Top 10 Best Voice Actors for Shadow the Hedgehog

The Top Ten

1 Jason Griffith

Jason will always be my Shadow! (I grew up with him, and after comparing him and the shadow from the Dreamcast era, I still have to go with Griffin's edgy voice, which is something I think the Dreamcast shadow lacked)

The best. Kirk Thornton sucks as Shadow, even though he's a great voice actor.

Best voice actor

2 Jon Etheridge
3 Richard Griffiths

Shadow would need a British accent anyways & a lanky frame of 7 feet & 154 pounds.

4 Lloyd Ahlquist
5 Kouji Yusa

Half of these people on the list aren't even people who have voiced Shadow. Plus, you can't forget the Japanese voice for Shadow, you know. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

6 Mike Judge Michael Craig "Mike" Judge is an American actor, voice actor, animator, writer, producer, director, and musician.
7 Darren Walsh
8 Kieran Stark
9 David S. Humphrey

Yes, the first voice actor for Shadow.

The dude does the best voice! - YoshiPlayer15

10 Kirk Thornton

Kirk doesn't voice shadow that good I tried practising but no he isn't good. The Jason Griffith one is the best I can sound a lot like shadow

The Contenders

11 Zachary Levi
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