. She and the other VOCALOIDs is actually better than Miku. But her and other VOCALOIDs haters which is Miku's worshippers always give the same reason why Miku is better, and they always say,"Miku is the first VOCALOID". I have to say that this peoples are so stupid. Here's why:

Miku worshippers VS Me

Miku worshippers:Miku is the first VOCALOID!
Me:No. LEON is the first VOCALOID.
Miku worshippers:Then Miku is the first Japanese VOCALOID!
Me:No you're wrong. MEIKO is the first Japanese VOCALOID.
Miku worshippers:I know! Miku is the first ...more

Megurine Luka is deserving of some recognition. So what if her outfit isn't school uniform based like Miku's, Rin's or Len's? Her's is unique and none of them have a beautiful sapphire gem like her! I don't hate Miku, or any other Vocaloids, but I do think Luka should have her time in the spotlight because to be honest I think Miku is taking it away from everyone. Luka's song have meanings and some of Miku's songs don't have any meaning at all. Luka doesn't really sing about herself and if she does it's not prideful things. That just shows how kind-hearted she is and that she doesn't think about herself. Miku may have a better voice and outfit, but Luka by far has the better lyrics and personality. Luka also looks, dare I say, nicer. Her hair is really pretty and so are her eyes. I don't hate Miku, but she's had her time in the spotlight - now it's Luka's turn.

Luka is different than the other vocaloids. She has the most
class and she is just so elegantly mysterious. Not to mention her maturity and the songs they give her. They all send out a great message. Funny story, Luka IS my favorite, but she wasn't right of the bat. I actually liked Kasane Teto first, but I was falsely informed. I looked up "pink haired vocaloid", meaning Teto. But I found Luka and then called Teto, Luka. But then I figured out my mistake and Luka was my favorite. Her songs are about her questioning life or getting over a heart brake. She represents what we need in society. Miku is great at this too, but not in the dramatic way, like when she sung "Irony" it just was a no for her voice. Luka could have pulls dit off. But Miku is a more happy sounding vocaloid. She represents youth and happiness. Luka represents drama and love. I personally think Luka could have surpassed Miku easily. On lots of lists she is number one.

This is how I start loving Luka:


Me:What is vocaloid? Is it an anime? *looking some vocaloid pics*Hmm.. Pretty cute! Especially the teal haired one (at that time I only know MIKU. Yes, I'm not kidding)


Me:*listening to World is Mine*Whoa! She is so cute! I love this song! (at that time I only know Miku and Rin)


Umm... No vocaloids... Too much kpop at that year (at that time I love kpop like crazy)


At the end of the year... I'm a Frozen crazy fan... I always search for Let It Go and then I found Luka's cover of Let It Go.

Me:WOW! Her voice are awesome!

Then I start learning who is Megurine Luka.. Learning what vocaloid is.. (at that time I start loving Luka and fangirling over her)


I love you Luka! Thank you for being born. I'm sorry I forgot your birthday but I really love you Luka! You will always be my favourite vocaloid!

Luka is already better than miku in my opinion. Miku is too overrated for her appearance. I think she's too plain and her voice is too high pitched and not very good. Sure, her pigtails are adorable, but it's about the voice that counts. Appearance can help too, but Luka's voice is actually worth my time. Besides, there really isn't a lot special about miku. She's just another Japanese vocaloid. The only reason she's popular is because she's a CRYPTON. Luka is actually deserving of her popularity, and deserves to have more fans. She was the first bilingual vocaloid, and the best! Her voice is amazing too. I also like the twins, Kaai Yuki, Iroha, and IA. I love them all! But miku is one if my least favorites, sorry

Hatsune Miku name meaning is 'Sound of The Future'. Megurine Luka name meaning is 'Sound Around The World'. In my opinion, Hatsune Miku name is.. Well.. Useless (Forgive me Miku fans). WHY? Her name meaning is sound of the future, BUT is it really 'sound of the future'? Because maybe in the future, when people talks about Vocaloid, maybe they don't know who Hatsune Miku is. Someday, Miku throne will be taken by another vocaloid. But if CRYPTON doesn't realize the other Vocaloids special talents, one day people will get very bored of Vocaloid. Do you want this to happen, CRYPTON? If you don't want it to happen, then LET LUKA, YOUR FIRST BILINGUAL VOCALOID BE ON THE MIKU'S PLACE! Just THROW AWAY YOUR PRECIOUS MIKU TO THE TRASH, AND LET LUKA AND THE OTHER VOCALOID BE THE WORLD'S BEST Japanese SINGER! Come on CRYPTON, what are you waiting for?

Megurine Luka is also a girl, just like Miku. Although Len and Rin may be very popular, Luka still has more popular songs than either of them. This means that she's widely used by all songwriters, which would make her have more popular songs in the future.

Yes, I'm so glad Luka is in first! Luka is and will always be my favorite Vocaloid. If producers get old of Hatsune Miku, here comes Luka to the rescue! :D She is pretty, and her voice is amazing! It can reach high and low notes, and is the most mature voice of all the Vocaloids. And she can sing in English and Japanese :O. So cool! I hope some of the Vocaloids overtake Miku or at least get more attention like Miku. It makes me sad when people choose Miku because of her popularity, not her voice. :(

Despite not being my favorite VOCALOID Voice, Megurine Luka is the most probable character to one day surpass Hatsune Miku's throne. Why? Because she isn't just appealing to teenager girls with a kawaii voice and moe attitude. (Ex : Kagamine Rin, Tone Rion, Hatsune Miku, Aoki Lapis etc...) She is a more mature and realistic humanoid that attracts from young kids to middle-aged men. She is capable of singing descently in English and Japanese (something that Miku can't) and has a realistic body type, unlike most VOCALOID female characters (she isn't skinny, but also not fat). Another thing that can put her on top is that she can produce a "not very japanese" singing style that can imitate other genres like jazz, rock, blues, and more styles other than VOCALOID pop, being able to reach and please many different audiences. - kotorihayashi

Hopefully other less popular Vocaloids will take over someday. There are other Vocaloids with SO MUCH BETTER sounding voices than Miku. No offense, but Miku is a bit too overrated for her voice. WHAT IS CRYPTON THINKING? They're giving no attention to their best singer. Luka, you're so amazing. Hopefully she and other Vocaloids will overtake Miku. I like Miku, but, her voice is just too scratchy for me. It's all about looks these days. Sigh...

Well, if you have been listening to songs from the live concert, you might have noticed that between both, luka's songs are better than miku's. In the past, when I was first introduced to vocaloids concert, I kept skipping songs until I reached luka's song. I absolutely love it. Hint : go listen to miku's concert 2013

I really think she should be the next popular. Her voice sounds so beautiful and mature, plus I think the voice would almost be too good for append. I'm a huge supporter of Megurine Luka and I wish for her to never be knocked or be least out of the franchise from Vocaloid.

She Just has this Amazing Voice about her that is so realistic, yet enchanting and her voice is allot more mature then some of the other vocaloids and that why in my opinion she could be the next biggest vocaloid

Luka is waayy better than Miku. In my opinion, Miku is adorable but her voice is so ANNOYING. And I HATE Miku (I'm so sorry Miku fans). The reason why I like and vote Luka is because she is so PRETTY, and her VOICE is awesome. I hope one day, Luka will be the most popular one. And her 03 tattoo changed into 01 tattoo. And I hope that other vocaloids also gets more attention and fans. Because I also like the Kagamine Twins, MEIKO, Gumi, SeeU and the others.

I think she should be the next most popular in the future. If Miku falls from being #1, there's no doubt that Luka will be the new popular Vocaloid. In my opinion.

My first favorites Vocaloid used to be miku, but after Double Lariat almost made me cry from the beauty, I quickly changed my mind. Luka is beautiful and can speak both English and Japanese. A lot of her songs are very meaningful!

Miku's my number 1 but I like luka too!

Reason for Luka : She is is cute like Miku. and is a very girlie-like and cute character. She looks always good. often has also long flying hair like Miku has similar. Being in action makes her hair flying around. And her female Voca Voice setups are sounding nice.

Megurine Luka combined with Kagamines, KAITO, MEIKO etc etc, SHOULD spill Hatsune Miku's glass. But Miku's fans keep it real up. That wasn't supposed to happen. (The thing with the glass was expression, just so you know.) I have played 'Natsu Mo Yo'
Several times, and when I listened to that song, I realised I loved Megurine. Plus, Miku's supposed to be 16! If I heard Miku before I saw her and her age, I would have thought Miku was a 4 year old vocaloid.

She is the best because her voice isn't so high, but yet Miku is still "the most popular" but either way Luka is still better she is an improvement from Miku.

YAY, GO LUKA! In the future, when people get old of Hatsune Miku (I'm sure it has to happen sometime), they will turn to none other than MEGURINE LUKA :D! I hope Luka gains the same/more popularity just as Miku has, because she definitely deserves it. In all honesty, I prefer Luka over Miku. Which is why she will unite and have her time to shine, just as all the other Vocaloids deserve! Especially the old ones!

Luka is definitely my favorite Vocaloid (English or Japanese) due to her cool voice, massive range, and ability to sound incredibly realistic.

Luka is the best virtual diva that exists on this world. She is the most beautiful, the most gifted and she is a true genius in music and singing

Megurine Luka will overtake Hatsune Miku. Why? 1. She's GORGUOUS. I wish I could look like that. I mean, honestly, her design is both beautiful and soft, making her look like a ' angel. 2. Her voice. It's soothing and a lower pitch. Miku may have a nice voice (all of them do), but Luka's is beautiful. 3. Her songs. They are so ' catchy, I had Luka Luka Night Fever stuck in my head for a week. There. Three reasons. And, if Megurine Luka doesn't beat Hatsune Miku, IA will.

WOAH... it actually happened once! When she was first out!