I was very happy when Luke was killed off it was the happiness scene in to whole it just piss me off that I had to wait 5 episode for it. He should have got killed instead of pete, he should have fell off the bridge, nick should have shoot him be accidental, should got killed by carver, die off cam, die in the trailer, killed by the Russians, but no 5 long episodes with that prick, who got killed off because people made him into pedophilia

What makes luke death great is he will be left as a walker at the bottom of the lake forever which is what he deserve and also Bonnie can die to and be left as a walker so killing two birds with one stone.

Luke was amazing he helped Clem he is the next lee I wish telltale makes a special season for him where he is with clem and is the next lee he helps clem and he was a fighter he was ready after he was shot and the saddest thing is that he was killed just after his birthday so hands down luke is the next lee best charecter in season 2

Luke a ass. I only like because of stupid hormonal teen-age girls that think he hot. Which piss me off. Luke should be judge but how or want he does and he nothing but a prick. But because he good looking people don't see that. You known you sicko that made Cluke which is 100 % sick there nothing cute about it. Is the reason why luke died

Luke is the best season 2 character! I was so mad when he died and wanted to go back and try the other option! It just doesn't work because he dies either way. One of my favorite walking dead characters

I hate that people sweep everything luke did under the rug just because he " good looking " if luke was ugly they luke a jerk

Luke deserve to be kill off because people made him to a pedophilia

I was very sad that none of the cabin characters survived in Season 2. If anyone of them were to survive, it should have been Luke. He and Pete were the only ones nice to Clem from the start (maybe Sarah as well but Clem knows she would be a huge liability in her journey)

Luke was a poor sad half ass attempt to remake lee

I love Luke, I don't know why! I can't believe he died in most of the endings

Luke had no flaws, he was funny, helpful and kind. When he died in Episode 5 I was more then devastated and I even thought about coding the game to make Luke survive... It didn't work... But he is alive to ME!

Luke is not a nice person he a complete ass but people don't see it because he good looking

Luke is worst video characters ever.

Why is this guy 5, luke only has big fan base because he " hot " which is sick.

Well, I think this guy was pretty nice.

Luke's the nicest guy in the group, he's like a Paragon, therefore he belongs at Number 1.

It's a big insult to Lee if you compare Luke to Lee.

Luke didn't do anything to help in the game.

I actually chose Lee but Luke deserved better, killed him of in such a horrible way. he didn't get a memorable death, he just got one. It's like telltale chose out of a hat who to kill. I would've liked to see Luke as important as Jane was to Clementine. R.I.P Luke, rest in peace you kind person

Definitely the best character in season 2. Joint nicest character in the whole franchise (along with lee)

He's like a brother figure to Clementine. And he loves Clementine the same way Lee loved Clementine.

Luke is amazing and he is definitely the next lee but he and kenny are both equal in character

He was mean to Clemmy Clue at first then helped her get through season two because I think he is the reason Clem is alive -love luke

He was a jerk, I mean why would he have sex with Jane. Every time Kenny would help or he explain anything. so stop Luke him.

Luke is a terrible characters and he even worst because sicko made him into a pedo