Top Ten Walking Dead Characters That Might Die Is Season 5

The most likely people to die during season 5 of the Walking Dead.

The Top Ten

1 Glenn

I'm kind of getting tired of the whole Glenn and Maggie thing. Also, Steven Yuen was seen leaving the set while hugging people and shaking people's hands. - texans14

2 Carol

Carol doesn't have much to live for. She lost her daughter and both of her adopted daughters. So I could definitely see her dying at some point in season 5. - texans14

3 Gareth

Gareth and Terminus will not last until the end of season 5. Rick's group will get on the road to Washington pretty soon, and I don't think any of Terminus will go with them. - texans14

4 Sasha

She's a survivor, but I don't think Terminus will be easy on her. I think she'll be a casualty of Terminus. - texans14

5 Beth

In the episode where her and Daryl went to the country club, Daryl saved Beth too many times to count. She's not a very good survivor. I think it's likely that she dies in season 5. - texans14

6 Bob

He's new, so they may or may not kill him this season, but he hasn't exactly proved himself yet. - texans14

7 Morgan

Robert Kirkman announced that Morgan will appear in season 5. This time, I think they will kill Morgan. Expect Rick and Michonne to be witnesses. - texans14

8 Abraham

If they introduce the saviors this season, Abraham might die at the hands of Negan or Dwight. - texans14

9 Tara

She seems kind of weak at times, plus she doesn't have much to live for because she lost her family. - texans14

10 Maggie

It's very unlikely that she will die this season, but if I'm right and they kill Glenn, I could see it. - texans14

The Contenders

11 Daryl
12 Rick
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