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1 Keith

Whenever I watch a new show, I immediately find who my favorite character is and I was not at all disappointed with choosing Keith! He is such a fantastic character with great development, struggles that are relatable (Lance has some really relatable ones too by the way), family issues that he tries to deal with, and really well fleshed out relationships with his team members. He is awkward around others, has trouble working with people rather than fighting them, has a temper, and deep at his core is a lonely little boy trying his best to find a place in this world without either of his parents guiding him. I feel that while no one will ever be as great and dynamic a character as Zuko is, I know that Keith is close behind him. Keith is such a great character in plenty of ways, and I am so happy to see that he is at the top of this list! And just so you know, Hunk is my second favorite! I mean come on people! Show the boy some love!

I relate the most to Keith! His character is so well put together and something I would never expect from DreamWorks. He may be a jerk sometimes but he has been through a lot.

I really don't have a big reason other then I love the way dreamworks built his character and the way his character is so much like me. I agree with the list of characters a lot. Overall he is my smol bean that is just to awesome not to love!

He's the best character!

I feel like Keith deserves to be the best he's through a rough past

2 Lance

He needs A LOT more recognition. Most relatable 10/10, also lots of character development from being selfish and childish to mature, I also love allurance.
Ever since I first saw him I knew he's be my favorite, and no not just because he's hot lol.
He's amazing and a well-designed character. Better than Keith in my opinion.

Lance is a highly underrated character. He acts like the flirty jokester, but we see scenes where he's homesick (and one where he's crying! ), yet he pushes all his insecurities and doubts of ever returning home aside for the sake of the team. That deserves some respect. His self-deprecating modesty under all the ego-boosting comments is truly remarkable and I don't see why he isn't appreciated more.

Such an underrated characters that deserves more recognition than he gets. He's a relatable character with insecurities and doubts yet pushes past them for him team. When it all boils down to it, he would sacrifice himself for them(just like keith). Besides that, he's quirky and funny and he always manages to put a smile on my face. Just wish he could've gotten that smile he gave me each time I watched the show.


3 Katie "Pidge" Holt

First place in my heart

She is so great where is her number one


Pidge has a wonderful backstory and even better character development. I enjoyed watching her grow throughout the series, and the scenes with her family really showed how much she's changed since then. I mean, the girl was willing to completely hide her identity, sneak into a space program, and lie to countless people just because she 'had a feeling' that her brother and dad were still alive! That takes guts. Would you travel across the universe for family members who may not even be still alive? Well, Pidge decided to without hesitation. It was so interesting watching her struggle through it all, from deciding between trying to find her brother or staying with Voltron, to what she did when she thought Matt was dead. She is a beautifully written character, and certainly my favorite one!

4 Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane

He's cute with that puff of white hair.He's also a great and responsible leader unlike Keith although Keith''s leadership and team effort changed throughout the series so bravo for him. though Shiro deserves to be at the top

I like his hair

sPaCe dAd

I love that he is so brave.

5 Prince Lotor

Lotor deserves to loved by allura

He's intelligent, graceful, and eventually tragic. He's a fantastically written character as well, and he's one of those characters that even if you dislike them, you can't help but respect them.

He's a very tragic character, and his deceptive nature keeps one on one's toes. Having both Galran and Altean blood makes him quite an interesting character, as having traits from each seem to be both a benefit and a hindrance, depending on the situation.

He was a very interesting character, I would say an 'Loki of Voltron'.
His actions were engaining to watch and he could be very convincing too, wish he stayed a little longer.

Also who can resist that L'Oréal Paris hair?

6 Hunk

How is this dude not first, I mean COME ON

This bOI is KING
Give HIM YoUR Love Folks

Hunk is probably the best character(in my opinion) because he is just so friendly and sweet plus he can make some great food.

My child needs to be higher on this list

7 Princess Allura

I had a love-hate relationship with Allura. I'm Really sad that she died at the end cause her and Lance were so cute together! But sometimes she could be annoying and I didn't really like the fact that she became a paladin of Voltron. I liked it better when she was just in the castle. - WoolyRaccoon

Mm I didn't hate her but she's kind of... You know the Piper McLean archetype? Yeah.

Whoever said she needs to get killed off, I hate you. She's such a great character!

I hated her. Glad she died on the shows finale - GlassweighanCountess

8 Witch Haggar

Honerva's still my favourite character

I love my tiefling witch please love me back Haggar I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

9 Emperor Zarkon

Madara/Thanos (voice actor and looks).BEUTIFUL SON.

Zarkon is literal bae

Ahhh ya I love Zarkon lick me daddy

10 Coran

He is a funny and overall great character that brings light to ever situation. Whilst I do like the other characters nothing can beat Coran Coran the gorgeous man!

Coran coran the cortius man

CORAN CORAN THE GORGEOUS MAN(Pidge, Lance, and Keith are amazing, too, but that's my favorite quote so how could I pass up the opportunity? )

(Actually I like Keith, Pidge, or Lance, but I really wanted to say that)


The Contenders

11 Matt Holt

When watching Matt it goes from
My child

He's a king put him higher!

YOUU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! That moment made me uncomfortable for two months after season 4 came out because Allura belongs with Lancey Lance (no offense to Klance shippers I have nothing against you and some of my best friends are Klance shippers and this is just my opinion) but now it makes me crack up every time. Plus if I had a big brother I would want him to be like Matthew mah Boi

Wattpad @mattholt_



12 Sendak
13 Macidus
14 Krolia

She's Keith's badass mom

The mother of Keith Kogane in VLD

15 Lieutenant Haxus
16 Commander Prorok
17 Lieutenant Thace
18 Klance

The ships have won

Klance is such a good character, I ship him with Kaltenecker

19 Narti

She didn't deserve it

20 Romelle

She should be one - GlassweighanCountess

Just always tampers with their shaky logic

21 Kosmo
22 Zethrid
23 Kaltenecker
24 Thace
25 Sven
26 Bii-Boh-Bi


Uuhh I love Bii-Boh-Bi! He's one of those characters you think is so cute and funny but you don't know why! - WoolyRaccoon

Bii-Boh-Bi is adorable... I love him.

27 Acxa

She saved Keiths frigging life in season five. What more do you need?

Oh, and I’m pretty sure she’s, like, Keith’s sister or something.

28 Lukas Philips

Get out Lance! He belongs to Keith

29 Slav

He is absolutely hilarious

30 Shay

I totally Ship Shay and Hunk! - WoolyRaccoon

31 Ezor

Only the most wife-material character

32 Pidge's Dad

He's ok

33 James Griffin

Oh gosh... I love this character to death even though he didn't have a whole lot of screen time. What is better than AJ playing an awesome character (Lotor) then coming back and playing another awesome character (Griffin)?

34 Commander Trugg
35 Bandor


36 Veronica

She is great.

37 My Fursona

In my fifty chapter fanfic, my fursona, GrimmRose, was by far the best character. Don’t know why they aren’t already on the list.

38 Black Lion
39 Space Caterpillars

They are just so cute. They are so fuzzy and are Pidge’s lil friends who love abd support her and live in her room.

40 Bakuhoe

He’s a great paladin

41 Green Lion
42 Throk

Even after his humiliating defeat, he stood by the Galra empire and defended his post, fighting til the end. His technique is flawless

43 The Red Lion

Because it’s flown by the first beat character in Voltron and then soon the second.

Red Lion because it’s honestly my favourite colour out of all of them and my two favourite people go fly it

44 Voltron
45 Nadia Rizavi
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