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41 Eastman V 1 Comment
42 Shumpert

Said one sentence why is he on the list!

Because he's the best secondary character of the first few seasons, that's why - Kfox101

43 Neegan

So excited to see how he plays out. I'm sure he will look great doing so.

Take the Governor and multiply him by 10 and add a barbed wire covered bat and you have Negan. The Walking Dead's supreme villain. He's big, bad, and the only man to make Rick Grimes piss his pants

I am so excited for this guy

His name is spelled NEGAN

V 5 Comments
44 Jerry

He is the biggest character in the whole show. Bigger than Rick. If he dies there is no point for the show to exist.

Best character in the walking dead

Jerry is awesome

God himself.

V 1 Comment
45 Simon

Awesome villain, and right hand man of Negan.

46 Olivia V 1 Comment
47 Otis

Otis was a nice, fat man! He cared for Patricia very much! And then Shane shot him in the leg! R.I.P. Otis, we will all miss you...

Otis I didn't really care for... He also shot Carl

No we don't miss you

He had to die

48 Zach

He looked really nice. Wish I could have seen more of him.R.I.P.

He's a nice kid dies at big spot because of bob, he cood of been a good character and rip, also beth's boyfriend

49 Heath Heath Heath is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Corey Hawkins in the American television series of the same name.

Heath lived to the end and is in fact still living. He is a fantastic character and is a true hero. Although I like Glenn more

Come on! Top 30 at least.

Dude why is he this low

50 Rick's Horse

Bravest horse ever, it wouldn't be the first season without ricks horse

This horse is so badass. And then it gets killed off the show. RIP horsey.

Awesome character! Probably the best :3

Cried when his horse died ;-;
It was so cute but yet so vulnerable ;-;

Rip Horse

V 3 Comments
51 Tabitha

Should be number 1

Appeared in one episode and already I like him better than Lori. RP Tabitha the goat xoxoxo

So sad

Tabitha was still a better character than Lori and Eugene R.I.P tabbitha!

52 Amy V 1 Comment
53 Ron Anderson V 2 Comments
54 Big Tiny

Its only a flesh wound.

55 Spencer Monroe Spencer Monroe Spencer Monroe is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Austin Nichols in the American television series of the same name.

Spencer can be stupid and be like the biggest idiot in the Apocalypse but he is awesome not my favorite my favorite is obviously Daryl

I just thought he was gonna be a drunk pushover! I was totally wrong! He turned out to be good!

Who the freak is Spencer Monroe?


56 Javier Garcia
57 Edwin Jenner
58 Jimmy Greene

He wasn't their brother! He was Beth's boyfriend

He really should not have died. He was nice.R.I.P.

Boyfriend of Beth, died to save Carl and Rick.

V 3 Comments
59 Penny Blake

The Governor's undead daughter was cooler than even Daryl and she provided for the most mesmerizing ever display of a father's love for his little girl

She symbolized the Governor's determination to impose his will on the world

Most likable zombie on the whole show

60 Morales

I'm surprised to see him so far down on this list. I really hope they bring his character back. He was an awesome leader.

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