Top Ten The Walking Dead (Video Game) Characters

My favorite characters in the video game, The Walking Dead.

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61 Andrew St. John
62 Chet

Chet? You mean the guy who was in the game for like 5 minutes? Plus one of these comments had NOTHING to do with Chet!

Lol yeah, wasn't he that guy with shawn at the start?

I think Chet is just a pedo. He's attracted to Clemie-clue

My favourite season 2 characters are probably
1. Clementine
2. Kenny
3. Christa
4. Omid (not sure about this one. )
5. Luke
6. Sarah (maybe)
7. Carlos
8. Alvin or Rebecca
9. Alvin or Rebecca
10. Pete

He's talking about Season 2. Lee only appears in a flashback in that season. - ShinyDragonite

63 Andre (Officer Mitchell)

Andre was a police man who knew the Greene family saved lee shawn and clementine he didn't die but he had so much potential he just drove off and was never seen again

64 Justin

Don't save Justin, he's a rapist, save danny instead

The guy Vince saved in the prison bus

First time I played I saved Danny. Second time I'll probably save Justin. Danny dies anyway and might've been a rapist. In the end, Justin might be better because it's brains over brawn. He even teaches Vince to find a community (even if he does this by leaving 😆)

65 David

Is suppose to be the teacher of Ben and Travis

Yep, I chopped his leg off, his face when you tell him that lol

66 Chef

Yeah, who's the dumbass who added this?

I think you mean Chet who is already on this list way on up there

67 Matthew

Walter's lover. He seems like a nice guy, Nick is such an airhead.

He's the guy on the bridge and I thought he was cool.


68 The Stranger

This guy needs more story, even more needed being the guy responsible for Lee and Ben's Deaths

69 Charles

I'm kinda angry that he wasn't on the list previously :/ one of the best characters

Who is Charles? Cause Chuck is already on the list

70 Arvo

This kid never seemed like he would actually hurt anybody. He seemed misguided and scared, and the way he was treated didn't help him.

I really feel bad for him. He is one of the "antagonists" who actually had human intentions.

I feel real bad for him kenny treated him bad

An nerdy bad guy, glad he survived so far.

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71 Troy

Such a dick, however he loses his dick to Jane's pistol

72 Tavia

I would like to see her in another season so we could know if she survived the zombie herd.

73 Randy

He sucks, he looks like a mix between mark and carlos

74 Gill

Umm, no that is stupid

I really hope he can be Clem boyfriend in season 3

75 Patricia

She seems nice

76 Roman
77 Randall Culver
78 Stephanie
79 Linda
80 Jolene

Shot episode two

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