Top Ten Best the Walking Dead Season 4 Episodes


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1 Too Far Gone

Funny how this was the highest rated walking dead episode on another list and in that season is only number 2?

The Governor and Herschel die, and the prison is destroyed. - FailedStunt78

The most action packed episode of season 4. The rest of season 4 was kinda dull. - OriginalVisionary

1- Too Far Gone
2- The Grove
3- A
4- Internment
5- Inmates
6- Us
7- Infected
8- Still
9- Alone
10- 30 Days Without Accident
11- Indifference
12- Isolation
13- After
14- Claimed
15- Live Bait
16- Dead Freight

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2 The Grove

The darkest Walking Dead Episode yet - FailedStunt78

The proof that this series can be much more than just a blockbuster about zombies.

I don't get how too far gone was number one overall, but this is considered better.

Poor carol

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3 A

This made be the shortest title, but this episode was so suspenseful! I was so scared during the scene where Rick killed Joe!

Gareth will make a great villain in Season 5

The bite scene was worth 50 votes by itself

An "A" grade episode

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4 Internment

Herschel fights zombies in the hospital and the prison face breaks down - FailedStunt78

5 Claimed

Rick is stuck in the house with the hunters and Abraham's group heads to Washington DC because Eugene knows how to end the apocalypse - FailedStunt78

6 Us

Glenn and Maggie find each other and they arrive at Terminus - FailedStunt78

7 Infected

The illness strikes the prison - FailedStunt78

8 After

Rick and Carl seek refuge in a house and amazing development from Carl, and Rick is unconsious from the battle - FailedStunt78

9 Dead Weight
10 30 Days Without an Accident

The Contenders

11 Still
12 Inmates

Carol returns, Glenn escapes the prison, and Daryl and Beth head off together - FailedStunt78

13 Alone

Good development with Bob and Maggie, Sasha, and bob head to Terminus, plus Beth is kidnapped - FailedStunt78

14 Indifference
15 Live Bait
16 Isolation
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1. Too Far Gone
2. A
3. The Grove
1. Too Far Gone
2. A
3. Internment
1. Too Far Gone
2. The Grove
3. Internment


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