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41 Cop

Most people will not remember him but he is a charecter he drove the police car lee was in in episode 1 season 1

He is killed in ep1 at the very start

A chatterbox who cannot watch the rode. 😤

42 Hilda

Hilda is the coolest weapon she's badass like her owner

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43 Sam

When I first played season 2, I was like "Oh god, what have they done with the walking dead? " I thought Sam was Clem's new animal companion and that idea is really stupid, as soon as he bit her, I immediately thought otherwise, I like Sam because he does an excellent job of showing Telltale's style and the part where Clem stitched herself was one of the grittiest things I've seen in a game

Its sad he has to die it was a bit over the top :( R.I. P Sam well always love you

Misunderstood made a mistake good at frisbee

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44 Maybelle

Maybelle is the St. John's cow right? How could she even be on this list?

An ice pick and a cow are on this list? Really? - CatCode

10/10, Good Character, Would Never Betray You!

Zombies eat animals too (T.V. show pigs and horses get eaten)

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45 Reggie

Carver killed him because stupid Sarah but I don't really blame Sarah I blame Carlos for overprotecting her so much

I don't blame Carlos for Sarah not being able to cut some goddam branches. - ShinyDragonite

I always felt so bad for Reggie. He had good intentions, and didn't want to get on anyone's bad side. I was a bit disappointed when he died.

He shouldn't have died, at least with my choices she actually picked SOME berries

Reggie deserved better! - Kana79

46 Daryl Dixon Daryl Dixon

Daryl isn't even in the game!

He is in the T.V. show not the game

47 Tisha

She does not talk in it

48 Oak
49 Samantha Fairbanks
50 Badger
51 Duck

Why hate Duck? What did he ever do to YOU?

Died at a very young age :( poor feller just wanted people to be happy

He's Robin to my Batman

I liked Duck. He was adorable! ^_^ - Kana79

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52 Brie

A nice person who doesn't mean to be a b$$ch just tries to look out for her group she's apart of the cancer support group and live in Crawford when the apocalypse brook out but got kicked out with Vernon Boyd Clive and Joyce because of her decease she eventually dies cause seven walkers attack her so rip brie

I kinda liked Brie I mean she was a pritty ok chareter if it wasn't for her you would've of found your way through she was a great chareter sad death

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53 Larry

Larry was a good person, bear with me. He was a great dad. He wanted what was best for his daughter. He wanted her out of harms way (no pun intended) he tried his best to keep her safe. Of course he didn't like Lee one bit. I wouldn't blame him for being such and ass, he's lost everything, besides Lilly. He lost his wife, which hardened him. Making him bitter and hateful. I'm curios on what would happen if Larry would've stayed alive a little longer.

In the end, my Lee got revenge by helping Kenny kill him lol.

He wasn't nice to Lee, he knocked him out, for him to be eaten by Zombies.

I actually sided with Kenny when it came to killing Larry

I know I scarred Clementine for life but Clem, you need to understand Larry was not a good man

If anything I helped Kenny do humanity a favor.

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54 Brenda

When kenny went down to save christa I almost cried, R.I. P kenny!

55 Danny

He's a cannibal douche with a gun... He sucks.

A very odd character indeed. He seemed more of a pedophile.

56 Bill Carver

They did a great job giving us a villain we could all hate. Up until Carver comes into season 2 you could see both sides to wanting to side with certain characters or not. Not with this guy, his story was done very well it doesn't drag on and his death is satisfying and certainly helps move the rest of season 2 in the tone Telltale was trying to set. Excellent villain!

The best character doesn't necessarily mean the most likeable character. It means the best designed character, and I felt Carver's personality did an excellent job at making us hate his guts, as they intended to.

An excellent villian, The Walking Dead game is certainly not short of characters with an "ends justify the means" approach to the apocalypse; but Carver is one of the best examples. Carver has an almost eerie charisma to him. An obvious copy of the governer in the T.V. series; however, the governer is an insane and maniacal character, very detached from humanity. Carver, however is the kind of villian who isn't very far from a lot of normal people; your friend or your family or even YOU could end up just like Carver and that is why he should be higher on this list.

Bill or Carver was true psychopat

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57 Bonnie

I hate Bonnie. People should let her drown because she'll blame Clementine for Luke dying even show she causes the ice to break!

She needs to be top twenty at least she was an awesome character.

She's a survivor and a growing badass. I think she is also Luke's girlfriend.

I let Bonnie die because she basically killed Walter and Alvin and was gonna abandon AJ and steal all the supplies if she lived.

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58 Travis

He is that punk ass bossy kid who you find with ben, and he jumps at mark and accidentally gets shot, or he gets eaten

He is the guy from the high school with black hair.

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59 Boyd

He look like Morgan Freeman. enough said

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60 Andrew St. John
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