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1 Keith

It's a hard decision between Keith and lance, but in the end, I have to choose keith. He's such an interesting character, and i. an identify with him perfectly. Watching his journey from an undisciplined cadet to the dignified leader of voltron touched me so much, and I really think that he should be first. No hate to lance, you're awesome too!

I really enjoy Voltron. I love their sound effects, their animations, drawings, characters, but most of all Keith. He's like the anime, male version of me. We are both loners, quiet, and in the dar and we both have problems communicating with the outside world.

I love his introspective nature and how much he cares for the people he loves. His willingness to do what is right at his own personal cost endears him so much to me.

Loved watching Keith develop from a standoffish, a bit rude, distant guy, to a more friendly, mature and slightly more open person.Can definitely relate to him and his struggle of opening up to people. - Whatever28

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2 Lance

He (is the most popular character)

I love Lance I can relate to him so easily. I am always the eccentric, erratic, and zealous person in my friend group lol

Lance is without a doubt the best character.

Lance is just such a relatable character. He doesn’t have the advanced character arcs or major roles but he is still someone that everyone loves. There is also the fact that he is, in my personal theories, probably very insecure. Think about it, he was rejected by black, he has no interesting or unique ability, and Keith dropping out is the only reason he became a pilot! But he is still so strong and funny and kind. He needs a larger character arc, I think it should be through his insecurities or maybe a little Langst. He is such an amazing character, it’s sad to see he doesn’t have his arc already.

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3 Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane

Very complex character who I can relate to the most out of the five Paladins.

I personally think Shiro is the best character.

Number 1 daddy

I love that he is so brave.

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4 Katie "Pidge" Holt

Pidge has a wonderful backstory and even better character development. I enjoyed watching her grow throughout the series, and the scenes with her family really showed how much she's changed since then. I mean, the girl was willing to completely hide her identity, sneak into a space program, and lie to countless people just because she 'had a feeling' that her brother and dad were still alive! That takes guts. Would you travel across the universe for family members who may not even be still alive? Well, Pidge decided to without hesitation. It was so interesting watching her struggle through it all, from deciding between trying to find her brother or staying with Voltron, to what she did when she thought Matt was dead. She is a beautifully written character, and certainly my favorite one!

Pidge doesn't get enough respect for half the stuff she does. Like I could stand here all day, and still not be able to list all the things she's done to help the team, pull them out of a pinch, or upgrade Voltron. Not to mention Pidge is so cute >.<

Great to see a smart, strong female lead in a show for all ages! Love her, not to mention what a great example she is! Not even I have the guts to go all the way across the universe for my family.

I love pidge and her personality how smart and strong she is and still is so cute

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5 Prince Lotor

Honestly, he has such great character potential, and he is not boring to watch!

6 Witch Haggar
7 Princess Allura

I've never seen this show but I'm voting for her specifically because my friend told me not to

Cause she is the best

This should have more votes! Allura has had so much character development! She’s a true leader and such a queen!

Bitchface needs to get killed off. - Whatever28

8 Emperor Zarkon

Zarkon is literal bae

9 Hunk

He's a precious boi that deserves the world

My child needs to be higher on this list

Why is this precious boi so low? Especially after s7, when he got so much character development!? Hunk is a sweet cinnamon roll that deserves more than this!


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10 Coran

CoRaN iS uNdErrated. ApPrCiAtE hIm.



"Coran, Coran, the Gorgeous Man!
cOrAn, CoRaN, tHe GoRgEoUs MaN! "

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11 Sendak
12 Matt Holt

When watching Matt it goes from
My child

He's a king put him higher!

YOUU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! That moment made me uncomfortable for two months after season 4 came out because Allura belongs with Lancey Lance (no offense to Klance shippers I have nothing against you and some of my best friends are Klance shippers and this is just my opinion) but now it makes me crack up every time. Plus if I had a big brother I would want him to be like Matthew mah Boi

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13 Macidus
14 Lieutenant Haxus
15 Commander Prorok
16 Lieutenant Thace
17 Narti

She didn't deserve it

18 Klance

Klance is such a good character, I ship him with Kaltenecker

19 Krolia

The mother of Keith Kogane in VLD

20 Zethrid
21 Kaltenecker
22 Sven
23 Thace
24 Shay
25 Ezor

Only the most wife-material character

26 Acxa

She saved Keiths frigging life in season five. What more do you need?

Oh, and I’m pretty sure she’s, like, Keith’s sister or something.

27 Slav
28 Pidge's Dad

He's ok

29 Bii-Boh-Bi
30 James Griffin

Oh gosh... I love this character to death even though he didn't have a whole lot of screen time. What is better than AJ playing an awesome character (Lotor) then coming back and playing another awesome character (Griffin)?

31 Lukas Philips

Get out Lance! He belongs to Keith

32 Romelle

Just always tampers with their shaky logic

33 Commander Trugg
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