Daryl Dixon

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Daryl is a modern day Superman. He knows how to kill zombies, villains and other undesirables. He's constantly saving people! He's a super quick thinker and gets out of the scariest and most insane situations! He has the perfect skills (powers) to survive. He's not egotistic and knows how to be a team player. He's a badass but what's most endearing is how much he cares about people... From the effort to find Sophie, Beth and risking his life to return insulin for unknown girl. We love Daryl because he's the type of man, friend, brother, husband, son we'd all love to have in our lives! If Darling dies WE RIOT!

He knows how to fight and is good at tracking. He cut open a zombies stomache to see what it had been eating. If you ask me that is really hardcore stuff. Also he is also a really good aim with his crossbow. He is very attractive which also brings more attention to him. He has changed from being like his brother to being a good man. Remember the scene when helped a family. The man was surrounded by walkers and the baby and mother were stuck in a car surrounded by walkers. The baby was crying which was even attracting more walkers. Merle told him that it was not worth it to help them but he went on and helped them escape. Even though he could not understand what they were saying because they were speaking a different language he still helped them.

He is the perfect mix of a big hearted man, but an absolute killing machine if needed. The devotion to the group is unequal, and he will protect them at all costs, and doesn't want to lose anyone else. From a horrible childhood to a controlling evil brother, he has risen above it all to be his own man, being completely true to himself. He feels the losses of his "family" deeply, and will put himself in peril to prevent this from happening. Just the best role on this show, and it would leave a gaping hole if lost that the show could never fill

I have only just started watching and am currently on episode 8 of season 1, but I already really love and admire this character. Taking into account that most of the characters for me are intolerable, Daryl is what is keeping me from totally quitting the show. I dislike almost all the females and sometimes Shane just kind of scares me. Hopefully overtime I will learn to love more of the characters, but for now, Daryl is my favorite, and deserves to stay at the #1 spot. - SnowPhoenix

Perfect character played by the perfect actor.
Daryl is a character with multiple layers. His unwavering loyalty to his new apocalyptic family forms part of the heart of the show. He doesn't need people as he is capable to survive on his own.
His willingness to stay in Alexandria for the sake of Carl and Judith and the group even though he didn't feel at home shows how much he cares, despite his gruff attitude.

He has been through hell before the apocalypse and during yet it has never changed him for the worse.

Bad ass character! Hope he makes it all the way

He is so perfectly suited to the ZA, and his evolution over these 7 seasons is nothing short of amazing! Norman Reedus is a superb actor, and he has brought Daryl Dixon to stunning life, and made him a beloved and admired character to millions of fans. In my opinion, Daryl is so perfectly suited to this life, that he should definitely never, ever be killed off. It would be a terrible loss to the show, and I believe a terrible mistake that the show would never recover from. Long live Daryl Dixon.

Seeing him cry broke my heart. He's Badass though and he's really shown what it takes to survive. He does show a soft side for Judith 'lil ass-kicker. He makes you laugh but he isn't comic relief he is important. If this man dies I will riot.

Daryl is my favorite character. He is amazing, cute, also you can count on him. He knows how to survive. He works as a team then just killing people he doesn't like. He things about things and how it will effect the future. He changes by the people he meets. At the beginning he was like his brother. Then he met Rick and the others.

One of the most best characters ever put onto The Walking Dead. Survivor, thoughtful when he can be, cares for children, proof is in Judith and Sophie, he is tough, dangerous, and yet more deeper than any other character within the show. Definitely has a heart of gold, Daryl do not waste that heart of gold of yours.

Daryl my favourite character because even though he's badass and stuff, he still looked so hard for Sophia and was very determined not to lose hope. He's perfect for surviving and really knows how to fight. He can manage things on his own and I think he's the mentally strongest character there. Even without Merle, he copes well and doesn't lose his mind.

He's just one of those characters you learned to love early on. He has this redneck appearance but what makes him stand out is he has a really strong character even though his brother made him stray at times. He is also loyal to the others in the group, he saved their asses at times. Hopefully he doesn't get killed though

Daryl Dixon is a kick ass guy who cares about the good of the group and is a great fighter and tracker. I hope they don't kill him off because they would use a lot of viewers and popularity would decrease. personally, I think he's an okay guy and should stay at least until people loose interest.

Most Bad ass guy in the show. Got shot in the head and lived, used an arrow pulled from hi gut to shoot a zombie, and beat a guy up with a zombie head. Etc. He's like a wild animal at heart no matter how compassionate he gets in the show, which I really admire. To him the apocalypse is nothing new.

He's just the one person out of all that I would want to be with in a world like that. Totally understand where he's coming from and he knows of to be a bad as when needed and of to dial it back as well. I hope they never end this character because that is the day I stop watching...

Love how he came from being a hostile red neck to a fighter and defender of his group. Doesn't mince words and is loyal to those near him. Sort of guy who became a man in the worst possible circumstances. What I really loved about Daryl is how he finally found a family who love him and respect him.

Daryl Dixon is the coolest character hands down! My zombie apocalypse motto would be Be Calm and hide behind Daryl Dixon. Although that did not work out for Beth. The Daryl and Merle duo was pretty sick. Daryl is such a beast his best moment was when he blew up the tank! - 19daryldixon

He's tough, he's funny, he's a survivor, he's acting, he's talented at what he does, he cares about the kids in the group, he cries when we know he should, he's serious and brave we we want him to be, he's strong without being invincible against the new world, he's Daryl squirrel-eating, crossbow-firing, friend-helping, leather vest-donning, tank-grenading, brother-loving Dixon.

Daryl is the best character on the walking dead because he is the redneck who speaks his mind and knows his ways and follows then. He works good with others in a group and will do anything to survive and save others during the Apocalypse. IF DARYL DIES WE RIOT! He is and always will be the best character and hottest.

I like the new motto, "If Daryl dies, we RIOT! " Or, if Daryl dies, the show is done. If Daryl dies, the writers must die! If Daryl dies, others don't matter. The only time I shed tears watching TWD was when Daryl ran to Carol after they destroyed Terminus and the way he hugged Carol was like a little boy being reunited with his long lost mother. This badest badass character in TWD has also the most tender heart. I didn't like Daryl character for the first 30 minutes of his introduction but after he used his older brother's chopped hand to threaten a guy who's gang took Glen, I knew he was it. The best character development ever! HE CANNOT DIE. PERIOD.

Daryl is a Man with the big M. He's strong, confident, loyal, reliable and he has golden heart under this strong chest. Also he's the only one who don't act like a sniveler!

Daryl formed a great relationship for the others he has some sick skills he cared for Beth and risked his life to find Sophia if he dies there will be protest he likes Rick a lot and excepts him as the leader too. But you gotta give it to him he had a bad home life and grew up to be liked guy

His crossbow is awesome. He is a tough guy who can survive on his own, but he needs the others around. Not to survive but just because he doesn't want to be alone. He never says he cares, but you can just see that he does.

Just... awesome. So likable, so intelligent, so tough and the kind of a person you want to learn from just after two episodes of seeing him. He's fun to watch, no matter what is he doing. That's all I can say. He's just awesome in his role.

He will be one of the ones to survive in the end! He know what he's doing, he's very tough, he knows how to fight, kill, do what he has to do and help out when others need help! I just think that him and Carol should hook up! They have been very close!