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41 Hershel Greene Hershel Greene Hershel Greene is a fictional character in The Walking Dead whose role is depicted in the comic book, television series as portrayed by Scott Wilson and the game series.

Patched Lee up when lee hurt his leg in a car accident and just because Hershel is in the T.V. show not just the game

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43 Cop

Most people will not remember him but he is a charecter he drove the police car lee was in in episode 1 season 1

He is killed in ep1 at the very start

A chatterbox who cannot watch the rode. 😤

44 Hilda

Hilda is the coolest weapon she's badass like her owner

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45 Sam

When I first played season 2, I was like "Oh god, what have they done with the walking dead? " I thought Sam was Clem's new animal companion and that idea is really stupid, as soon as he bit her, I immediately thought otherwise, I like Sam because he does an excellent job of showing Telltale's style and the part where Clem stitched herself was one of the grittiest things I've seen in a game

Its sad he has to die it was a bit over the top :( R.I. P Sam well always love you

Misunderstood made a mistake good at frisbee

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46 Maybelle

Maybelle is the St. John's cow right? How could she even be on this list?

An ice pick and a cow are on this list? Really? - CatCode

10/10, Good Character, Would Never Betray You!

Zombies eat animals too (T.V. show pigs and horses get eaten)

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47 Reggie

Carver killed him because stupid Sarah but I don't really blame Sarah I blame Carlos for overprotecting her so much

I don't blame Carlos for Sarah not being able to cut some goddam branches. - ShinyDragonite

I always felt so bad for Reggie. He had good intentions, and didn't want to get on anyone's bad side. I was a bit disappointed when he died.

He shouldn't have died, at least with my choices she actually picked SOME berries

Reggie deserved better! - Kana79

48 Daryl Dixon Daryl Dixon

Daryl isn't even in the game!

He is in the T.V. show not the game

49 Tisha

She does not talk in it

50 Oak
51 Danny

He's a cannibal douche with a gun... He sucks.

A very odd character indeed. He seemed more of a pedophile.

52 Travis

He is that punk ass bossy kid who you find with ben, and he jumps at mark and accidentally gets shot, or he gets eaten

He is the guy from the high school with black hair.

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53 Boyd

He look like Morgan Freeman. enough said

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54 Chet

Chet? You mean the guy who was in the game for like 5 minutes? Plus one of these comments had NOTHING to do with Chet!

Lol yeah, wasn't he that guy with shawn at the start?

I think Chet is just a pedo. He's attracted to Clemie-clue

My favourite season 2 characters are probably
1. Clementine
2. Kenny
3. Christa
4. Omid (not sure about this one. )
5. Luke
6. Sarah (maybe)
7. Carlos
8. Alvin or Rebecca
9. Alvin or Rebecca
10. Pete

He's talking about Season 2. Lee only appears in a flashback in that season. - ShinyDragonite

55 Andre (Officer Mitchell)

Andre was a police man who knew the Greene family saved lee shawn and clementine he didn't die but he had so much potential he just drove off and was never seen again

56 Justin

Don't save Justin, he's a rapist, save danny instead

The guy Vince saved in the prison bus

First time I played I saved Danny. Second time I'll probably save Justin. Danny dies anyway and might've been a rapist. In the end, Justin might be better because it's brains over brawn. He even teaches Vince to find a community (even if he does this by leaving 😆)

57 David

Is suppose to be the teacher of Ben and Travis

Yep, I chopped his leg off, his face when you tell him that lol

58 Chef

Yeah, who's the dumbass who added this?

I think you mean Chet who is already on this list way on up there

59 Matthew

Walter's lover. He seems like a nice guy, Nick is such an airhead.

He's the guy on the bridge and I thought he was cool.

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60 Charles

I'm kinda angry that he wasn't on the list previously :/ one of the best characters

Who is Charles? Cause Chuck is already on the list

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