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Carol Peletier is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Melissa McBride in the American television series of the same name.


I love Carol because we got to watch her grow into the strong, badass woman that she is. We are introduced to her in season 1: she's a quiet mouse of a character who suffers domestic violence. Then, due to events and circumstances around her, she slowly grows and develops into, in my opinion, the strongest character in the show. She's willing to make the extremely tough decisions necessary to keep the people she cares about safe. I just love how we have been able to watch her grow. Her character and story are also very believable, which we don't see with some of the other characters.

There's no real contest. Carol is the best character because she's the most developed character with a fascinating persona. She's cold and calculating, but compassionate and will do whatever it takes to survive. This is why she's survived longer than any other female on the show. She's cold, calculating and a total heroic warrior. She plays it down by pretending she's a meek housewife to Alexandria like she used to be. She is wonderful and so is Melissa McBride.

Carol is the best and most fascinating character simply because she's able to do what other characters won't do. We really get a sense that she wants to live, and the decisions she make leave us speechless... The Grove for example. Also, she felt like a completely different character in the beginning before she shaped into a pragmatic warrior. All kudos to Melissa McBride, the woman who dominates this show.

The greatest character in the show's history and one of the best characters ever made played by an amazing actress. She's the longest living female and a far better character than Daryl who has become stale and dull. She was a meek and abused housewife and now she's lost her whole family and is a one woman army with resourceful survival skills. To be brief, she was first seen washing up and doing laundry, and in season 5, she just blew up a cannibal death compound single-handedly and saved everyone on the show.

By far the best character. In the first two season she annoyed me. But season 3 she started to grow on me. And from season 4 she was the best. She is the strongest character in the show and is willing to do whatever it takes to save the group. If it weren't for her Rick and the rest would be dead. Then Carol takes out the wolves and some saviors by Herself. No character is as good as her. And hopefully she survives a lot longer

Clever, tough and smart. She gets the job done. Yes, I agree she is the most developed character. From the moment She bashed her husband's head to pulp to saving her" family "from terminus to playing Suzie homemaker and putting problem people, including nosy little boys in their place. Yet she obviously has a kind heart. Indicated in the episode where she had to end Lizzie.

Carol needs to be be one, two or three--she is a much better decision-maker than is Rick. Rick gets too hot and emotional. Carol can keep it together (I love when she threatened the kid with being tied to a tree if he told on her--or when she told him to "get over it" after his dad was killed). She is a realist--but you know she cares (having not kill the little crazy sister in the field). Rick doesn't really listen to others and too often tires to act unilaterally--Michonne has called him on that a few times.

Carol has shown wonderful growth of strength of character throughout the series. She is an inspiring role model for us women "of a certain age"...showing the world that women in middle age can be tough, resourceful, have incredible inner strength and the ability to gain wisdom from the travails of life. Go Carol...kick ass and take names later!

Carol sums up the goodness that the group fights for, she is so loving, kind but is an ass kicker when she needs to be. She embodies the hope and love that the world has left to offer. She's quiet and clever and all the controversial things she has done has just been motivated by the love she has for everyone close to her

Great character so strong long live carol

Carol has had the biggest evolution on this show. She came from an abused house wife to a strong leader. She can take care of herself and does things for the best of her group. She has a nurturing and badass element to her. Carol is the best!

She's amazing, she turned into such a badass woman! who would've imagined it when you met her in the first season! I'm pretty sure we were all like "she's never gonna make it" and now, look at her, she saved everybody from the Terminus on HER OWN, and saved Alexandria too! she's just awesome!

Carol is my favorite character. She is who I would want to be if I were living in the world of the walking dead. She shows strength, good decision making, great survival skills, compassion, and can make great cookies out of practically nothing! She rocks gray hair and the show is better because if her.

As many others have stated, she has had excellent character progression. She went from a fairly skittish and emotional woman to one of the most fearless of the group. I hope she stays around til the end the group needs this bad ass lady.

Carol is the most badass character of the entire series. She has the most amazing character arc. She goes from a weak "church mouse" into a hardened combat veteran. She is cold blooded with compassion. If there was anyone I would want as a leader it would be her.

She is obviously the best character just because of her radical changes, she take advantage of everything to become stronger and do not depend on other people anymore. She's a real survivor... LONG LIVE CAROL

I can't believe this is even a question. Without a doubt Carol is the best character because she is the most dynamic character changing from a weak and quiet abused wife to a force not to be reckoned with. She is the best actor by far and is what makes the show for me and many others.

Carol is by far the best. At first you don't get to know much about her character. But she's gone through so much and has become a strong person. Probably one of the strongest in the group. She's always there for them like when she saved them all. I hope she survives for a very long time

Carol should be higher! Shes amazing she's been a victim of domestic violence killed challenge lost her loved ones and still the most amazing character. I love how she fakes to be wimpy in Alexandria she's awesome! Good job Melissa McBride for making us love Carol

Carol has shown the biggest character development out of everyone. She started off as a mouse-like woman being abused by her husband. These days, she's kick ass. She doesn't wait around for people to help her, she gets up and fights for herself and her "family".

She makes the hard decisions and is built for this world. She's adapted the most from being vulnerable and helpless to what she is now. Not only that, but I believe that Melissa is the best actress on the show.

Carol is in my opinion the best written character on the show, her character development is incredible and Melissa McBride is a phenomenal actress.

Carol is my favourite because she signifies best to what it means to go from being a victim inside and out to becoming a fearless killer. There's no grey areas with her and I love the fact she is truly capable of surviving on her own or with others.

I honestly hated Carol for the first 2 seasons, but that opinion has completely changed on her. She is so strong now, she's confident, yet she still has a heart. She is defiantly the kind of person I would want to be stuck in a zombie apocalypse in.

She and Rick have the best character development. She went from a weak annoying abused woman, who was afraid to step up to her ass of a husband, to a badass who is willing to kill zombies AND people. Really awesome.