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61 Troy

Such a dick, however he loses his dick to Jane's pistol

62 Tavia

I would like to see her in another season so we could know if she survived the zombie herd.

63 Randy

He sucks, he looks like a mix between mark and carlos

64 Gill

I really hope he can be Clem boyfriend in season 3

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65 Patricia V 1 Comment
66 Randall Culver
67 Stephanie
68 Linda
69 Jolene

Shot episode two

70 Irene V 2 Comments
71 Vera

Episode 3 season 2 small part no talking

72 Tyler V 2 Comments
73 Siddiq
74 Berto
75 Samantha Fairbanks
76 Badger
77 Andrew St. John
78 Brenda

When kenny went down to save christa I almost cried, R.I. P kenny!

79 Arvo

This kid never seemed like he would actually hurt anybody. He seemed misguided and scared, and the way he was treated didn't help him.

I really feel bad for him. He is one of the "antagonists" who actually had human intentions.

I feel real bad for him kenny treated him bad

An nerdy bad guy, glad he survived so far.

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80 Roman
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