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1 Lee Everett Lee Everett Lee Everett is the main character of the first season of The Walking Dead video game. Lee is the player character in the first season of the game, appearing in five episodes.

He make me cry, with his death!

Lee was my favorite guy! He is so amazing and he is the best characters! He will do anything to protect Clem! But until the end he died that made me feel sad and angry. I am so mad that the zombie bit lee! Now... Until I saw his death I was crying very bad! I had nightmares about him in my sleep. But until season 2 comes out Clem will be by herself. What happens a person was there and being mean to Clem or fighting off zombies. I wish lee was there and still alive so he can protect Clem from zombies and people who are trying to hurt or kill her. :(

Lee is honestly one of the best characters to ever exist in video game history. He's kind, he's generous. but its his undying loyalty is the best bit about Lee Everett. And his father daughter relationship is the sweetest thing ever in video game history. It was hard for all the Walking Dead community to see him go. Many were not interested in Season 2, due to not having Lee there. Lee may not get along with all the characters and he may be a murderer. But that doesn't make him a horrible person, the great thing with Lee is he doesn't lie, he is a honest person. And I think we can all agree that Lee's ex-wife is a complete idiot. Lee has moved all the players of The Walking Dead community. Lee new what the right thing to do in quick situations, he would do anything for Clementine, Lee always looked out for the kids, Lee put everyone before himself, Lee never gave up even when he got bit. But most of all Lee was a kind souled person and truly deserved a better ending. R.I.P Lee, rest ...more

Such a kind guy with everything going his way. We will miss the boss 1975-2012 :(

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2 Clementine

Super cute

Better than Kenny

Why is Kenny higher?

Clementine is the cutest kid ever who can survive on her own! Truly the best character ever in the walking dead. So much awesomeness.

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3 Kenny

Kenny is just one of those characters whom you can become attached to. He has flaws, which makes him human and more likable, but he loves his family and has a good heart. If you back him up, you will reap the rewards of a friendship that does not seem confined to the virtual emotions of a video game.

Kenny is the best

He is my favorite he is the best

Kenny is a true hero, he saves Lee from the zombie horde when all hope seemed lost, he survived countless encounters with mad bandits and cannibal survivors, he had to go through the loss of his wife and son dying, he stayed with Lee when Lee was going to die, he helped find Clementine, sacrificed himself to save Ben/Christa, Saves Clementine countless times and stays with her till the very end. When it's Kenny VS Jane, the one I picked was the one I loved, and the one I loved was the moustache man who has been with us since the very first episode of Season 1... Long live kenny!

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4 Carley

Carley is a person with a very good moral. She is always helping people instead of letting them die and becomes Lees love interest. If there was one character who I would have know Lee's past it would be her. I disliked the way they killed her though. I give Telltale props for shock value but I think they should have kept her around more to build more of a relationship with Lee before killing her off or making her whereabouts unknown. Plus even though I was shocked by Carley's death I think I would have been more surprised to see Lilly shoot herself instead. I also hate the fact that all Lee would've needed to say to keep her from getting killed was that she was the one who sent you in to check on the stolen supplies in the first place. She literally says "it's probably worth following up with Lilly about the stolen supplies.", and it didn't even give you the option to say that

She’s cool bruh she looks kind of nice too - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

Carley saved Lee and Clementine many many times even if it risks it. I don't care if she doesn't know about the batteries. It's the zombie apocalypse does it even matter? She is so much better than Doug (Not hating on him). She's third in my book. Wish she could've at least made it in Episode 4. God... I hate Lilly... Hope she doesn't return in Season 3. If she does, then I'd shoot her right away if there's an option to. - chris267

She is a great shot, speaks her mind, and is one of the few characters that could have had a great relationship with Lee it was sad to see her die.

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5 Luke

Oh and I like Jane - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

Guys stop Luke is my favorite character asides from AJ, Clem, Kenny and the dog - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

Luke would have left Clem in the forest to died and become a walker who said to taking her to the cabin pete who was against it luke. Luke treated Clem like crap in the forest when he though Clem was bit that act like a hypocrite and get after them of doing it. Asks about your dead parent and how lee die. Get piss off if you judged his friend and get piss off if you stand up for your friend. Get caught steal food Kenny lost his eye because of it then show not remorse of it and want to leave him get piss off if you say no. Has sex instead of helping the group. More upset about jane leaving who he barely know then the deaths of nick and sarah. Cover up a murder. Didn't listen to Clem and get shot. Treated people who gave him food and a place to stay. Asks how Kenny family died. Run away when his friends were in trouble. Was going to leave sarah to die. Show more concern about jane live and didn't bother thinking about Sarah. Want to stay instead of finding food.

Luke suck, I was piss off that Clem couldn't kill him, I was piss when he return in episode 3 and 4, it took why to long for that ass to died why to long. I happy he dies and can't be saved and very happy if you make the RIGHT choice and not risks your life for ass that doesn't not deserve it, Bonnie can died to they both be walkers forever which is what they deserve. It pathetic that people cryed and are not going to playing s3 because luke died pathetic really pathetic. This guy piss he off the second I met him, I thought he was going to get better but no, covering a murder, stuffing his face instead of helping his group, having sex instead of helping his group, helping someone who try to kill us, man very episode he just got worst, the happiness moment is when he Finally die it just took dame long. It gross that his fan what him to have sex with Clem which is why they killed him, because gross pervert pedophilia don't deserve a luke ending they deserve to be punished and they ...more

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6 Omid

He is not a bad guy, always thinking positive and caring about others. Also, even in bad situations he can stay positive or ironic, and that's because I like him. He reminds me on myself or how I would like to be and I really would like to know him in reallife.

Omid is the man, funniest character in the game

Omid was the comic relief. To bad that stupid gangsta shot him.

Omid brought some lightness to the situation. He was up for a joke and was always so positive.

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7 Ben

Everyone thinks Kenny lost everything, when Ben also lost his family, his school friends. All of these people would be extremely close to him. Ben is just poorly written and unrealistic, his character is just a tool to progress the story on until his death. He tries to save the group but ends up making a mistake, just like a normal human. People love Kenny for his countless mistakes he makes and claim its him just been a human, but Ben does exactly the same but people hate him for it. Ben also sticks by you at all cost where as Kenny only looks out for him and his family.

I honestly see myself in Ben, making him my favorite character in the game. He never wanted to hurt anybody, and I think he actually saved a lot of lives with his actions. Just think for a moment: If the bandits didn't get medicine from Ben, how else would they get it? By waiting for Lee and Kenny to go out looking for supplies, killing EVERYONE, and then ambushing Lee and Kenny when they got back. Then they would loot the camp. Sure Carley/Doug, Katjaa, and Duck die, but that is better then EVERYONE dead. He always got everyone's bull, and was hated by most of the survivors. Kenny always was pushing him around, and kept telling him he should be dead. Even though he always had the pure intentions, he was still hated my most. He was just a kid, he didn't deserve what he got in the end.

Ben has found it very tough, like most character within the group he loses his whole family or they are unknown. Like he says in episode 5 if you choose to save him he stands up Kenny.

It just makes me feel sorry from him how the team never cuts him any slack for his past mistakes, though I can confirm that killing carley almost made him deserve that kind of treatment. Almost.

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8 Chuck

He is the reason Clem is alive

Reason why Clementine is alive (in a lot of ways). He was a great man, so sad he killed him off. If only you had a choice to save him.

Chuck is the reason Clementine is alive from Ben running away but I still think Chuck should have lived and kill the kidnapper.

It turn's out he is one of the people who barely swear... (There are a lot of swear's in this game. )

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9 Mark

Honest, good forgiving guy with a great and useful skill set. Would've liked to see more of him.

A great guy, too bad he's dead, those St. Johns killed him and cut his legs off. Damn, he was so good, he was like my favourite character.

He was a great guy who should have lasted all season and beyond, great at garnering sympathy, was as great as Kenny just poorly written still he was the most popular character of episode 2 and great death scene. More than half of people helped him and gave food in episode 2 which just shows how much he could do with so little.

Most loyal companion ever even as a zombie he still has your back.

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10 Javier Garcia

Should be higher on the list. He's a very underrated character

I love him - Maxwell-A

I love his beard

He always tries to do the right thing, and even though he's no Lee for Clementine, he's a good friend that will always have her back and he has good intentions. - lillypho27

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? AJ

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11 Lily

She is one of the only ones who takes it very seriously.

Lilly is a really great character with a lot of potential. She is misunderstood and actually has some good points. I believe if she lived as long as Kenny then more people would've sided with her. I believe she is still alive and will be in season two. She made one mistake, killing Carley/Doug, but if she explains and apologize, I can forgive her one mistake.

Misunderstood character

I think out of Kenny and her, she's the most rational leader of the group. And she isn't that bad as a character. You can even see her soft sympathetic side if you sided with her.
Overall she's a pretty decent character, unlike Kenny.

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12 Christa


In my opinion, Christa is one of the few characters in the game that is facing problems in the present. I mean, think about it; she was pregnant, (up until season 2) Omid has now been shot, and she was confronted and possibly beaten up or even KILLED by a gang (? ). Even though I'm pretty sure that this poll (or whatever) is closed, I wanted to type up my opinion of Christa publicly.

I like Christa because she took care of Clementine all by herself for 16 months, longer than Lee. I think it's possible for her appearance in Season 3.

Christa is single handedly one of the best survivors in the game. She managed to survive with Clem for 16 months alone and that isn't by any means a small feat.

13 Carlos

He was so cool. I wish he was still around. He ended up becoming a plot device to further the development of an annoying and ultimately doomed character (sarah).

I actually use to like him at first but after that the second episode he was trash, it’s his fault, Sarah became such a dumb coward.

Carlos is awesome he may come off as mean but he's just that way to protect sarah

I liked how he was always trying to protect Sarah from the cruel world that they're in, he was a very good character, I just wish he would've lived longer

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14 Doug

While most people killed him off in the first episode, I found him one of the best comic reliefs in the game, where at one point he saves your life with a laser pointer.

A. He's super cute and adorable.
B. He's handy with mechanical things and can repair anything that Lee needs to be repaired.
C. He's kind hearted. He died protecting Ben from getting shot by Lilly.
D. He took care of Clementine. He gives her batteries and stuff.
E. He's the best comic relief character of the game. At one point, he ate the bread that Brenda St. John gave Lee's group the moment she gave it, and he pointed laser pointer to Andy when he tried to kill Lee.
F. He's a nerd. Where else can you see a nerd as awesome as Doug?

He's one of the best character of the game for me and shouldn't have died in Episode 3. Wish he would made it to Season 2.

The most underrated character in the game.

Most people dismissed him right off as a non-valuable nerd, but I find him the most human out of everybody in the game. He never boss anybody around, he don't fight zombies her and there, but he always save people whenever he can, look what he did to Carley in Macon and how he died when he's saving Ben. I can relate to him the most and in real life I would certainly be best friends with him. I love him so much.

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15 Pete

Pete could've been the new Lee! He was my favorite cabin survivor and was the nicest to Clementine. In the end, he was killed off too early for character development for Nick (which Nick never even got! ) Nick should've died instead of Pete.

Pete didn't deserve to die that way

It's a pity they killed him off too soon. He and Luke were my favourite from the cabin survivors.


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16 Alvin

What I liked mostly about him was that he died as a hero, sacrificing his life and that was something completely unexpected. When you usually see you don't see a hero. But that scene proved how much of a badass he really is.

I can't believe he's 15 but Alvin a Kind, Loving Father, he even helped Clementine from her bite (Determinant) and even gave her a juice box. he's such a generous man, too bad Carver beat him up and got killed. Either way he's a Kind Father and now he's with Rebecca.

Alvin is a nice guy he didn't deserve to die in episode 2 or if you save him bill carver might kill him In 3 but he trusted clemmy in episode 1 and took care of rebbeca and I like walter but dumbass bill killed him nobody deserves to die on this game but bill. I'm glad kenny lived he was epic and he is still a bit funny but if he dies I'm blaming carver. And if carlos die I'm blaming carver alsi and bonnie is on 400 days why is she working for carver damn I can't trust anyone anymore
My top 10 characters of season 2
1 clemmy
2 carlos
3 alvin
4 luke
5 kenny
6 nick
7 sarah
8 walter
9 sahika
10 rebecca

Everyone is awesome but bill carver he is cruel
Alvin is a nice guy and funny

What I liked mostly about him was that he died as a hero, sacrificing his life and that was something completely unexpected. When you usually see you don't see a hero. But that scene proved how much of a badass he really is.

17 Molly

I think Molly is the most badass character in the game. She beat the sh$t out of Lee and Kenny and owns walkers with her ice axe, yet she also cares about other people

Best character there is! Greatest survivor, greater ally!

If you have to save her and you miss the shot, she will escape.

But when you kill the zombie she will later apologize for not mounting a boat.

I think that is very crappy, because this apologies is clearly for not crossroading a story.

She's a cool addition. I was hoping to see her in A New Frontier, but I guess we can't have everything in life. - FarrowtheEdgehog15

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18 Walter

I felt so bad for Walter, and the way he saved Nick. You could tell he was still grieved when he shot the Walker, but he knew Nick was a good guy based off of what Clementine told him. (Unless you choose to tell Walter that Nick is just like all the others)

He's such a nice guy, I can't believe he wasn't even on the list! - clementineishere

I feel bad for him and Matthew...

How could you not like him?

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19 Rebecca

You might not like her at first but she starts to grow on you after a while

At first I hated Rebecca. But after a while when Carver came and returned everyone back, she started to grow on me.

20 Carver
21 Katjaa

I felt bad for katjaa she should of took her life away she still had Kenny and she did erthing she could for others eg bens teacher

When I saw this list, I thought to myself, hey, why not vote for Lilly? But when I saw poor Katjaa this far down, I was like, oh hell no! Katjaa deserved better. She is actually my second favorite character, after Lilly. She has great potential but instead her overrated husband got ALL the attention. I feel SO bad for her. Rest in peace, Katjaa.

Katjaa reminded me of Beth a little

I think she is a realistic character. She wants whats best for her family and group. Nobody ever notices how loyal she actually is. Her death was horrible.

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22 Sarah

I think Sarah is a good character in the game. She's nice to Clementine and a lot of people think there is another side to her other than being an innocent little girl.

Personally I didn't like Sarah because she was very useless I saved every chance I got and she still didn't make it, however I think we all knew she wasn't going to survive.

She was a really nice person, I just wish that she would've lived longer...

Why do people hate her? She is friendly to Clementine and I blame Carlos for any pain she apparently caused

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23 Paul "Jesus" Monroe

Just a hilarious character cool skilled and just a great addition to the walking dead a new frontier

He's pretty badass, also he flirts with Javi at one point, which in my opinion, makes a much better ship than Kate and Javi. Love the guy honestly. - lillypho27

24 Glenn

He is from the walking dead game and show, which makes him even more awesome, and I really want for Clementine to have a cameo in the show.

Sorry that he leave, he could be great character and big help.

I liked him

Never played the game but Glenn is my favorite T.V. show character so I am voting for him

25 Sarita

Sarita was such a kind, and caring person. She was very supportive of others. She's even a tough character, not hesitating to pull the trigger, when it comes to killing zombies. I was sadden when she got bit.

Sarita did not deserve to die, after the group moves of psycho Carvers camp..

Poor Kenny he lost sarita after losing katja and duck

26 Bill Carver

They did a great job giving us a villain we could all hate. Up until Carver comes into season 2 you could see both sides to wanting to side with certain characters or not. Not with this guy, his story was done very well it doesn't drag on and his death is satisfying and certainly helps move the rest of season 2 in the tone Telltale was trying to set. Excellent villain!

The best character doesn't necessarily mean the most likeable character. It means the best designed character, and I felt Carver's personality did an excellent job at making us hate his guts, as they intended to.

An excellent villian, The Walking Dead game is certainly not short of characters with an "ends justify the means" approach to the apocalypse; but Carver is one of the best examples. Carver has an almost eerie charisma to him. An obvious copy of the governer in the T.V. series; however, the governer is an insane and maniacal character, very detached from humanity. Carver, however is the kind of villian who isn't very far from a lot of normal people; your friend or your family or even YOU could end up just like Carver and that is why he should be higher on this list.

The Walking Dead nedded a big strong villain. carver is The man

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27 Reggie

Carver killed him because stupid Sarah but I don't really blame Sarah I blame Carlos for overprotecting her so much

I don't blame Carlos for Sarah not being able to cut some goddam branches. - ShinyDragonite

I always felt so bad for Reggie. He had good intentions, and didn't want to get on anyone's bad side. I was a bit disappointed when he died.

He shouldn't have died, at least with my choices she actually picked SOME berries

Reggie deserved better! - Kana79

28 Duck

Why hate Duck? What did he ever do to YOU?

Died at a very young age :( poor feller just wanted people to be happy

He's Robin to my Batman

Why does everyone hate duck? if he lived Kenny would have no gone insane and maybe lee would still be alive plus duck I was kind and funny

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29 Christina

How is she

30 Violet

VIOLET IS GREAT and yes give some love to Vi she's cool and in my outcome she looses a finger but never mind shipping her and Clem uwuuu

Come on give some Love to Violet! - TheOneMan

31 Shawn

So sad when he dies, wish I could've saved him

32 Tripp

While Tripp can look like a scary, threatening dude at first, he really is the most caring and friendly man in the games.

Tripp be Trippin'

33 Matthew

Walter's lover. He seems like a nice guy, Nick is such an airhead.

He's the guy on the bridge and I thought he was cool.


34 Eleanor

She was okay, at first, but then I started to hate her guts once I found out that she betrayed the group to Joan.

35 James

James was so nice to AJ and Clem when they first met.Evan thou he was kinda of a jerk to clementine I still love him and I get why he was acting like that.

36 Larry

Larry was a good person, bear with me. He was a great dad. He wanted what was best for his daughter. He wanted her out of harms way (no pun intended) he tried his best to keep her safe. Of course he didn't like Lee one bit. I wouldn't blame him for being such and ass, he's lost everything, besides Lilly. He lost his wife, which hardened him. Making him bitter and hateful. I'm curios on what would happen if Larry would've stayed alive a little longer.

In the end, my Lee got revenge by helping Kenny kill him lol.

He wasn't nice to Lee, he knocked him out, for him to be eaten by Zombies.

Give the axe to mark people, mark

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37 Shel

Had like the most longest and connecting story in 400 days with the cancer patients Clive Boyd and Joyce and they were at gills pitstop had the old couple from the end of russels story as the walker watchdogs

38 Vince

Vince was by far my favourite 400 days character and he deserves a higher spot.

How is he this low?! I hope Vince returns for season 3 no matter where he went!

Vince held the group together in 400 days

39 Russell

I put him on the list, he and walter weren't even on the list before.

40 Brie

Seriously, everyone spelling "Pretty" wrong, learn to spell. - Randomperson101

Getting "Pritty" annoying - Randomperson101

A nice person who doesn't mean to be a b$$ch just tries to look out for her group she's apart of the cancer support group and live in Crawford when the apocalypse brook out but got kicked out with Vernon Boyd Clive and Joyce because of her decease she eventually dies cause seven walkers attack her so rip brie

I kinda like she had a pritty horrible death

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41 Wyatt

I can honestly see myself in Wyatt's shoes running from a psycho with my unreliable and hilarious best friend while looking for the weed in our rusty ass car too funny! Can't believe he's not higher on the list! How the hell did Bonny get ranked higher than him? Come on guys this man used Rock Paper Scissors as a way to determine his fate!

Wyatt is my favorite 400 Days protagonist next to Vince. He is the comic relief of the group, hope he and Vince return for season 3 no matter where they go.

Come on guys! He's a stoner! Can you even think of a funnier dude during the end of the world? Really who doesn't love this guy? Him and Molly are prolly the two most underrated characters! I see myself as both of them laugh out loud

42 Becca

Becca doesn't deserve to breath the same air as those decent people like clementine and kenny

She is plain nasty

43 Mike

Didn't have the best intro to me, but made it up to the group's muscle later.

Mike is love. Mike is life. Best black character in the game... Except Lee.
Deal with it.

Mike was always considerate, and the way he comforted Arvo showed it.

He cares and is really helpful

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44 Michonne Michonne Michonne is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Danai Gurira in the television series of the same name.

Easily one of the best designed characters - DenMark2

Sad candymom doesn't need any of you jerks, should be way above TrashLilly.

45 Gabe

He may be annoying, but he's a teenager that lost his sister and his father left him.

46 Kate
47 Cop

Most people will not remember him but he is a charecter he drove the police car lee was in in episode 1 season 1

He is killed in ep1 at the very start

A chatterbox who cannot watch the rode. 😤

48 Tisha

Who is tisha

She does not talk in it

49 Ava
50 Hershel Greene Hershel Greene Hershel Greene is a fictional character in The Walking Dead whose role is depicted in the comic book, television series as portrayed by Scott Wilson and the game series.

The show was dead without him

Patched Lee up when lee hurt his leg in a car accident and just because Hershel is in the T.V. show not just the game

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