Rick Grimes

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Richard "Rick" Grimes is a fictional character and the protagonist in the comic book series The Walking Dead and in the television series of the same name, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln.


For some reason Rick's a lot more interesting in season 3. Maybe its cause he actually has a reason to be so miserable now :P

He is a fighter, a survivor. He has deadly accuracy, good wits, a strong sense of danger, and a quick draw and is good about thinking on his feet. He is probably the best with a gun in TWD, and is gotta be one of the best with close-quarters. Not only this he is a leader. He lead the Atlanta group, then he met the Greene family and took them in. After the farm was overrun he led them through winter in the wild, then they found the prison and defeated an army estimated around 70 and scared them off without a single man dying on his side. Then he led them through the Terminus problem. Protected them until Alexandria, protected people there. He just is the protagonist he is the hero he is the good guy.

He bites and rips a crazy man's throat as if he was a walker, on the border of being insane and the most sensible person in a post-apocalyptic world, has a sense of justice that save the most lives while trying not to lose his humanity and (with the help of his group) over threw a cannibal compound, a tyrant's town and prove to be the most responsible leader in the safest community they have.

Best character in my opinion. Rick Grimes is the main character and I like him the best for his actions and for what he does and his development. Season 1 Rick is a very nice Rick, Season 2 Rick a rational and reasonable Rick, Season 3 Rick a more survival and group fighting Rick aggression more intense and crazy, Season 4 Rick less crazy more violent and brutal, Midseason and Season finale are examples, Shane level Season 5 Rick even more brutal and violent Rick somewhat reasonable survivor like. Season 6 Most part Rick is much calmer and nicer still a lot of survival instinct, more brutal after Hilltop and attacking Negan's compound, over confident thinking Negan is nothing and scared and broken down at the end of season 6. Man he is the perfect character for the apocalypse.

He was the first character you really saw & you went through his whole experience! He has also progressed a lot & he's the one I always root for! I also like the fact than in a world where everything has gone crazy he tries to be a father & keep things grounded, in a world like that everyone needs a Rick in their group!

Rick is easily the best character in the show, with his character development and his bad-ass skills (even though Daryl is awesome too). A strong main character and even though is faced with difficult decisions as the leader, always does what he thinks is right. Glad Rick is at least second.

One hell of a leader, and knows what it takes to survive. Rick was instantly relatable, which makes his descent into a morally grey area (at best) all the more horrifying and strangely exhilarating. Plus, he tore a guy's throat out with his teeth. You don't get more badass than that.

Best character development ever. He went from a normal town cop to a vicious warrior who'd do anything to his enemies. Even that photo of him shown right now is enough to show what he's become. Still a good man but also brutal towards those who pose as a threat. - NoobTuber

He's been there since the beginning of the series. He'll be here until the very end. Rick has been through so much and he'll face even more harder challenges when someone from the comics appears. Rick's a badass and is my favorite protagonist of all time.

Easily the glue of the show. His character changes and development have been immense. And it doesn't hurt that he was the first main character that the audience was given a chance to bond with. I'd stop watching if Rick died.

He's the most compelling and developers character on T.V. series in a while. He's a man who does what ever it takes to keep the people he loves alive. Rick is the coolest character (with Daryl) in the series in my opinion.

Rick is an amazing leader and does a great job of keeping his family/group safe no matter what. He is an amazing father and makes sure his kids are always safe. Walking dead wouldn't be the same without him!

Rick is just such a bad-a/Boss! I really like him Daryl, Michonne, and Beth! Rick has gone through more then anyone else. He has had to be the leader almost through the whole apocalypse. Lets not forget that he lost Lori and Shane who was a psycho path but still pretty hard for him. Daryl and the Greene sisters have gone through a lot too. My vote goes to Rick Grimes.

Rick is a good character. He thinks through most of the things before he does it. He watches his family and take people in as his family. He didn't kill people that didn't make a threat to his family and the others.

Amazing! Good leader. I just want to see more of his cold side like in season 3. He is my favorite character so far in the series along with Daryl. They make an awesome team in the series.

There would be no The Walking Dead without Rick. He makes the show what it is. His emotional development is raw and real. Andrew Lincoln is one of the most talented actors there is, in my opinion.

Even though Daryl has had some obvious personality changes, none can compare to the rollercoaster Rick has rode. His story is so complexed that it almost seems real. - TheYaoiTitanic

I think he should be 1. I mean I love Daryl and all but I'd take Rick. This group couldn't survive without him and Daryl isn't really you're guy who you would want to make decisions he's more of a bad-a.

Rick gets a lot of stick but he is the leader and has to make the tough calls other people can't if nice people like Morgan Glenn or maggie were in charge they would all be dead right now

He's very caring, a great dad and a wonderful leader. I sure someone else could have been the lead, but he's been there since day one looking out of everyone and helping where needed!

Rick is the best. Sure he can be emotional but he is fierce. Even in season 3 losing Lori that didn't stop him he pulled it together and if you have anything bad to say then shame on you

I really really love Daryl. But Rick is in my top spot. His leadership was phenomenal!... no one can beat that even Daryl. Those decisions and actions he made was really hard. And yeah, he's the glue that stick the group together and also the show. A great character.. He's just goooddd... yeah.. Rick is like Luffy and Daryl is Zoro..

Rick is THE reason why there is hope that things will be better. He is fair and compassionate yet is not afraid to make the tough decision.

Me and my friends dressed as the walking dead characters for Halloween we bought a $100 costume for my friend that was you just so we didn't have to look at a ugly Rick

Rick is the walking dead. I would quit watching the show if He was killed off. He is a man of integrity and despite having some ups and downs, he's stayed a moral man.