While known for making' rash decisions, Kenny is hands down the best character in the ENTIRE walking dead universe. He's loyal while holding grudges against those who wrong him. He has good intentions but makes them out to look like aggressive tactics. He's the Rick of the games undoubtedly but differs from Rick in the sense that no one wants to back him. Besides Clem, he's the main character of the series & I pray he somehow makes an appearance in Season 3. After Lee's death, he becomes the Guardian of Clementine. All he wants is to protect the group, by any means necessary which is why he's a great leader.

From the moment I met Kenny, I got the sense that he was a good guy. Although many other characters are wary of Kenny and think he is a bad man, Kenny has a heart of gold. He might be hard to get along with during peace time, but during war time he is the man you want watching your back. Kenny has never let me down, despite losing more than anybody could ever imagine losing. I have infinite respect and love for Kenny.

Kenny is the best. So what if you gotta side with him a lot. That's what friends do anyway. Hey if my friend wasn't siding with me when it mattered I wouldn't exactly be that close of a friend with them either. And to all of you people who think Kenny is crazy and insane, rethink yourself. Think if it was you who just lost their entire family within a few minutes. Think about it you would act the same way if not worse. And he actually continued on even though he has nothing anymore he still continues. Any of you haters just think about how u would act #kennyforlife

I love Kenny! Even though he get's cranky sometimes, he's a nice guy. He stood up for me and stuck with me till the very end.

Don't get me wrong, Lee and Clem are amazing characters, and I love them, but Kenny is the single greatest character in TTG Walking Dead. He is a natural born leader. He is strong willed, brave and compassionate. Depending on the choices you make, he is Lee and Clem's truest friend. I trust him. I know Clem and Alvin will be safe with the man, because he loves them, would kill for them, and would lay down his life for them. I'm staying with Kenny until the bloody end.

Kenny is awesome I always sided with him and sided against once (When you had to choose to save Ben) overall Kenny was a great charcter in a great game

People need to give this guy a break he has lost so much yet he still fights and you find out at the end of season 2 that he was always a good man and not what everyone that talked behind his back think he was he will always be the best because he's given the most and kinda replaces lee

Kenny should be #2. Kenny has easily been through the most of all the characters, and even I almost cried when he lost all control and was shot (I know no one who would have let Jane die. ) Jane did an unspeakable act towards a trusting man and in turn got him killed.

Kenny is the most human out of all of the characters. He has serious flaws, just like any real person, but he has good heart and cares so deeply for Clementine and would probably do anything for her.

Kenny is one of the guys that kept the group together and has saved Lee's life on several accounts. He is one of those guys that is a loveable, badass character that everyone gets attached to.

Kenny, the man who went threw the most of all, died today. Yes, you had a choice. But Kenny needed to be with his family. Clem will always remember him, and the things he did to protect her. Yes he had anger but the apocalypse made him that way. RIP.

One of my favorite characters honestly. Yes he has flaws but that's human and also because he has had such a hard time. He is the character besides Clem that has been in the game the longest

I think Kenny will be in season 2 because you didn't really see him die or screaming and I hope he alive because I like Kenny he was like a bro to me

Kenny is a really Bada*s character. I love how he's the one who can live until the very end! When it comes down to Kenny or Jane I chose Kenny, he's really savage like

Guys you don't worry of Kenny now in season 1 he is alive and he made his appearance in season 2 where Clem in the trailor said this "I though you were dead" and that is saying that Kenny is Alive and look up the walking dead video game wiki of Kenny and it will show him. He is much different right now in season 1.

He's a great man, a family man. He stuck out for me, even in the very end. I really hope he didn't actually die.

Being in every single episode of both seasons (and a cameo in 400 Days), this character is the character I became most attached to, and I found his death to actually be significantly sadder than Lee's.

Kenny is my bro for life I hope to god he will be back for season 2

Kenny is completely selfless a great friend and a great family man I feel so sorry for what he's been through definitely my favourite.

Kenny, he will always feel loveable every time you save him. He sacrifices for everyone. Glad he didn't die unless you want him to die. - TristGamer

Just think about it. A man lost his ENTIRE family. And he still cares about Clem. Love him

The Rick of the video game. Lee is a lot different from Rick, because he has more morale but Kenny is full on badass Rick. I can understand why lee is higher though

Lee and Kenny should be joint first

After everything that has happened to him, He's still remains one of the few good people in a time of terror.

Kenny starts off as a good man, and will remain that way if you side with him many times through out the game but you can see after Katjaa and Duck died in season 1 episode 3 he became a broken man. I like Kenny he's a good guy but he can be a real jerk if you don't side with him enough.