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21 Tara Chambler Tara Chambler Tara Chambler is a fictional character from the horror drama television series The Walking Dead, which airs on AMC in the United States and is based on the comic book series of the same name.

By far one of the best fighters on the show. She fought through 3 devastating deaths in her family. She is smart and logical and the group needs that. *cough cough rick* Tara can fight through head injuries to sorrow. She sticks up for herself and is underrated. The apocalypse needs someone like her

She is a great character. Her kind of humour is awesome and I'd love to see more scenes with her!

You all need to understand that Tara is a kind-hearted person. Everyone hated her because she was the first to agree with the governor about attacking the prizon. She has stayed emotionally strong through the loss of all 3 family members. While she is no where close to the top woman in the group ( Michonne, Carol, Maggie, Sasha) she emotionally has a lot of potential. And that is why to me, she deserves number 8.

She‘s great! Clever, beautiful,dangerous and she is a lesbian! Love her

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22 Sasha Williams Sasha Williams Sasha Williams is a fictional character from The Walking Dead, an AMC television horror drama series.

Sasha is, in my opinion, the greatest female character because she has amazing traits in all areas. She's a badass, a fighter, a leader, but most importantly, she's a realist. She disregards the nonsense and strives on and gets it all done. The actress is so great and she's turned this character into a total team player from where she started. Now she's the sharpshooter! Go SASHA!

I love her. Sasha's a great character because she's come so far from season 3 as Tyreese's little sister. She's matured into a young woman, but she's breaking down now over the loss of her boyfriend and is continuing to become a bigger character. She's had nice and slow development so I'm holding out hope she makes it to season 6 to have big scenes with Rick and the others.

I think what makes this character my favorite is that Sonequa Martin Green is such a wonderful theatre actress. Without her, this character would be nothing. Sasha is fierce and dominant, but also really intense and engaging. In season 5, some of the other survivors are falling into categories of predictability but this character keeps surprising me and keeps me on the watch. Love her and want more of her.

How is she not in the top ten.

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23 Axel

Man I loved axel! He brought some humor to the show in a dark time for everyone. He's a great guy in real life too! I met him at a convention a few years back and he just joked the whole time and talked to everyone like they were a real person and not just another meaningless fan of the show!

He was awesome and he had the best mustache around! And then the governor shot him! R.I.P. Axel we will always remember you...

Nice guy and funny. kindhearted sorry to see him go... Really brutal got shot in head by governor


His mustache of beauty will be missed

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24 Abraham

He is a savage no comment

Smooth" and "whose Deanna? "

25 Enid

I love Enid and I hope she replaces Sophia from the comics

Yeah I think she's replacing Sophia

She's a unique character

Bæ and will never stop being Bæ

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26 Milton Mamet Milton Mamet Milton Mamet is a fictional character from the American television series The Walking Dead portrayed by Dallas Roberts. He is an original character and has no comic counterpart.

His weapon should have been a sling shot.

He was a unique spark in the series... It was a real shame when he died, I wished he would of survived.

Died trying to kill the governor, he was epic, shouldn't've died, yet he did kill andrea

I love him so much!

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27 Paul 'Jesus' Monroe Paul 'Jesus' Monroe

I love Jesus. I'm really surprised he's not higher on the list. He's a kick ass character and getting Tom Payne to play him was genius. I guess the more screen time he gets, the more fans he'll get. Honestly, he's the best.

I look forward to seeing more of him in the show, if season 6 is anything to go by he's going to be a fan favourite. - wolphert

He's one of the best, he's amazing, he's played by a great actor, he's verry handsome, he's a good leader, he's a ninja... He's better than the real Jesus!

A total badass

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28 Noah

Noah is the reason I believe they can kill just about any character--even before their time seems to have come. Dale, Shane, T-Dogg, Tyreese, Bob, Andrea, Merle, and Hershel all died around when it felt narratively "right" for them to die... but Noah was taken from us prematurely. When Mica and Lizzie died, it seemed like a bolt from the blue, but it helped advance Carol's character. Noah just feels like a sign of the unjust nature of the zombie apocalypse, which can take anybody at any time. So likeable, so much potential, such a good actor... but nope. Life is not Alexandria!

Had great potential. I thought he was going to be their architect and build them a fortress in the future.

Really liked where his character was going with the learning how to build.

Everybody ate Chris - da111

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29 Aaron

Nice, reliable and brave man! Good to watch him!

I love his character. He's always there for his boyfriend no matter what.

He is a great characer. He is much more developed now on the comic book series though.

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30 Ezekiel Ezekiel Ezekiel is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Khary Payton in the American television series of the same name.

I want to see him in Season 7 very bad.

Coolest dude besides Darrel

He is magnificent, ilike how he gets carol so much

31 Denise Cloyd Denise Cloyd Denise Cloyd is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Merritt Wever in the American television series of the same name.

I think once she comes out of her "shell" she will be a total badass, somewhat like carol.

I wish she wasn't killed off so soon.

I liked her right off the bat. Her struggles in episode 2 "JSS" are relatable. She really grew as a character - and as a doctor!

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32 Judith Grimes

She is a baby. I think the director won't kill a baby right. Even though if she died she will be a great impact to Rick and Carl Grimes and probably would kill them.

She will be a walker slayer by the time she's 3.

Fun fact did you know they used different babies to play Judith from time to time?

Good baby! I love her so much! Go!

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33 Eugene Porter Eugene Porter Dr. Eugene Porter is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Josh McDermitt beginning in the fourth season of the American television series of the same name.

He brings a lot of humor into a depressing world. You have to respect that.

Eugene makes me laugh more than any other character. He's an autistic when it comes to social skills but he's also highly intelligent.

The mullet must survive somehow!

His personality is adorable! I'll get really upset if he gets killed off!

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34 Jacqui

I really did like Jacqui. She was a very sweet woman and helped with as much as she could. She should not been killed off.

Shouldn't have committed suicide she was nice.

She was extremely nice to every camp member.

The best character! She was so nice

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35 Beth

Sweet, innocent and caring... It's cute when she takes care of baby Judith and everyone else.

She was so sweet and made people look at a better side of things like with her dads leg and with Daryl

She is 15 as Beth Greene, vote for that

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36 Oscar
37 Sophia Peletier

Sophia was sweet and I wished we could have seen more of her

I felt that they spent too many episodes looking for her.

She should be alive!

I love her

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38 Lucille

Sure, why not.

39 Caesar Martinez

Just one of the best characters on the show. Even if he isn't a main character he has a lot of potential in season 4 now that he has his own group

Dude is skilled with a bat. Also he's funny when he's drunk, and had one of the better deaths in the series.

Man you don't notice it but he's the most badass he did a backflip and kicked merle in the face and he's a bat master

Martinez should have joined the group because he is bossilicious

40 Eastman

He should be number 1

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