Top Ten Best the Walking Dead Season 3 Episodes


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1 Killer Within

I hate Lori and laughed inside when she died. This may sound evil but I sat there on the couch looking at the T.V. speechless for like an hour felling sorta guilty about hating Lori!

This episode brought me to tears - FailedStunt78

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2 This Sorrowful Life

Merle is only good in this episode it was a little funny when he annoyed the zombies in the car to lead to woodbury and he tried to kill the govenor but he dies

3 Clear

Clear was arguably the best in the show. - errrr

4 Home
5 Made to Suffer
6 Seed
7 Welcome to the Tombs
8 Sick
9 The Suicide King
10 When the Dead Come Knocking

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11 Walk With Me

If no one votes on this we'll find you.

12 Prey
13 Say the Word
14 Hounded
15 I Ain't a Judas
16 Arrow on the Doorpost
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1. Clear
2. Killer Within
3. Home
1. Killer Within
2. Clear
3. This Sorrowful Life
1. This Sorrowful Life
2. Killer Within
3. Welcome to the Tombs


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