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My favorite characters in the video game, The Walking Dead.
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1 Lee Everett Lee Everett is the main character of the first season of The Walking Dead video game. Lee is the player character in the first season of the game, appearing in five episodes.

He died but NOT in vain! Killed a lot of those stupid zombies to rescue Clementine, and survived the most (bited) before anyone else could do.

Lee Everett is TellTale's Walking Dead Season 1. Story starts off with Lee murdering someone that slept with his wife. Now you're on your way to prison, lucky for you, life gives you a second chance with a walker apocalypse. Now Lee gets thrown into a new world with wonderful characters such as Clem, Kenny, Lilly, and others who join you for the ride. Lee started this Journey and he gets his fair share of respect moments all throughout! Make your Lee the best, most loving, loyal, and honest Lee there is! Lee Everett definitely atones for his murder too by rescuing and preserving the life of one of the most badass Female characters in Walking Dead History!

Lee is honestly one of the best characters to ever exist in video game history. He's kind, he's generous. but its his undying loyalty is the best bit about Lee Everett. And his father daughter relationship is the sweetest thing ever in video game history. It was hard for all the Walking Dead community to see him go. Many were not interested in Season 2, due to not having Lee there. Lee may not get along with all the characters and he may be a murderer. But that doesn't make him a horrible person, the great thing with Lee is he doesn't lie, he is a honest person. And I think we can all agree that Lee's ex-wife is a complete idiot. Lee has moved all the players of The Walking Dead community. Lee new what the right thing to do in quick situations, he would do anything for Clementine, Lee always looked out for the kids, Lee put everyone before himself, Lee never gave up even when he got bit. But most of all Lee was a kind souled person and truly deserved a better ending. R.I.P Lee, rest ...more

Lee Everett is probably one of THE best videogame characters to go down in history. If he chooses to, he will stay true to his friends and be nothing but strong, kind, and supportive. He does have a hilarious sarcastic side that he uses in some serious, humorous or tense situations. But Lee also has a tough, abrasive side that he uses when people hurt those he cares for. Lee Everett won an award for being a hero, and he is true to it. He is a character that is well developed and love, making him my favorite. Cudos to Telltale for making such a realistic, lovable man. You can get attached and will cry by the end on Season 1. I love Lee.

2 Clementine

She's just a badass.

Obviously has lots of character development and I just enjoy how she went from an innocent 8 year old girl, to the most badass character by the final season.

Clementine is amazing and lived the longest so far in her previous teams. She is extremely hardcore and sorry Kenny fans but she's way more compassionate and doesn't get herself all drunk. She's also very mature for her age and I can actually relate to her more than any other character surprisingly. Also Kenny fans please no hate for this is merely my opinion and I respect yours as well and see your reasons.

Clementine is the best because she was trained by a father he never had! And that was Lee :) Hope they make season 4 final where...we don't have to pick between Clementine and AJ...which I am afraid TellTale is thinking right now... Please telltale enough already we can't survive anymore shocking blows...1st Lee and now Clem! no no no...please she is all we have don't take her too. Cure the world otherwise Lee's death will be in vein! :/

Clementine generates a lot of the emotion in this game. I don't think I would have cried at the end of season 1 episode 5 if it weren't for Clementine. When I saw her parents in the street my heart sank because I knew whatever hope she had of finding them was gone.

3 Kenny

In season 1 Kenny went on a downward spiral, but in Season 2 and 'his death scene' in season 1, is his redemption arc as he protected his friends and allies, hell he got shot for Duck, and he lost an eye for Clem. The man is loyal.

Up until the last episode of season 1, I couldn't stand Kenny. I thought he was selfish and overall rude. Boy, did he redeem himself in the last episode and all of season 2! Now he is my favorite character. He isn't perfect, which I love. I love Lee, but he had no flaws, so I never saw him realistic enough to have a deeper connection with. Kenny does anything for the people he cares deeply about. He got shot for Duck, got his eye pretty much beat out for Clementine, and it was obvious that he was willing to die at any moment for AJ. Even when he didn't have a deep connection with Ben/Christa (heck, he practically HATED Ben), he still sacrificed himself for them. And he's good when it comes to thinking of a plan. On the first episode, when walkers were breaking into the drugstore, he was easily able to lead a group of strangers to safety. While becoming heavily unstable emotionally, he never gives up. He's exactly what represents a strong person. Not just in the apocalypse, but in any ...more

While known for making' rash decisions, Kenny is hands down the best character in the ENTIRE walking dead universe. He's loyal while holding grudges against those who wrong him. He has good intentions but makes them out to look like aggressive tactics. He's the Rick of the games undoubtedly but differs from Rick in the sense that no one wants to back him. Besides Clem, he's the main character of the series & I pray he somehow makes an appearance in Season 3. After Lee's death, he becomes the Guardian of Clementine. All he wants is to protect the group, by any means necessary which is why he's a great leader.

Ever since the first chapters in the game I was undeniably in love with him and his family, he was always there to rely on even though he has his flaws and temper. When his family died it made me cry for all of the three characters, and let's not forget about what happened to Kenny in the end. I felt like he didn't deserve what had happened and that Benny shoulda died alone instead if it was to happen after all that the group had gone through (I know I'm a bad person for that) So when my heart had been ripped out by Kenny in the first game for numerous times, I was absolutely stunned when he appeared in the second game. I literally cried, I was so happy that he was back again. He always had his bad points, but in the end, he was a good and loyal friend. I expect everyone who shot him in the end ro think deeply about their doings.

4 Carley

Legitimately one of the most badass characters in Season1 and deserves more love than she gets. She constantly helped and trusted Lee and always helped the group. Probably one of the most useful characters as she seemed to be the best shot in the first season.

Carley is a person with a very good moral. She is always helping people instead of letting them die and becomes Lees love interest. If there was one character who I would have know Lee's past it would be her. I disliked the way they killed her though. I give Telltale props for shock value but I think they should have kept her around more to build more of a relationship with Lee before killing her off or making her whereabouts unknown. Plus even though I was shocked by Carley's death I think I would have been more surprised to see Lilly shoot herself instead. I also hate the fact that all Lee would've needed to say to keep her from getting killed was that she was the one who sent you in to check on the stolen supplies in the first place. She literally says "it's probably worth following up with Lilly about the stolen supplies.", and it didn't even give you the option to say that

Carley saved Lee and Clementine many many times even if it risks it. I don't care if she doesn't know about the batteries. It's the zombie apocalypse does it even matter? She is so much better than Doug (Not hating on him). She's third in my book. Wish she could've at least made it in Episode 4. God... I hate Lilly... Hope she doesn't return in Season 3. If she does, then I'd shoot her right away if there's an option to.

Carley is the most useful group member (excluding Lee). Carley is funny, smart (she gives the best advice), she's 100% on Lee's side, attractive, and she has the highest Walker kill count out of any survivor in the game. She's also the only love interest to boot. Personality-wise she's very similar to "Paragon" Lee.

Everyone always has some kind of liability (Kenny = slightly psychotic, Lilly = raging bitch half the time, Clem = young, Ben = mentally challenged, Doug = afraid of walkers & physically weak, etc). Everyone except Carley that is. Her only weakness is batteries. It doesn't make sense to save Doug instead of her, in fact the game even bites you in the ass if you do (you miss out on a ton of dialogue in episode three & Kenny gets pissed at you because you can't tell him about your past).

It's worth noting Carley saves Lee's life five times over the course of the game, despite only appearing in three episodes too.

5 Luke

The best character in TWD2 without debate. The one who saved Clem with Pete, one of the nicest person in the cabin along with Alvin, the leader of the group after the death of Pete. I think that we can also say he is the one who saved the group from carver. So, basically yeah, the best character in TWD2.

Luke would have left Clem in the forest to died and become a walker who said to taking her to the cabin pete who was against it luke. Luke treated Clem like crap in the forest when he though Clem was bit that act like a hypocrite and get after them of doing it. Asks about your dead parent and how lee die. Get piss off if you judged his friend and get piss off if you stand up for your friend. Get caught steal food Kenny lost his eye because of it then show not remorse of it and want to leave him get piss off if you say no. Has sex instead of helping the group. More upset about jane leaving who he barely know then the deaths of nick and sarah. Cover up a murder. Didn't listen to Clem and get shot. Treated people who gave him food and a place to stay. Asks how Kenny family died. Run away when his friends were in trouble. Was going to leave sarah to die. Show more concern about jane live and didn't bother thinking about Sarah. Want to stay instead of finding food.

Luke suck, I was piss off that Clem couldn't kill him, I was piss when he return in episode 3 and 4, it took why to long for that ass to died why to long. I happy he dies and can't be saved and very happy if you make the RIGHT choice and not risks your life for ass that doesn't not deserve it, Bonnie can died to they both be walkers forever which is what they deserve. It pathetic that people cryed and are not going to playing s3 because luke died pathetic really pathetic. This guy piss he off the second I met him, I thought he was going to get better but no, covering a murder, stuffing his face instead of helping his group, having sex instead of helping his group, helping someone who try to kill us, man very episode he just got worst, the happiness moment is when he Finally die it just took dame long. It gross that his fan what him to have sex with Clem which is why they killed him, because gross pervert pedophilia don't deserve a luke ending they deserve to be punished and they ...more

I was very happy when Luke was killed off it was the happiness scene in to whole it just piss me off that I had to wait 5 episode for it. He should have got killed instead of pete, he should have fell off the bridge, nick should have shoot him be accidental, should got killed by carver, die off cam, die in the trailer, killed by the Russians, but no 5 long episodes with that prick, who got killed off because people made him into pedophilia

6 Omid

He is not a bad guy, always thinking positive and caring about others. Also, even in bad situations he can stay positive or ironic, and that's because I like him. He reminds me on myself or how I would like to be and I really would like to know him in reallife.

I think he was amazing and I cried when he died during Christa pregnancy and he was gonna have a baby. He was amazing! -Long live Omid he was in the first season and lived but in season two he gets shot by Michelle and has fallen. ~ < tears

Omid was fine enough, but he was too unserious man. I understood his jokes. But it was not to my taste.

Omid brought some lightness to the situation. He was up for a joke and was always so positive.

7 Ben

I honestly see myself in Ben, making him my favorite character in the game. He never wanted to hurt anybody, and I think he actually saved a lot of lives with his actions. Just think for a moment: If the bandits didn't get medicine from Ben, how else would they get it? By waiting for Lee and Kenny to go out looking for supplies, killing EVERYONE, and then ambushing Lee and Kenny when they got back. Then they would loot the camp. Sure Carley/Doug, Katjaa, and Duck die, but that is better then EVERYONE dead. He always got everyone's bull, and was hated by most of the survivors. Kenny always was pushing him around, and kept telling him he should be dead. Even though he always had the pure intentions, he was still hated my most. He was just a kid, he didn't deserve what he got in the end.

Everyone thinks Kenny lost everything, when Ben also lost his family, his school friends. All of these people would be extremely close to him. Ben is just poorly written and unrealistic, his character is just a tool to progress the story on until his death. He tries to save the group but ends up making a mistake, just like a normal human. People love Kenny for his countless mistakes he makes and claim its him just been a human, but Ben does exactly the same but people hate him for it. Ben also sticks by you at all cost where as Kenny only looks out for him and his family.

Everyone has his own mistakes. But Ben feels so special to this terms I love his character probably a exactly version of what we all would be like in a zombie apocalypse.

I hated Ben when he first came up on my computer screen. As the third episode went on I had my suspicions of him for taking supplies along with Lilly. Then we learn he was the one for stealing supplies from the motel and giving them to the bandits. That got Carley, Duck, and Katjaa killed. I dropped him from the bell tower at Crawford for the first part of my quest to avenge Carley, Duck, and Katjaa. I'm so glad he's gone along side Larry.

8 Javier Garcia

Underrated character in my opinion, and enjoyed his dialogue and actions, and while he wasn't a parent, he was always like a dad towards Clem, Gabe, and Mariana

He always tries to do the right thing, and even though he's no Lee for Clementine, he's a good friend that will always have her back and he has good intentions.

He is cool, but no-one likes him because they can't put aside their hate for his nephew Gabe, and their hate for A New Frontier as a whole. Javi is a great addition to the series.

He's really grown on me. He's a surprisingly good leader and a good companion for Clementine. I also enjoy his dialogue and choices available to be honest

9 Chuck

Chuck is the reason Clementine is alive from Ben running away but I still think Chuck should have lived and kill the kidnapper.

Reason why Clementine is alive (in a lot of ways). He was a great man, so sad he killed him off. If only you had a choice to save him.

Laugh out loud, Chuck. He seems aight, but there wasn't much character development with him. He helped pushed the truck though or something, that's good.

It turn's out he is one of the people who barely swear... (There are a lot of swear's in this game. )

10 Mark

He was a great guy who should have lasted all season and beyond, great at garnering sympathy, was as great as Kenny just poorly written still he was the most popular character of episode 2 and great death scene. More than half of people helped him and gave food in episode 2 which just shows how much he could do with so little.

A great guy, too bad he's dead, those St. Johns killed him and cut his legs off. Damn, he was so good, he was like my favourite character.

Honest, good forgiving guy with a great and useful skill set. Would've liked to see more of him.

Just a really good character and such a shame those St John bastards killed him.

The Contenders
11 Christa

I like Christa because she took care of Clementine all by herself for 16 months, longer than Lee. I think it's possible for her appearance in Season 3.

Christa is single handedly one of the best survivors in the game. She managed to survive with Clem for 16 months alone and that isn't by any means a small feat.

She is so smart and sexy at the same time.

12 Lily

I hated lilly from the start, bossy and just plain irritating I couldn't even agree with her in most decisions. I'm surprised she's even this high on the list and she killed Carley, one of my favorite characters in the game I'll never forgive her for that, I'm glad I helped kill her father and left her behind and another thing I hate: even if you side with her in every decision and let her stay after she kills Carley/Doug and agree to take the RV with her she still betrays you and leaves without you. If she ever comes back I'm gonna kill her the first chance I get, payback for Carley. Lilly is such a bad character in my opinion

Lilly is a really great character with a lot of potential. She is misunderstood and actually has some good points. I believe if she lived as long as Kenny then more people would've sided with her. I believe she is still alive and will be in season two. She made one mistake, killing Carley/Doug, but if she explains and apologize, I can forgive her one mistake.

I think out of Kenny and her, she's the most rational leader of the group. And she isn't that bad as a character. You can even see her soft sympathetic side if you sided with her.
Overall she's a pretty decent character, unlike Kenny.

She is everything I would expect of anyone in a zombie apocalypse: she speaks her mind, she's protective, she handles herself well, need I say more? And her tendency to become aggravated makes me love her more! So wish she didn't die.

13 Carlos

He was so cool. I wish he was still around. He ended up becoming a plot device to further the development of an annoying and ultimately doomed character (sarah).

I actually use to like him at first but after that the second episode he was trash, it's his fault, Sarah became such a dumb coward.

He was the worst doctor. He was all of protected for Sarah, he could not help Kenny's eye., Why the hell would he pull Sarita away?

I liked how he was always trying to protect Sarah from the cruel world that they're in, he was a very good character, I just wish he would've lived longer

14 Doug

A. He's super cute and adorable.
B. He's handy with mechanical things and can repair anything that Lee needs to be repaired.
C. He's kind hearted. He died protecting Ben from getting shot by Lilly.
D. He took care of Clementine. He gives her batteries and stuff.
E. He's the best comic relief character of the game. At one point, he ate the bread that Brenda St. John gave Lee's group the moment she gave it, and he pointed laser pointer to Andy when he tried to kill Lee.
F. He's a nerd. Where else can you see a nerd as awesome as Doug?

He's one of the best character of the game for me and shouldn't have died in Episode 3. Wish he would made it to Season 2.

Doug was a very underestimated character. While I put most of that being you get more of Carley in episode 1 (She saves you / Goes to motor inn with you / Gets the radio development). But also people considered him useless, which was wrong because he is very much like Eugene from the comics. Robert Kirkman even said Eugene is the most important character in rebuilding society. Doug builds the tripwire and saves Ben at the cost of his own life. really wish I could see more of him.

Most people dismissed him right off as a non-valuable nerd, but I find him the most human out of everybody in the game. He never boss anybody around, he don't fight zombies her and there, but he always save people whenever he can, look what he did to Carley in Macon and how he died when he's saving Ben. I can relate to him the most and in real life I would certainly be best friends with him. I love him so much.

I personally think he should be above Carley. He's no reporter with a gun, He's just an electrician nerd, yet he came to everybody's rescue (He saved Carley offscreen before Lee's group come to the pharmacy, and he saved Ben from Lilly's shot that ultimately cost his own life).

15 Pete

Great guy, lots of good traits for a survivor, his death was bull. Alvin and Rebecca were only good for the sentiment of "but they're going to have a baby! ", Pete was much more interesting than both of them combined and probably would've led you through a more interesting story than the rest of the group did. Wish Season 2's group were Clementine, Pete, Luke, Nick, and maybe Jane. I would add Mike and Bonnie, but their sendoff made me feel a mix between hate for their characters but also doubt of my own hate, and a sense that TTG just doesn't know how to write those characters (or female characters, really...they're either dead, or a bitch. Thanks TT).

Pete could've been the new Lee! He was my favorite cabin survivor and was the nicest to Clementine. In the end, he was killed off too early for character development for Nick (which Nick never even got! ) Nick should've died instead of Pete.

It's a pity they killed him off too soon. He and Luke were my favourite from the cabin survivors.

Died too son, but we'll miss him so much. Rest in Peace uncle Pete!

16 Alvin

I can't believe he's 15 but Alvin a Kind, Loving Father, he even helped Clementine from her bite (Determinant) and even gave her a juice box. he's such a generous man, too bad Carver beat him up and got killed. Either way he's a Kind Father and now he's with Rebecca.

What I liked mostly about him was that he died as a hero, sacrificing his life and that was something completely unexpected. When you usually see you don't see a hero. But that scene proved how much of a badass he really is.

17 Molly

Molly is a badass character, she has a good sense of humor. Which made her character 10x better. I was sadden she left so early. That was stupid of Telltale to scrape a character so quickly, I hope she returns in season 3.

If you have to save her and you miss the shot, she will escape.

But when you kill the zombie she will later apologize for not mounting a boat.

I think that is very crappy, because this apologies is clearly for not crossroading a story.

I think Molly is the most badass character in the game. She beat Lee and Kenny and owns walkers with her ice axe, yet she also cares about other people.

She needs more love...I can't believe she's below Lilly. She's so much stronger, and so much more reasonable.

18 Walter

I felt so bad for Walter, and the way he saved Nick. You could tell he was still grieved when he shot the Walker, but he knew Nick was a good guy based off of what Clementine told him. (Unless you choose to tell Walter that Nick is just like all the others)

He's such a nice guy, I can't believe he wasn't even on the list!

I feel bad for him and Matthew...

How could you not like him?

19 Paul "Jesus" Monroe

He's pretty badass, also he flirts with Javi at one point, which in my opinion, makes a much better ship than Kate and Javi. Love the guy honestly.

Just a hilarious character cool skilled and just a great addition to the walking dead a new frontier

Man rocks a man bun

20 Rebecca

At first I hated Rebecca. But after a while when Carver came and returned everyone back, she started to grow on me.

21 Carver
22 Katjaa

When I saw this list, I thought to myself, hey, why not vote for Lilly? But when I saw poor Katjaa this far down, I was like, oh hell no! Katjaa deserved better. She is actually my second favorite character, after Lilly. She has great potential but instead her overrated husband got ALL the attention. I feel SO bad for her. Rest in peace, Katjaa.

In my opinion she was wasted as a character. She had barely any lines and was completely useless until the middle of episode three. But I realized that she just wanted her son to be okay. But when he wasn't she couldn't handle it. RIP KATJAA

I think she is a realistic character. She wants whats best for her family and group. Nobody ever notices how loyal she actually is. Her death was horrible.

23 Violet

Come on give some Love to Violet!

She and clem are so cute

24 AJ
25 Sarah

I think Sarah is a good character in the game. She's nice to Clementine and a lot of people think there is another side to her other than being an innocent little girl.

Personally I didn't like Sarah because she was very useless I saved every chance I got and she still didn't make it, however I think we all knew she wasn't going to survive.

Sarah was a really good character in the game, I was so sad when she died, she wanted to survive and she didn't deserved ro die, she was'nt like jane's sister as he were saying, she's nive to clementine and alse her best friend.

I can't believe people hate Sarah because of her mental health. Personally I love Sarah, it wasnt her fault shes scared, if only Carlos teached her how to be brave. Shes an innocent girl that is scared of whats happening to their environment. The only reason I liked her is because she became OUR friend, Our bestfriend, PINKY PROMISE IS FOREVER DAMMIT. Anyways if only she lived more so Clem can teach her how to be brave or use a gun. Rest in Peace Sarah and Carlos,
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