Best Voltage, Inc. Otome Games

Voltage, Inc. is known for putting out otome games (Japanese dating role-playing games) that make the ladies swoon. There are so many games and story lines... But which is the best?

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1 Love Letter From Thief X

5/5 stars! Definitely deserves to be number one on the list. I was trying to decide which voltage game to try, after this was ranked number one I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed! Very entertaining, the dialog is perfect, the choices of hot guys makes it almost hard to choose because they all have such interesting and different personalities (My personal favorite it Takuto because I'm really into tsunderes). The love scenes make me blush with the mixture of hot guys, slightly perverted dialog and closeup art, yet they're not very graphic or dirty at all (I personally find this a good thing, I'm not a fan of graphic love scenes in games).

The storyline is really unique and the guys really try to make you feel like you're a part of the team! The situations you and your love interest face throughout the game keeps you on the edge of your seat, I seriously can't get enough! The only thing I have to complain is that after playing, it kinda makes my life seem really ...more

I've play many voltage games and I always return to thief x after I get bored of the others. It is one of the older games, and lacking some serious TLC from voltage. The CHEMISTRY between the guys, guysxMC are superb. These boys grew up together and work together, yet they make effort to make feel like you are part of the gang as you play on... It's a very nice heart warming feeling. and you can't help but fall in love with each and everyone of their character design. Like every voltage game out there they make it known that they are in love with you without stepping on you and your guy's boundary and is often very comical about it.

Another thing I love about this game is the sex. The scenes make me giggle and blush. It is not just another romantic story, but a good mix of romantic/sex/comic, which I believe are ingredients to a great read.

Most of the chapters I bought left me very satisfied. Llftx is truly a underrated masterpiece.

One of the most unique story lines by far. You are banding together with thieves to recover artwork with sentimental meaning, which makes it feel at once wrong but so right. These are the sort of stories that get my heart pounding!

The story is so exciting and funny! The guys had me laughing out loud at some parts. All the guys are adorable, you can't go wrong! Kenshi is my personal favorite cause he's just so sweet :3

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2 Enchanted In the Moonlight

Your just a regular girl, working at a library. One night, you wake up under the 'red moon' with two guys waiting for you saying that you've 'awoken'. You wake up the next day and strange occurrences happen throughout the day where the 5 guys save you from. Later that night, they arrive at your home and tell you that you have special blood and you must make an agreement with one of them or you won't live to see the new day. Making the agreement means the guy you choose will protect you, but for a price. You must bear a child with this guy for it is to have great power. The normal love story that you wanted to have, is torn in shreds. In the end, evil ayakashi come to kill you and suck your blood and you finally choose which guy will protect you. (Unless you choose Samon, his route is different than the others.) This is such a great story! The music, the plot, the sad back stories...I love it all! I'm planning on buying all their routes which I never do. I promise you won't regret this ...more

My favorite voltage game because its fantasy type theme is really unique and entertaining! I never usually spend money on games, but I plan on buying all of the stories.

One of the best voltage apps I've read so far.

Completely in love with the traditional and mystical theme

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3 Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

The best Voltage game in my opinion. The guys are all gorgeous and so funny. Trust me, this game has the best guy group ever!

This is personally, my absolute most favorite of all Voltage's games. Whenever I get one of their other games, they just don't do it for me quite like KBTBB. I just love everything about this game, ESPECIALLY the characters and the dangerous situation.

It's such a realistic game! The language, the setting. I feel close to the character and it's like they are in front of me talking. Oh how I wish I could have one of them for real

The heroine is different from usual games and the guys each have interesting plots and characteristics. Can't get the game out of my mind!

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4 Kiss of Revenge

Special, deep story.

This game had me on the edge of my seat the whole time... well, it would if I was sitting in a seat, but I was playing this game into the night lying down in bed, not able to put my phone down. So enthralling... also very dramatic which happens to be just what I like!

The Main Character in this game is actually, in my opinion, the most interesting out of all the Voltage games coming for revenge and nothing else. She has a goal she is working for and all the routes explore different sides to the story and different endings to the same conflict. Not to mention how strong and dedicated the Main Character is, not letting anything get in her way unlike the other Mc's, who constantly need saving, and who constantly rely on everyone around them. The Mc in this game is a lone wolf and doesn't want anyone to depend on or save her and the Mc is what made me buy and play (and reply) all the routes in the game its just so gOOD! 11/10 would definitely recommend.

This game is the most mature and unique one out of their games. The main character has an aim in this game unlike most mcs---she came for revenge. It's very exciting and gets me at the edge of my seat when I read this story.

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5 Star Crossed Myth

It is very sweet and full of wonderful characters.

There is plenty of character development and no character is the same in the beginning and the end. Love changes them.

The story is dramatic, deep, and sweet, and the one who plays the game is bound to love at least one of the characters.

All the gods change throughout the story and it is because of LOVE! This game gives a perfect idea of the development of different emotions and their struggles through the eyes of different characters.

Big variety of characters to choose from, each with their own style. Plenty to appeal to lots of different people. Love this game!

Each route is so good. No matter what character you pick, they'll tug on your heart string and then just drown you in the feels.

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6 My Forged Wedding

Takamasa Saeki is bae

I just love this game... it's such a weird situation: a fake marriage, but it turns into an interesting romantic story no matter which guy you pick!

My first Voltage game, and I ended up buying all of Yamato's route before I even tried the other characters. My favorite game thus far!

This was my first Voltage Inc. otome! And I got so invested...all of the characters are super loveable, even aside the main 5. It's a more realistic setting, and you really do grow to love all the characters, even while you're not playing their route!

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7 True Love Sweet Lies

Absolutely amazing! I fell in love with Rui's route. He's the only one I picked but I think his side of the story is completely brilliant. I completed his story in a day. But I think it's just completely cute when he calls you Snuggles. Absolutely adorable. I recommend.

The MC was realistic and realatable...and especially love some of the answer choices! Guys were really sweet too. Not overly douchey etc Overall humorous storylines, though there are SOME plot holes but not too big...anyways, to sum it up, so far the top of my Voltage list. :D

8 10 Days With My Devil

This game is just so enticing because of the supernatural theme. There are demons and angels and you're a human caught in the middle of it... Exciting and romantic. What's not to like?

I have bought all of the stories on this app and have not regretted it one bit"

Shiki's story literally made me bawl my eyes out, it was so cute and romantic!

Amazing yas

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9 Be My Princess

All the princes' routes were amazing! I was so emerged it to their intriguing story lines! For some reasons, you stay at which ever prince you pick's castle/palace, there you must face many difficulties to finally have your long-awaited happy ending! If you had to choose any otome game, I would recommend this as the best one!

This game has the always tempting dream: to be a princess! Add to that the beautiful princes and the amazing dream-like quality of the story line... Absolutely awesome!

Love this one prince joshua is a babe

I love love it, I bought everyone's route and it was AWESOME, really recommended for people who wants to be a princess once in awhile, full of really dreamy but typical princy things

10 Be My Princess 2

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11 Metro PD: Close to You

I love this game ^ yeah like the previous person said it has replay value for days and it has a lot of stories on it due to being fairly popular. I just love the idea of being a cop solving crimes, sadly I'm too un-athletic for that in real life hahahha. This game has a lot of different types of men to romance such as the woman hating medical examiner or the elite 2nd unit cop Hanai - who is my personal favorite. Some of the routes even have different cases which is a plus.

Love the MC because she's a little more badass. The relationship with all the guys (not just the specific love interest) is really well done with some great banter scenes. Love this game!

Badass MC, Sexy guys, Action packed storyline and replay value for days!

Homura my favorite. Nice story line and I loved the guy. Hehe

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12 Our Two Bedroom Story

No that I don't like most of them but they all have jealous moments and you wish you can just wrap your arms around them

No matter which guy you pick, He ends up teasing you and loving you even if they will not admit it at first. This game has so much of my money it isn't funny. Kido is my favourite by far! Although he has two personas, when he loves you, he does it well

Love minato kaoru and chiaki I fell in love like

This game changed my life. I also loved Kido.

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13 Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

This game is just so sweet and nostalgic. Returning to your hometown after many years only to see that a lot has changed... especially with the guys there. It's realistic (well, as realistic as these sort of games can be) and sweet

Loved this it was my first official download from voltage and I've been a huge fan ever since.;) Loved loved loved Ryuzo. He acts so rough yet he is so clumsy at love.:) Because he's so dense when it comes to love it makes him that much cuter! I read his story over and over from the beginning to ten years later and still loved his character the most by far. Definitely a must read!

This is by far my favourite game and I'm not saying it since it was my first game. I loved the stories and the writing. The best I find is Ichigo cause is character for me has been the character that evolved personality wise. I totally recommend this game.

My first Voltage gamme :) So sweet and heartwarming

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14 Scandal In the Spotlight

I loved scandal in the spotlight. I downloaded it on another device after I lost it on the first and would totally buy the stories over again. My personal favorite is kota! :) he acts so cold and blunt but everything he does he does for the love of the heroine.:) Nagito was a close second, loved it because there were so many plot twists and all the way to the dramatic ending this one had me hooked. Won't spoil anything but his story was by far one of the most heart wrenching I have read from voltage. Many of the characters have their own appeal so you won't be disappointed whatever route you choose.

Love this! First Voltage game I've actually liked enough to purchase (before this I tried My Forged Wedding and Star Crossed Myth). I only need to purchase Ryo's route now! This game is absolutely worth every penny you spend on it. My personal favorite is Takashi, and his route felt like a slow-paced, slice of life romance, which I loved. His side stories are so adorable!

There's not a character in this game I dislike, and I'm an avid shoujo manga reader, so I think that says a lot :P

I don't spend a whole ton of money on voltage inc games, but I decided to really go for it this time! I really enjoy the music theme myself, since I am a huge fan of kpop and good visuals. I've only read Kyoheis route, but I think he's such a sweet guy I can't help buying more >< The sequel was so sweet Id reccomend it to everyone. I haven't read any of the other characters yet, sadly, but maybe if I stock up id like to go for kota. what a cutie lol

How was this not on the list already? SITS has a great plot and extremely hot guys. >.< It's incredibly interesting and the guys have adorable personalities.

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15 In Your Arms Tonight

Probably the most mature and realistic of all Voltage games. The story is not as straightforward as usual and it has so much drama! Love it!

None of the games were about a woman who has already been married! This game was interesting in a different way, and is raw, emotional, and dramatic in the best way.

I loved this game! I thought it was one of the most mature voltage games, and there were a lot of unique characters that I enjoyed.

It has so much drama with the girls husband cheating on her with another girl

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16 Irresistible Mistakes

This is a new voltage game, but I really like it! The main character is really honest, and I think the premise of a one night stand turning into something more is really unique! The characters are also really interesting, and I can't wait to play the rest of the routes.

This has quickly become my favourite because of the mature writing, the MC with a backbone (YES please DO IT MORE OFTEN), and realistic situations... OK I LIED. The top reason is the perfect being named Toma Kiriya in this game. Seriously. Best Voltage guy ever. I think I actually fell in love.

17 Bad Boys Do It Better

I think at first I did not like it but as I started to play more it got more and more interesting!

I think this should be number one because it has the hottest boys EVER

You get a lot of eps for your money and all the boys have such different personalities... so charming and well done

At first I thought it was extremely unoriginal with the whole 'oh no, I'm the only girl at an all boys school', but the routes were amazing. Especially Yu and Keiichiro or whatever.

18 Era of Samurai: Code of Love

The best one for me. I'm completly impress and speechless. Recommending you guys to read it.

The characters look great. There are lots of new sound effects and even some, (albeit simple), animations! The stories vary in quality depending on the route - I would recommend Okita and Hajime's routes as some of the best - but they are all pretty good.

I can't stress this enough... the whole thing just looks great! If you've played an older game (e.g My Forged Wedding) and compare it to CoL, it's cool to see how much the UI and everything has changed.

Even though the theme of samurai and the shinsengumi has been done to death in otome games *cough* Hakuouki *cough*, it was still entertaining and engaging. One of my favourites!

19 My First Last Kiss

Sharing the sweet memories by his side. I love this game!

20 Liar! Uncover the Truth!

LUTT is by far the one of the only Voltage games I was actually able to go through. A badass MC who kicks a liar's ass to the curb? Well count me in!

The lovers routes were extremely amazing as well! (Haruichi is my bae~) Good character development and storyline.

This game takes patience and time, but its really good! I loved how it was different to all the other games voltage has released. S levels are the best to get all endings and finding out the truth of why they lied to you!
Itaru is my absolute fave! I haven't finished the game, but I hope he isn't a liar!
Girls beware these liars are going to take your heart for a spin~! β™₯

21 After School Affairs

This one is super cute and always has me on the edge of my seat, somehow a forbidden romance is so exciting and even though it's not real I still feel the emotion that the girl I'm playing as.

I really enjoyed this one, I got all emotional and my heart was racing during the Shinichi route. But the route I was most excited to play turned out to be the most disappointing! Hidetaka's story, no spoilers, is just... not what I expected, in a bad way. Also the other guys seem not interesting enough (motorcycle guy? ) or just plain bizarre (the guy obsessed with Japanese history is just... TOO interesting. Weird...)
All in all I really liked the play through and your friend, Rika is silly and it's a cute otome. I like it!

I wish I would read and know the happy ending of season 3

What amazing they are!

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22 My Wedding and 7 Rings

I played this game because of Yamato, he was from MFW and I fell in love with him there and when I found out he's in 7 rings I knew I had to play it.

I did not purchase Yamato first though, I got Junta and I was blown away by the story, superb translation and the emotion roller coaster. The storyline was very mature and sad, I did not start falling hard for the character until the sequel, because I developed trust issue which he had to rebuild (yes with a fictional character. Bite me) his story was quite emotional for me so and his physical character design really match his personality. Junta got my heart thumping and I became a big fan of 7 rings because of him. Asahi's route wasn't my favorite but still a good read because the chemistry between him and the MC is quite comical.

I really recommend this game! Go try it out!

Love the true love route and the flirty guy. I bought all of those two guys and they were the cutest. Nice story lines

23 Pirates in Love

Honestly, at first all I could think of is THIS IS SO WEIRD. But then I really started liking it, and it's also a really funny game at times! There's action and adventure and obviously, romance. It's great!

Definitely the best especially Eduardos route where Alan falls for her:) also it's much more exciting then a lot if them, she's rescued a lot by him aha. One of my favourites along with mamoru s kissed by baddest bidder! Though still would like what Eduardo thinks singing nusery rhymes leads to :/

In live with Soshi. I can't get over him. I played his entire story line and then tried playing Captains but whenever Soshi appears on screen I'm sad its not his story

24 My Sweet Bodyguard

This is by far my favorite voltage game (I don't know how powerful my vote is because I haven't played very many games but oh well :D). You get to choose between many (dare I say very attractive? I do! ) very attractive males to protect you from people trying to kill you! I love all of the characters but my favorite by a landslide had to be Kaiji. Not only is his main story fantastic and super romantic, but so are the sequels! Especially the one with the crazed bomber, talk about 'til death do us part'! Kaiji teases a whole bunch and Sora is flirty and Subaru is nonchalant but enticing and Mizuki is so adorable and I could go on forever! (I just wish there was a story for Kenta because he seems sweet and really kind).

THIS WAS MY FIRST AND ALL TIME FAVORITE. THIS IS WHAT GOT ME TO READ SO MANY MORE! You can just feel everything in this story. All the emotion and bonding! My my I love it so much!

25 Her Love In the Force

You're in your job and then, you fall in love with a man. All the characters are amazing and the outcomes are far the best.

The MC isn't an idiot.

26 Butler Until Midnight

Butler until midnight is Awesome, romantic otome game, I haven't played many voltage games but this one is so good and romantic.. If you're especially into the romance between butler and the mistress, then it's highly recommended. Yuma is my favorite, he is so steamy especially in 2nd season's seductive ending, that literally brings lot of butterflies in your stomach.. Waiting for his 3rd season very badly.. It's worth a shot,try it..


27 A Knight's Devotion

Awesome game set in a different era! It adds a different sort of feel to the stories and honestly it's really exciting! You're actually a princess and now you have a knight to protect you! A medieval romance sort of feeling... Love it!

28 Finally, In Love Again

Everything the person before me commented was spot on! I love this game of Voltage. My top most one!

This is my absolute favorite game created by Voltage! I admit I was a little hesitant when I found out that all the guys are 8+ years younger then the MC (she's 35) because it isn't something I can relate to. But I was surprised to find myself enjoying playing this game. It's about a women who hasn't fallen in love in over 10 years because she's been so focused on her job. But on her 34th birthday, that all may change. After being fired from her job as a pastry chef, one of the guys who you can choose from (Aki Fujisaki) offers her a job at his shop, Larme. I had a hard time finding any problems with Finally, in Love Again. The guys are cute, funny, and sweet, I loved the plot, the scenes, and if I am correct, I don't think this has been done before, and most of all, I love the MC. I've heard a lot of people saying that they like the MC from Love Letter From Thief X the best and I agree, I like her too, but my favorite MC would definitely have to be from Finally, in Love Again. She's ...more

29 Our Private Homeroom

Only 3 guys so far but I’m so in love with Ryota Mochizuki πŸ’• people may hesitate since this involves a student and a teacher but I swear, they do nothing inappropriate in the main route and it’s not like what is on Wattpad. Also a real tearjerker! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Hands down to the writer. The MC is real good!

30 Office Secrets
31 Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY

Absolutely the strangest named of the Voltage App and it's overly corny dialogue in the first facebook ad I saw for the app had me skeptical. But I love voltage's otome games and as this one was one of it's longest running game, I figured I'd try it out... AND I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!

The only voltage game I have found that you can enjoy completely, 100% free. 'Love Passes' are granted daily and allow you to continue the story with your selected samurai without ever spending a dime on the game. This does limit binge reading a story to completion, but makes it an excellent game to play while waiting for other Voltage game to update storylines.

And Voltage took great time and effort to make this Samurai era game accurate! Many of the characters are based on real historical figures and their storylines reflect as much; deaths, battles and locations matching up perfectly to the facts (Like Lord Nobunaga's burning of Mt. Hiei and the subsequent betrayal of a certain friend). ...more

32 Mystic Messenger
33 Kiss Me On Clover Hill
34 Serendipity Next Door

Serendipity Next Door is easily one of Voltage's most underrated game. For some reason people sleep on it, but the stories are well-written and the characters are so endearing. More people should give this a chance.


35 Dangerous Seduction

If you like going for the older mature guy this one has the perfect storyline for you. 9/10 for Kentaro's storyline.

I really like dangerous seduction stories! Yasumi Arimura story is just awesome so does other stories! Love it!

36 Sakura Amidst Chaos
37 Seduced in the Sleepless City

One of voltage incs much older games, but Mirai is one of my absolute favourite characters! Its not everyday I spend 6.20 on a story, but when I saw a glimpse of Mirai.. I went all out lol. I haven't read any on the other routes, but I'm pretty sure one of them is on YT? Anyway, I simply wanted to reccomend Mirai since he's so sweet and full of suprises.. God, I love him so much

38 First Love Diaries

I love it a lot it is wonderful how u get amazing happy feelings when reading the story and how it wants u to read more I am totally addited to it I read all the voltage games and I can't wait for more

This game is AMAZING! I love the highschool aspect, it's adorable especially since the MC has never dated before... her first relationship ends up being her last! This game got my heart pounding out of my chest so often, I love it. I've purchased 3 routes, sequels as well, and I do not regret spending my money on each of them one bit! I chose Nao Fujimori, Yuya Abe and Mahiro Nanase, these boys are all to die for! They all love you to death and want to make you happy while dealing with their own personal struggles. I would DEFINITELY try this game if you haven't yet.. I love it and am going to purchase a 4th route tonight! >~<! Much love!

39 Class Trip Crush

This game is just super cute and fun! Nothing more to it! It's set during high school so all the characters are younger than usual... but that's what makes it even more fun!

This is a sweet high school romance. Can't go wrong with that! I've bought all the guys and they're all memorable. Kanji is still my favorite though!

My favourite one, I love all the characters! Kanji is defy my favorite!

40 Sleepless Cinderella: Party

I love it so much it brings butterfly in my stomach the only problem is the missions u have to complete it takes me days to complete it

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