Top Ten Best Voltron: Legendary Defender Characters


The Top Ten

1 Lance

He (is the most popular character)

Is there any doubt?

2 Keith

Keith I'd such a good fighter and he really cares for the team he had a really tough past and he never gives up

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Who Keith looks like-
A mean; selfish brat that hates everything and has no respect for anyone or anything whatsoever.

Who Keith really is-
A loving softie that loves a lot of things, has respect for almost anyone and has a past that can inspire anyone that it doesn't matter what background you were raised in, it's personality that matters.

3 Katie "Pidge" Holt

Pidge doesn't get enough respect for half the stuff she does. Like I could stand here all day, and still not be able to list all the things she's done to help the team, pull them out of a pinch, or upgrade Voltron. Not to mention Pidge is so cute >.<

Great to see a smart, strong female lead in a show for all ages! Love her, not to mention what a great example she is! Not even I have the guts to go all the way across the universe for my family.

Pidge is super cool!
I like all main characters (most of the time), but my #1 problem with most books is that the main character/strongest character is a BOY!
not to mention pidge is amazing

4 Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane

I wanna eat corans moustache

5 Hunk
6 Princess Allura
7 Coran

"Coran, Coran, the Gorgeous Man!
cOrAn, CoRaN, tHe GoRgEoUs MaN! "

8 Emperor Zarkon
9 Witch Haggar
10 Prince Lotor

The Contenders

11 Matt Holt

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12 Sven
13 Ezor

Only the most wife-material character

14 Slav
15 Kaltenecker
16 Shay
17 Pidge's Dad

He's ok

18 Thace
19 Sendak
20 Narti

She didn't deserve it

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