Best Walking Dead Video Game Season 2 Episodes

The Top Ten

1 No Going Back
2 A House Divided

This episode starts off good for Clementine. She gets to meet Kenny once again and it was a huge surprise. Then some forgiveness is learned in between Nick and Walter. When Walter forgave saved Nick, it was one of the most wonderful moment that could happen in any story. Also, Nick became cooler with Clem and he plays a larger role here. Yeah, he has messed up, but we learn that he is a very emotionally attached man to his dead family members and he has been through a lot. He was so depressed, he couldn't think ahead, but yet he would do anything to not let anymore people in his group die. He accidentally shot Matthew, but he only did it because he so urged to save his friends and was immediately afraid for bad to happen again.

This one is far superior to any of the others. - DenMark2

3 In Harms Way

Three Words...

William Carver...

4 Amid The Ruins

This episode sucked.

Absolute Garbage.

No. This was the worst. - DenMark2

5 All That Remains
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