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21 My Sweet Bodyguard

This is by far my favorite voltage game (I don't know how powerful my vote is because I haven't played very many games but oh well :D). You get to choose between many (dare I say very attractive? I do! ) very attractive males to protect you from people trying to kill you! I love all of the characters but my favorite by a landslide had to be Kaiji. Not only is his main story fantastic and super romantic, but so are the sequels! Especially the one with the crazed bomber, talk about 'til death do us part'! Kaiji teases a whole bunch and Sora is flirty and Subaru is nonchalant but enticing and Mizuki is so adorable and I could go on forever! (I just wish there was a story for Kenta because he seems sweet and really kind).

22 Her Love In the Force

You're in your job and then, you fall in love with a man. All the characters are amazing and the outcomes are far the best.

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23 After School Affairs

This one is super cute and always has me on the edge of my seat, somehow a forbidden romance is so exciting and even though it's not real I still feel the emotion that the girl I'm playing as.

I really enjoyed this one, I got all emotional and my heart was racing during the Shinichi route. But the route I was most excited to play turned out to be the most disappointing! Hidetaka's story, no spoilers, is just... not what I expected, in a bad way. Also the other guys seem not interesting enough (motorcycle guy? ) or just plain bizarre (the guy obsessed with Japanese history is just... TOO interesting. Weird...)
All in all I really liked the play through and your friend, Rika is silly and it's a cute otome. I like it!

Loved this one! Went through their prologues and found it hard to pick which's true that there were some characters that were more "meh", but that just made it easier to pick which routes I wanted to play! And I have to say, I teared up when playing Rikiya Monotobe's route (motorcycle guy)!

24 A Knight's Devotion

Awesome game set in a different era! It adds a different sort of feel to the stories and honestly it's really exciting! You're actually a princess and now you have a knight to protect you! A medieval romance sort of feeling... Love it!

25 Butler Until Midnight

Butler until midnight is Awesome, romantic otome game, I haven't played many voltage games but this one is so good and romantic.. If you're especially into the romance between butler and the mistress, then it's highly recommended. Yuma is my favorite, he is so steamy especially in 2nd season's seductive ending, that literally brings lot of butterflies in your stomach.. Waiting for his 3rd season very badly.. It's worth a shot,try it..

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26 Liar! Uncover the Truth! V 1 Comment
27 Finally, In Love Again V 1 Comment
28 Office Secrets
29 Kiss Me On Clover Hill
30 First Love Diaries

I love it a lot it is wonderful how u get amazing happy feelings when reading the story and how it wants u to read more I am totally addited to it I read all the voltage games and I can't wait for more

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31 Sakura Amidst Chaos
32 Serendipity Next Door
33 Sleepless Cinderella: Party

I love it so much it brings butterfly in my stomach the only problem is the missions u have to complete it takes me days to complete it

34 Class Trip Crush

This game is just super cute and fun! Nothing more to it! It's set during high school so all the characters are younger than usual... but that's what makes it even more fun!

This is a sweet high school romance. Can't go wrong with that! I've bought all the guys and they're all memorable. Kanji is still my favorite though!

My favourite one, I love all the characters! Kanji is defy my favorite!

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