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Michonne is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Danai Gurira in the television series of the same name.


There's nothing more exciting then watching michonne slice threw a herd of zombies. But more then that, michonne is one of the most complex and interesting characters. She has great depth, from the lose of her child, to letting her ex and his best friend turn into the dead, and then using them as cattle and for protection. We see the cold, the silence, and the strength of michonne. But we also see her love for the people around her and becoming a friend and parental figure to ricks son carl. Michonne is one of the main reasons I watch the show, and let's be honest, that katana badass.

This is my number one favorite character! When I first saw her I became interest in her as my favorite character and when she showed her full appearance and I saw her with her two zombies (do you guys know those two zombies with her are her boyfriend, Mike and Mike's best friend). But also I saw she has madly skills of her katana and good fighting skills. When she met the governor and the people took her katana away she ask the governor to give back her katana and she never leaves without her weopen that is her katana. But I am actually saw when she fights the governor I was madly happy that she stabbed the governor in the eye. That's talent! You can't mess with this girl, she is really good to kill and fight off against anyone who is in her path!

I love her in the comics and on the show. She is a total badass.

Michonne is sort of like the female equivalent of Daryl. She's completely badass, she's smart when it comes to survival, and like Daryl, she's a person of very few words. She lets nothing take her dignity away, she's got a tough exterior, but what I like about her is the fact that a softer, more caring side lies beneath that. Michonne is a really complex character, and her screen time is always entertaining.

Michonne is by far the most interesting character for me. She says her opinion straight out even though she is often silent and doesn't care if it goes well with the others or not. She can be quite sarcastic and is pretty cold to those who aren't close to her. She is a lone wolf but once you got through to her she is a loyal friend who would do everything for you. She also views things very criticaly and can spot bad things from a mile away. If she dies the show is over for me.

Hands down, Michonne is the toughest, most complex character in the series. She could deal with almost any situation the zombie apocalypse could throw at her and come out just a collected and awesome. Closely followed by Daryl, Michonne is the best character of The Walking Dead.

I'm voting Michonne because she displays true survivor qualities, she lost her son and she kept two walkers on chains by slicing off tso they don't their arms and mouths so they are unable of attacking her and also she can blend in with groups of walkers, which is both smart and mysterious. She has good stealth which is a quality needed. Whilst Daryl only needs a crossbow, Michonne only needs a samurai sword which shows she just as bad-ass as Daryl is. But what makes her such an amazing character is how she is willing to show that she doesn't need to be saved and of how much morality she posseses and what a kind heart she has. - EJ0602

Michonne is far the best character, she survives on her own, and in season three, she walks amongst a pack of walkers, and whacks off all their heads. How many other characters did that? And that sword is way too epic. She also has a compassionate side which some of the other characters don't have.

I love it when woman can stand up for themselves and don't just rely on men to protect them. Carol is strong too, but she is more strong emotionally than physically. Michonne is not only physically strong but she's smart and she's kind. I love her.

Love her so much, such a badass. My favorite character on the show. She's so calm, cool, and collected but she doesn't play when the people she cares about are in danger. I absolutely love everything about her.

I could go on forever about why Michonne is so awesome, but I'll make it short and sweet. Her beauty with a katana, her cunning strategies, and her compassionate heart are just a few of the many things that make her the best character on The Walking Dead.

Toughest character on the show, as she's the only one to survive by herself for a considerable length of time. She's shown a lot of personal growth since her introduction, and has become more likable because of it. Plus, she has the best weapon on the show, and knows how to use it.

The best character on the show. Proof that a woman can be a great fighter, smart, funny, beautiful and caring. A great role model for women everywhere!

Michonne is my favorite character! I like the way she deals with her katana and in Season 3 Merle did something and left Michonne standing alone. She was smart to stay and not leave without her katana. She's a badass and should never die! - Jillian

She's one of my best characters. Yeah she's really a badass.

Her best scene that I like was when she scooped the Governor's eye out without hesitation and chopped his arm.

She is the best person I know that can use a sword she saved andrea and figured out how to make sure walkers don't bite or scratch and they can carry your stuff.

She is the best! And so hot! She's mysterious, sweet (especially Carl), she's badass and the show wouldn't be the same without her! - bobbyboo123

Michonne is the best character. Shes always there to help someone. Plus she doesn't care. She will kill if she has to. There's a bright side to her and a dark side

I love Michonne, she is such an awesome character.
That fight between her and the governor was legendary. The walking dead is such a great show, I love how it started and how it has progressed and all these new characters have been introduced. I wonder how long it will go for.

Love her she is awesome and sweet and has been through a lot she's tough to crack though and I love her sweet bond with Carl

I love her. She's mysterious. Awesome. Has good judgement. A ninja sword. I think she and Daryl would make a good couple

:Like, she's basically the Most Badass Woman in the show. Like, Carol and Lori etc. can't do it like her. She's so thoughtful and caring and will help people when they need it. People say she's the most BadAss cause of her sword. I just want them to see how while she swings it from left and right. LOL

I like Michonne...! She is one of the strongest girls...I think she is the strongest and that is so fantastic

Really, there is no one like her. I love the fact that she uses a sword. She has brought us back to the days of martial arts.

All around bad ass and the best chapter on the show. Besides the fact she has a sexy Jamaican ninja thing going on.