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61 Tavia

I would like to see her in another season so we could know if she survived the zombie herd.

62 Randy

He sucks, he looks like a mix between mark and carlos

63 Gill

I really hope he can be Clem boyfriend in season 3

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64 Patricia V 1 Comment
65 Randall Culver
66 Stephanie
67 Linda
68 Jolene

Shot episode two

69 Irene V 2 Comments
70 Vera

Episode 3 season 2 small part no talking

71 Tyler V 2 Comments
72 Siddiq
73 Berto
74 Samantha Fairbanks
75 Badger
76 Andrew St. John
77 Brenda

When kenny went down to save christa I almost cried, R.I. P kenny!

78 Arvo

This kid never seemed like he would actually hurt anybody. He seemed misguided and scared, and the way he was treated didn't help him.

I really feel bad for him. He is one of the "antagonists" who actually had human intentions.

I feel real bad for him kenny treated him bad

An nerdy bad guy, glad he survived so far.

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79 Bonnie

I hate Bonnie. People should let her drown because she'll blame Clementine for Luke dying even show she causes the ice to break!

She needs to be top twenty at least she was an awesome character.

She's a survivor and a growing badass. I think she is also Luke's girlfriend.

I let Bonnie die because she basically killed Walter and Alvin and was gonna abandon AJ and steal all the supplies if she lived.

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80 Roman
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