Top Ten Best Vortex Nerf Guns


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1 Proton

The best ever has the best hold and the best firing

Worst gun ever hard to load and it only fires one perforce reloading

Shoots VERY far, and looks sweet! Get this gun if you want a vortex gun.

My brother has the proton

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2 Praxis

By far this is best nerf vortex gun, my brother has a proton and I got the praxis, we tested them and praxis won all the tests, it's better then the proton and deserves number 1

The best gun for ammo! Has very fast fire rate and accuracy, light and easy to carry. Best one! Better than proton

Easy handle nice slam fire and very accurate!

The best of the best

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3 Moatron

Not a Real gun.

4 Pirateshot
5 Nltron

It totally worths fifty dollars with scope eighteen disc clip. the scope is glow in the dark and have a light

Good scope and automatic, with a grip and a ton of ammo

The scope is off but the disc are acurate and love that it is fully automatic

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6 Pyragon

Paragon is the best nerf disc nerf gun. It should be the number one it has more bullets than any disc nerf gun!

Amazing capacity fire rate and ranges. Don't know about the accuracy but amazing

Best gun ever. Holds so much ammo and shoots really quickly. Great gun.

Great range and disc capacity.

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7 Nerf Vigilon

Great Gun, good range

Real good power but low accuracy. :I

Super fun to use.

8 Revonix360

I think the revonix should be number one it comes with 30 discs and holds 5 at one time

I have one, never jams, crazy accuracy and distance, slam fire is awesome.

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9 Winner
10 Firefly

The Contenders

11 Nerf Diatron

2 darts at once and extreme long range.

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