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My favorite characters in the video game, The Walking Dead.

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21 Rebecca

You might not like her at first but she starts to grow on you after a while

At first I hated Rebecca. But after a while when Carver came and returned everyone back, she started to grow on me.

22 Jane

Jane is really awesome! Truely she is the level head no bull survival character who you would want to learn from and follow. She has adapted to the tough way of life and she hasn't let if warp her into a ticking time bomb of doom and death. I loved her no nonsense way of taking things she isn't like other characters that will take risks life hers or others, for outcomes that are not going to pay out in the end. Let's just say if this was a scary movie Jane would be the character that would not go investigate some random noise or go into the dark part of the house or the other hundred retarted things that many characters will do that gets them kill and leave everyone in the theater going why the heck would they do that. The way I see it is that a lot of people in the walking dead want to believe in the nice rules like the golden rule from the time before chaos but life during this time isn't for that way of thinking and you have to be careful where you apply that rule Jane know this. ...more

Jane is an idiot, she leave a poor child in the back of a truck just to piss kenny off so they would fight and she could kill him. Kenny4Life

Plus if you choose to leave her she begs you to stay, Kenny understood your choice I

People need to cut Jane some slack. Everyone makes it out as if she's the devil's incarnate, but she's had it as bad as everyone else, especially when her sister just gave up and died. She was right about Kenny being unstable. Was she right for starting a fight with him? No. But all she wanted was the best for Clem, and killing a close friend of hers might've been the best for her.. She doesn't deserve the hate she gets!

Jane's cool. Jane's million times more reliable than Mr. Bipolar Kenny.
People lie so much about Jane it's not even fun anymore.
Jane saves Clem and the group several times, always putting herself at risk when she could have been safe if she hadn't helped them.

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23 Glenn

He is from the walking dead game and show, which makes him even more awesome, and I really want for Clementine to have a cameo in the show.

Sorry that he leave, he could be great character and big help.

I liked him

Never played the game but Glenn is my favorite T.V. show character so I am voting for him

24 Carver
25 Sarah

I think Sarah is a good character in the game. She's nice to Clementine and a lot of people think there is another side to her other than being an innocent little girl.

Personally I didn't like Sarah because she was very useless I saved every chance I got and she still didn't make it, however I think we all knew she wasn't going to survive.

She was a really nice person, I just wish that she would've lived longer...

Sarah was a really good character in the game, I was so sad when she died, she wanted to survive and she didn't deserved ro die, she was'nt like jane's sister as he were saying, she's nive to clementine and alse her best friend.

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26 Paul "Jesus" Monroe

He's pretty badass, also he flirts with Javi at one point, which in my opinion, makes a much better ship than Kate and Javi. Love the guy honestly. - lillypho27

27 Wyatt

I can honestly see myself in Wyatt's shoes running from a psycho with my unreliable and hilarious best friend while looking for the weed in our rusty ass car too funny! Can't believe he's not higher on the list! How the hell did Bonny get ranked higher than him? Come on guys this man used Rock Paper Scissors as a way to determine his fate!

Wyatt is my favorite 400 Days protagonist next to Vince. He is the comic relief of the group, hope he and Vince return for season 3 no matter where they go.

Come on guys! He's a stoner! Can you even think of a funnier dude during the end of the world? Really who doesn't love this guy? Him and Molly are prolly the two most underrated characters! I see myself as both of them laugh out loud

28 Sarita

Sarita was such a kind, and caring person. She was very supportive of others. She's even a tough character, not hesitating to pull the trigger, when it comes to killing zombies. I was sadden when she got bit.

Sarita did not deserve to die, after the group moves of psycho Carvers camp..

Sarita was the sweetest character. I miss her so much ;-; - Kana79

Poor Kenny he lost sarita after losing katja and duck

29 Christina


How is she

30 Shel

Had like the most longest and connecting story in 400 days with the cancer patients Clive Boyd and Joyce and they were at gills pitstop had the old couple from the end of russels story as the walker watchdogs

31 Mike

Didn't have the best intro to me, but made it up to the group's muscle later.

Mike is love. Mike is life. Best black character in the game... Except Lee.
Deal with it.

Mike was always considerate, and the way he comforted Arvo showed it.

I love Mike. Considerate and loving. He is one of my favourites in S2. - Kana79

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32 Edith

The woman who was at the end of s2 for like a minute seriously how Is she this high on the list

33 Eleanor

She was okay, at first, but then I started to hate her guts once I found out that she betrayed the group to Joan.

I don't hate Eleanor. I was nice to her in Episode 5 and forgave her. She obviously didn't want all of this to happen. Didn't you see her reaction to Tripp's death? The look in her eyes when he died... my heart.
Eleanor had good intentions. She wanted to protect the citizens of Richmond. Elle loves helping people and she is glad they appreciate her skills. Dr Lingard also praised her medical abilities.
Eleanor is sweet and caring. definitely not a bad person. I hope Telltale makes an extra episode about the 3 day timeskip. It would be good be good if it's from her point of view. I want her to have a redemption arc. - Kana79

34 Tripp

While Tripp can look like a scary, threatening dude at first, he really is the most caring and friendly man in the games.

Tripp be Trippin'

35 Russell

I put him on the list, he and walter weren't even on the list before.

36 Becca

Becca doesn't deserve to breath the same air as those decent people like clementine and kenny

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37 Vince

Vince was by far my favourite 400 days character and he deserves a higher spot.

How is he this low?! I hope Vince returns for season 3 no matter where he went!

Vince held the group together in 400 days

38 Shawn

So sad when he dies, wish I could've saved him

39 Michonne Michonne Michonne is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Danai Gurira in the television series of the same name.

Easily one of the best designed characters - DenMark2

Sad candymom doesn't need any of you jerks, should be way above TrashLilly.

40 Hershel Greene Hershel Greene Hershel Greene is a fictional character in The Walking Dead whose role is depicted in the comic book, television series as portrayed by Scott Wilson and the game series.

Patched Lee up when lee hurt his leg in a car accident and just because Hershel is in the T.V. show not just the game

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