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Merle Dixon is a fictional character from the horror drama television series The Walking Dead, which airs on AMC in the United States and is based on the comic book series of the same name.


Him and Daryl are my two favorites. Not even from the comics but dominate the show anyway. Merle has the best story I believe because he was left to die, had to cut off his own hand and became a villain and foe against his previous group. It was such a cool thing what they did with the character. He played the villain for a while which I loved and eventually became a hero. He is violent, crazed, funny, strong, and brave. Dixon Brothers for the win

Merle was a racist at first. But by Season 3 it's obvious he loved his brother. I found that aspect of the character very interesting. Someone so hateful and vile but driven by love. Merle and his brother Daryl were both products of their environments. However Daryl became something more and matured. Merle didn't, until the very end of his life. It's very poetic and engaging.

Merle was awesome. He was a hick but he was badass, he was gritty, he was abrasive, he was funny. He was an awesome contrast to the rest of the group and not knowing which side he would stay loyal to. He was definitely killed off far too soon, not to mention the entire 2nd season he was lacking.

Merle was an honest character, more intelligent than the others gave him credit for, and knows how to have a sense of humour in such dark times without losing his mind. Fairly consistent, and fiercely loyal to his brother. Daryl and Merle were so good for each other, it's a shame to not have seen any more of that development.

My favourite character on The Walking Dead, without a doubt. Merle was a true survivor who would do anything to protect his brother. He was definitely killed off too early, he could've been developed a lot more. I have to admit he went out like a badass though.

Merle was a great character, my favourite actually. I really enjoyed the mean-spirited chemisty between him and the others. He worked great as both a villain and an antihero (as seen towards the end of season 3). I felt genuinely gutted to see him go, as he added humour and tension to the show. I really wanted him to be part of the gang for good and go down as one of the greatest antiheroes of all time.

Common, bring him back! Break the boundaries of T.V. fiction for just one moment and make his death some kind of dream sequence Daryl experienced (when he was unhinged) or something. Might look a little silly, but worth it just to have Merle back. Oh well... I can hope.

The real badass of The Walking Dead! From the beginning till the end he was THE BADASS!

Oh yeah he was a criminal but not a kill for the fun of it criminal he was confused with all the chaos going on and I always loved him he should have made it to at least season 8 I bet his little bro is still heartbroken by his death this is most of the reason I hate the governor PS nice job Miccone you go girl I just wish he made it farther than season seven especially since he was only seen a little in season one and none in season two he just started to be a good guy his death just came out of nowhere he could have let Miccone die so he could get away but no he cut her from her ropes and helped her get back I just love this character so much

He just a great actor to start of with I love Michael Rooker and the way he went out was even better just taking out like 7 of the governors men and doing it to some sweet tunes and even better at deaths door he still shows no fear at the face of the governor and the sadness of the aftermath made me sad that was his redemption I know many people could say before the apocalypse he was a racist drug addict he turned out to be one f my favorite by the end and that's why I'm voting him

Merle was a really good character. He was killed far to early. Also Daryl's a little overrated.

Awesome redneck. So cool he cut his own hand off and escaped a building full of walkers. Enough said. Daryl's cool too and Glenn but Meryl is just underrated.

Merle Dixon was the best character in the whole show! Although he was racist and sexist, he was still beast. His extremely Republican views made him badass! He shouldn't have been killed off that quickly. He should've killed everyone and then took over the whole show. R.I.P. merle :(

He was really awesome in the third season, as much as I wish he was alive, he went out like a boss...which is pretty hard to do in the apocalypse

Merle was cool because he was bad but at he end he tried to kill him single handed for Daryl and plus he's a Motorhead fan

Balls to the wall character. Useful To help exterminate walkers, but extremely untrustworthy and unpredictable

I don't know who I just love him. He just draws you in kinda. Maybe cause he is brother to Daryl?

Toughest guy in the show, he was my favorite because of his brutal yet honest way of speaking, and overall his "badassness". I would've loved to see him wonder in the wood a bit longer with his brother, who is my second favorite character.

He died like an hero! Anyway he was always my favourite one!

He was by far my favourite character in The Walking Dead along with his brother!

3rd best character to me. His character was developed well but the character was killed off way too early. His character was so great in caring about people close to him even though he was racist and he had a more violent survival nature in him, rare in many characters. I would have rather replaced some one else to take such a reckless action, maybe Shane and I saw his death happen too early and was predictable and that would spare Merle. I honestly think that if he did not die here he would be alive up to now and maybe later than that. Imagine if he were alive up to now well developed throughout the series and actually got Lucille by Negan and died. That would certaintly be a very impactful death.Even living into the All Out War Storyline would be great. Close to a perfect character, a little too reckless.

Best character on the show, by far...

Best character on show! Most realistic human on the show!

From villain to hero to saddest death on the show

Badass and misunderstood. Plus really smart.

The brother of Daryl more badass though