Top 10 Voice Actors Who Replaced Other Voice Actors

Voice actors who ended up replacing other voice actors usually due to circumstances or more often than not the death of another voice actor.

The Top Ten

1 Wayne Allwine Replacing Walt Disney as Mickey Mouse (Disney)

Although Jimmy MacDonald temporarily took over for Walt as the voice of Mickey Wayne Allwine would officially become the voice of Mickey Mouse in Mickey's Christmas Carol in 1983 up until his death in 2009. - egnomac

2 Jim Cummings Replacing Sterling Holloway as Winnie The Pooh (Winnie the Pooh)

Not only did he take over as the voice of Pooh but he also took over as the voice of Tigger originally voiced by Paul Winchell. - egnomac

3 Dan Castellaneta Replacing Robin Williams as Genie (Return of Jafar/ Aladdin TV Series)

Following the success with Aladdin Disney and Williams got into a contract dispute leading to Dan Castellaneta replacing Robin in the sequel and the T.V. series though he would return for the 3rd sequel. - egnomac

4 Blake Clark Replacing Jim Varney as Slinky (Toy Story 3)

The only voice actor who had to be replaced following Varney's death in 2000. - egnomac

5 Greg Baldwin Replacing Mako Iwamatsu as Iroh (Avatar The Last Airbender)

Greg Baldwin took over the role Iroh following Mako's death as the second season wrapped up. - egnomac

Greg Baldwin would also replace Mako Iwamatsu as Aku from Samurai Jack once Season 5 rolled around. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

6 Billy West Replacing John Kricfalusi as Ren Hoek (Ren and Stimpy)

Creator John K originally voiced Ren during the first two seasons and had a real rough relationship with Nickelodeon with them complaining of his cartoons being either too violent or too gross and he was notorious for missing deadlines following the episode Man's Best Friend John was fired and Billy West took over the role as Ren in the last 3 seasons. - egnomac

7 Jeff Bergman Replacing Mel Blanc as Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)
8 Tony Anselmo Replacing Clarence Nash as Donald Duck (Disney)
9 Ed Gilbert Replacing Phil Harris as Baloo (TaleSpin)

Originally Harris who had voiced Baloo in the original Jungle Book movie was set to voice Baloo again but it was decided he was too old to do the role and they brought in Ed Gilbert instead. - egnomac

10 David Tennant Replacing Alan Young as Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales)

The Contenders

11 Greg Baldwin Replacing Mako Iwamatsu as Aku (Samurai Jack)
12 Kristen Li Replacing Tara Strong as Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls)

But how? That was the reason why I hate this reboot! - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

13 Mike Myers Replacing Chris Farley as Shrek (Shrek)

Farley did 95% of the Voice acting for Shrek before his death. - egnomac

14 Molly C. Quinn Replacing Liza Jacqueline as Bloom (Winx Club)
15 Nicolas Cantu Replacing Jacob Hopkins and Logan Grove as Gumball Watterson (The Amazing World of Gumball)
16 Natalie Palamides Replacing Elizabeth Daily as Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls)

How dare they replace Elizabeth Daily, an awesome voice actress who can sing, with a teenage girl who can't even voice act at all? Her voice was a terrible choice for Buttercup, she tries so hard to sound tomboyish and sounds fake.

17 Tessa Auberjonois Replacing Mary Kay Bergman as Doctor Blight (OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes)
18 Jim Cummings Replacing Paul Winchell as Tigger (Winnie the Pooh)
19 Corey Burton Replacing Rip Torn as Zeus (Hercules the Animated Series)

Rip Torn passed away earlier this year so if Disney makes Hercules 2 or more episodes for Hercules the Animated Series Corey should be hired.

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