Greatest Walt Disney Animation Studios Movies

Just to be clear. These movies are made solely by the company of Walt Disney Animation Studios. I don't want people adding any Pixar or DreamWorks films on the list. These are the movies that are classified as "just Disney". Now that that's out of the way, Disney has cornered the market on making high quality animation for generations. From the Golden Age of the 40s and 50s to the struggle of the 70s and 80s. From the Renaissance of the 90s to the second popularity decline, leading up to the Second Renaissance of recent years, Disney Animation has always been a factor in movie history.

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1 The Lion King

I give The Lion King a 9/10.

I give Wreck-It Ralph a 9/10.

I give Zootopia a 9/10.

I give Aladdin a 10/10. It's also pretty underrated for the standards of Disney Princes movies because it takes place in a magical desert and is less targeted towards younger girls.

I give Beauty & the Beast a 9/10.

I give Snow White & the Seven Dwarves an 8/10. I am very glad it focuses on positiveness and darkness other than just anti-feminism (GENDERS ARE EQUAL! )

I give Tangled a 9/10. What was I, The Ultimate Daredevil (aka Kieran Stark) thinking, calling Tangled the worst Disney movie back in 2014?! It was epic, memorable, specially animated, has a powerful team and is creative for an adaptation!

I give Frozen a 4/10. Sorry about that. Disney was at least trying, but I feel like Frozen was sorta anti-feminist, rushed and overly popular (I'm not using it as an excuse).

The Lion King is simply put a masterpiece, and truly shows the magic that Disney is capable of. So many people, young and old, have been left in awe while watching this film. Featuring wonderful songs, great characters, and an intro that gives me chills to this day, it's safe to say that we won't be forgetting this movie any time soon. Who would have thought that Disney could make a Hamlet movie in a way that children could easily understand? - phillysports

Considered by some to be Disney's animated crown jewel. I definitely love it but, when there are so many of Disney's animated works to pick from, it's hard to rank them. My personal favourite is Pinocchio, but I can understand why this takes top spot. - BKAllmighty

Why is this on #1? It does not deserve the praise it gets and it deserves to be destroyed. How it created it's characters and how it views animals is not acceptable. Please boycott the movie and watch something else instead.

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2 Aladdin

Aladdin is a very interesting film. Featuring a well-rounded cast of characters, stunning animation, and wonderful songs like "A Whole New World", "Prince Ali", and "One Jump Ahead", Aladdin is overall a very well put together movie. But what really makes this movie a classic is the Genie played by the wonderful legend that is Robin Williams (R.I.P.). Seriously, this guy is one of the funniest animated characters ever thought up, and his presence with Williams' performance lights up the screen whenever he makes an appearance. Aladdin is just an overall great movie in every department imaginable. - phillysports

Robin Williams was amazing - Unknownguy

3 Wreck-It Ralph

Honestly probably my favorite movie of all time - FBiagenttostopcringe

Wanna know the best part? Wreck-It Ralph is getting a sequel in 2018, folks! A brilliant video-game themed movie with an original story about a bad guy who's tired of being the bad guy and wants to be the good guy, sprinkled with gorgeous animation and great music is very deserving of getting a second movie! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I love this movie I wish I could eat up sugar rush

I'm not even a computer game kind of guy, I just love this movie.

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4 Beauty and the Beast

This is most likely the greatest adaptation of a fairy tale that Disney has ever made. Belle is one of the most likable, well-written, and kind-hearted protagonists that the studio has ever made, and the Beast goes from being an intimidating, villainous menace to a fantastic tragic hero. The story and setup of this movie is just fantastic. The songs such as "Be Our Guest" and "Beauty and the Beast" are Disney staples and Gaston is one of the biggest jerks the studio has ever conceived, and yet he still is likable in how much of a d-bag he is. There's no wonder why this was the first animated film to ever be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. - phillysports

It wasn't my favourite growing up but it has grown on me immensely as an adult. Not sure why, exactly. - BKAllmighty

This is my favorite walt disney movie, and will always be my favorite. - alimarashian


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5 Zootopia

Up until last year my favorite was princess and the frog. Honestly, I didn't expect this movie to be good AT ALL. Completely blew me away. Love this movie to death.

You would've thought it was from Pixar... But right outta the blue, it's WALT DISNEY... - DontMakeARookieMistake

At first I though that it was going to be another cheesy and plotless movie, but actually, it is really adorable and funny. - Catacorn

Zootopia should so be 1 or 2 it's so cute and funny!

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6 The Little Mermaid

It's a very touching and sweet story. Relatable for anyone who's ever wanted more out of life.

Hans Christian Anderson's original story may be shaken up quite a bit in this adaptation (much like how "The Snow Queen" was), but like Frozen it holds up as a fantastic movie nevertheless. Ariel might get some flack nowadays for changing who she is solely for the purpose of getting with a guy she doesn't know, but I instead look at her determination and drive as positive characteristics. This movie also has many different wonderful characters as well such as the funny Sebastian and Scuttle, the adorable Flounder, and the awesome villain that is Ursula. - phillysports

The beginning of Disney's comeback decade known by all as the 'Disney Renaissance'. Could we possibly have been gifted with a better start than this? - BKAllmighty

Teaches you to believe anything is possible

7 Big Hero 6

This movie was a big hit 4 years ago.

I love this movie - iliekpiez

If it weren't for Social Justice Critters, I'm pretty sure this would be much higher like it should be. Unfortunately, Social Justice Critters does exist and is insanely popular, thus this gem is now even more underrated than it already was.

Amazing movie! It shouldn't be this underrated...

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8 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The film that started it all. As Disney's first animated feature made all the way back in 1937 (79 years ago! ), Snow White has held up "relatively" well. The movie is as recognizable as anything Disney has ever made. The dwarfs are all classic staples of the company and many of us can still name all seven of them by name. That is, if we think hard enough. Overall, Snow White is just a classic not just by Disney standards but by the standards of movies in general. - phillysports

It's significance, alone, should give it a spot in the top ten. It should probably be higher than exactly "10", if we're being honest here. - BKAllmighty

This movie is the only reason the movies from 1-7 are on this list the movie was original, unique, beautiful this movie started it all

This deserves the top spot it was their first film - VideoGamefan5

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9 Fantasia

Younger audiences may not be all that into Fantasia seeing as its just animation with classical music, with no real flowing narrative, but older viewers can really see the effort being put into every single frame of this creation. Without any words, the animation takes us on an emotional thrill ride that excites us and calms us at the same time. While not that known to younger Disney fans, Fantasia still holds a spot in many people's hearts. - phillysports

This should top Lion King. This is the best Disney Movie ever made. Best animation, best story, best music, best characters, and most of all: best villain (Chernabog is the best). Put this on number 1. - asantalo

If you don't like Fantasia it just may mean that you don't appreciate art. - BKAllmighty

This movie was my childhood

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10 Bambi


Man, did that mess me up when I was younger. Bambi just is a wonderfully told story on the life and experiences of a deer growing up in a harsh world where the threat of Man is always present. By having no appearance of Man, that makes his presence felt even more. Bambi is a story that goes from being cute one scene, to brutally heart-wrenching in another. It's a story that hits so many bull's eyes and is looked back on very fondly today. - phillysports

The Contenders

11 The Fox and the Hound

It was mostly an underwhelming affair when it arrived in theatres back in 1981. It hasn't really seen a renaissance of popularity, either, so how did it end up so high on the list? - BKAllmighty

Hey BKAllmighty, it ended up high here because it's a masterpiece so yeah

12 Dumbo
13 Tangled

It's funny and it has twists what more could you ask for? Oh and it's an original

Good plot and the characters are likeable. a good spin on the tale of rapunzel. songs are also a++

14 The Rescuers
15 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

It has been hugely underrated ever since it came out. I would know. I was there. - BKAllmighty

This movie is so much better than people let on. - LarkwingFlight

Better than most of the movies above it - silenthill

16 Mulan

Mulan is the PEAK Disney movie. It's hilarious, and full of heart, beautiful scenes... also the plot isn't just a trite "Girls Can Do Anything Boys Can Do" it's really not about that? It's about seeing the value in the underdog, and using what you do have in order to succeed and bring honor to your life, even if you don't ~impress people. It's just such a good movie? I've seen it maybe 100 times!

This movie meant so much to me growing up. I taught me about to be brave and you are not what people say you should be

Breathtaking! Also, why in the name of God is Chicken Little even ON this list? That movie was TERRIBLE! - Co0lk1d25

17 Lilo & Stitch

I haven't seen it in years (I'm thinking since 2006). I remember thinking it was great when I saw it in theatres. Not sure why I haven't really watched it much since. I must remedy that, I see. - BKAllmighty

I love the part where the alien threw the book at the man's face - Lucasw14

I loved this movie so much - Tacocheese

18 Cinderella

When most people think of a Disney princess, Cinderella is usually the first to come to mind. This movie is just another classic from Disney's heyday, and a film that is as referenced and parodied as any ever made. This story has been told for so many years, but the Disney animated version seems to be the one that is looked back to the most. - phillysports

Their most classic effort to date. - alimarashian

19 The Princess and the Frog

Imagination good music great animation good plot good story and childhood fave

20 Bolt

Bolt is a awesome movie that not many people get to see

21 101 Dalmatians

Can you imagine how hard it must have been to draw each of those spots in the exact same place multiple times as the characters moved? Without computers too!

22 The Jungle Book

It was the last movie Walt Disney had any involvement with before he died. You can tell that it had his magic touch, somehow. - BKAllmighty

This was the first Disney movie I ever saw. I loved it, and I know the songs by heart. - LaST_LiGHT

23 Pinocchio

This movie is a lot darker now that I think about it. There's a guy being transformed into a donkey in a very disturbing fashion! Pinocchio is a fantastically written story about a wooden puppet's simple desire to be a real boy. Accentuated by Jiminy Cricket's classic tune of "When You Wish Upon a Star", Pinocchio is an unforgettable piece to Disney's animated line-up. - phillysports

Very classic, they can make such a good animation at that time.

This is the greatest animated movie ever made, as far as I am concerned. - BKAllmighty

24 Alice In Wonderland

I really enjoy this movie, the only good movie to come out of the book as it did not take itself so seriously. It took Wonderland as a fun place, and I really enjoy it. - iliekpiez

The Lion King can go suck it... This is my favorite.

25 Lady and the Tramp
26 The Great Mouse Detective

Most people don't exactly think about this movie. I actually was a fan of it as a kid...

27 The Rescuers Down Under

This should be Number One!

28 Frozen

Just hear me out here. I understand that this movie has gotten a monumental backlash over the past couple of years due to its skyrocketing popularity and its overexposure. And yes, while it being everywhere can be pretty annoying, I choose to look at it based solely on what it is: a movie. Once you look past the exaggerated praise and enormous fanbase (which I'm obligated to say I'm apart of), you'll find a well-written, beautifully-animated film with fantastic characters, unbelievable music, and a message of accepting who you are. Not only that, but the movie also mocks many of the clichΓ©s found in many Disney productions such as "I got engaged to someone I just met" and the entire concept of "true love". What other Disney movie is there where the act of "true love" isn't just kissing a random person you barely know, but is about saving a beloved family member? I hated this movie for a long, LONG time until I finally saw the light and accepted how good of a movie this really is. I ...more - phillysports

Look at the movie not at any comments not at anything at all just watch the movie. Think about he music the characters the plot the twists and you'll end up with an awesome movie.

I am annoyed as anything with this movie now but when I saw it in theatres I really enjoyed it. Of course, I didn't know it would still be EVERYWHERE 3 years later. So, if I was to see it again, I may feel less favourably towards it. - BKAllmighty

I'm actually surprised, I have never seen anyone comment like that. I accept your opionion and will try to see Frozen in a more positive way! - SeeU

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29 Hercules

This is awesome

30 Tarzan
31 Sleeping Beauty
32 Oliver & Company
33 Peter Pan

My childhood bro... This movie is amazing.

This is an awesome movie why aren't you voting for it people?!?!

34 Robin Hood
35 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
36 Winnie the Pooh (2011)

A great farewell to the 2D animation department. - iliekpiez

37 Chicken Little

Whoa. Nope. This shouldn't be here. - BKAllmighty

Why is this above Snow White and Frozen?

I've heard it's not great - Unknownguy


38 Moana

Their best since Beauty And The Beast. Must be higher.

Should at least be #10

I loved this movie! The crab was hilarious! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

39 The Adventures of Icabod and Mr. Toad
40 Meet the Robinsons
41 Treasure Planet
42 Dinosaur (2000)
43 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
44 Ralph Breaks the Internet
45 The Emperor's New Groove
46 Pocahontas

Brilliant movie with a heartwarming story (loosely based on real life history), great characters, great animation, and how could I forget about Colors of the Wind. - Anonymousxcxc

This will always be my favourite Disney movie.
It has an amazing soundtrack, stunning visuals, great story, likeable characters and one of disneys most powerful endings. Though Pocahontas is often thought of as the movie that started the publics disinterest in Disney films, I think this and the movies that came after it are some of Disney's best. People think it's boring and predictable but I think it's a must watch for any Disney fan

47 Fantasia 2000

This one is not good. The original one is better. - asantalo

48 The Sword in the Stone
49 The Aristocats

My second favorite Disney movie (first in The Lion King). - Catacorn

Why isn't Astriocats on the top Ten favorite Original disney movie

50 Melody Time
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